Lyner Alansis Barsett (Rainaa Aransisu Baasetto Hyumunosu Infeeria) is a male β-Sekel Class Type Dragon Hymmnosen who acts as one of Infellia's representatives and High Councillor. Like most male Hymmnosens, he rarely sings Spell Songs, preferring to use other forms of magic and combat. His name translates to "Lyner Alansis Barsett of the Hymmnos Clan, hailing from the City of Infellia".



Unlike most Infellians who are usually carefree and optimistic, Lyner has a strict and somewhat arrogant personality (A typical personality trait of all dragons), but he can sometimes be laid-back at times.

In spite of his arrogance, he holds a strong sense of justice and kindness for his clan and others, and will not hesitate to annihilate anyone or anything that proves itself to be a major threat to any of his friends, the Mystelm Federation, or mainly to Altheumelia.

He can be judgemental at times, and due to this, his blunt and suspicious nature can take things too far at times, which require Altheumelia's intervention and pacifism to defuse the situations caused by his nature.


Lyner was born in Infellia, in a family of middle class. His father was a general in the Infellian Army, and his mother was a medic in the army as well. He was considered a rarity by many of the society, since Hymmnosens born as dragons are incredibly rare. He met Altheumelia at a young age, and the two became best friends before the former was exiled and unheard of ever again.


This a list of Hymmno-Registration Codes within Lyner's possession.

  • COLONIS_Barsett::LYNER_Arslune>>Balastica_NOSTEL


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