This is an article about Lynn the Molebat, a character created by SPop120 on 06/6/2013.



Lynn has amber-colored fur, large, bat ears, and odd, orange and purple colored eyes. She wears a long black coat, and a large burgundyscarf, along with blue goggles on her head. She also wears black pants with two pinkish and brown belts. She has large, bat wings with black on the outside.  She has retractable claws used for digging. She also tends to squint a lot, but not much. She wears brown boots. Her long hair is also pulled back into a braid. She also wears a light blue shirt, and the tip of her hair is light blue, along with some plum color to it.

Glace Lumineux

This is Lynn's superform. Lynn will turn into her superform when frozen or be exposed to a large drop in temperature. She will glow blue, and ice will cover her body. Her pupils and irises will no longer be visible, and the whites of her eyes will glow a faint light blue. She will be much more powerful and skilled, but not very strong and with not a lot of defense, but with speed and agility.

Fused Form

When in her superform, if her brother is also in his superform (which is rare if they are both in it at the same time), they can fuse together to form an icefire combination. They are shrouded in ice and fire, and are very powerful, to the point where they can't be beaten, but their agility and speed are limited to due to the both of them controlling the same fused body. Lynn in this form is known as Glace, and with Ryely he is known as Feu.


Lynn is generally very hyper. She almost always looks on the positive side of things, never wanting to look at the bad. This generally makes her more open to manipulation and being decieved, something that can wear her self-confidence down a bit. She can be pretty secretive though, and prefers not to tell anyone secrets. She is somewhat flirty, and will hint if she likes someone. She is generally fairly close-minded, but she will not keep her personality locked down. She is not ideally open to suggestions and many things will not sway her mindset except being manipulated or cheated in a way. She is very girly-girl, and loves the color pink.


Lynn was born to a mole mother, and bat father, along with her blind twin, Ryely. She would often guide Ryely around during the course of their childhood, and often took care of him because their parents were often working to support them and their younger sibling, Ginger. One day, while they were taking a walk, Ginger was hit by a train. She was in the hospital, and was there soon to be found to be paralyzed from the waist down. Lynn and Ryely felt very guilty, and so they ran away from home, not wanting to face the guilt that they felt. 






Special Abilities

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Lynn is very easily manipulated and decieved. She can be lied to very easily, and she can be very forgetful. She also can be easily defeated in battle, when not in her super form. She is also a bit naive, as she is very trusting of others. She can not also judge others, as she feels she would be too critical of them, when in reality she is not critical at all.

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