Theme Songs

Not Gonna Die by Skillet

Skillet - Not Gonna Die (lyrics)

Skillet - Not Gonna Die (lyrics)

This song serves as Lyn Salazar's theme, displaying her nigh-endless courage and indomitable will in fighting the Eggman Empire, as well as the underlying feelings of fear that can overtake her due to all that she has gone through for the last few months.

Connection to Character

  • Death surrounds...! My heartbeat's slowing down...! / I won't take this world's abuse...! I won't give up, I REFUSE...! - Lyn’s underlying feelings of fear in spite of her courage and bravery
  • This is how it feels when you're BENT AND BROKEN! This is how it feels when your DIGNITY’S STOLEN! / When everything you love is leaving, you hold on to WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN...! - Lyn having suffered much ever since her home was ravaged by the Empire
  • The last thing I heard was you WHISPERING GOODBYE...! And then I heard you FLATLINE...! - Lyn’s occasional nightmares of that fates of her friends and family back home
  • NO...! Not gonna die tonight…! We've gotta stand and fight forever (DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES)...! / NO...! Not gonna die tonight...! We've gotta fight for us together...! No, we're not gonna DIE TONIGHT...! - Lyn fighting her hardest against the Empire’s forces, even at her own risk
  • Break their hold...! ‘Cuz I won't be controlled...! They can't keep their chains on me, when the truth has SET ME FREE...! - Lyn trying to overcome her own fears for the sake of the greater good
  • This is how it feels when you TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! This is how it feels when you FINALLY FIGHT BACK! / When life pushes me I PUSH HARDER...! What doesn't kill me MAKES ME STRONGER...! - Lyn resolving to take a stand against the Empire
  • Don't you give up on me...! You're everything I need...! - Lyn being able to go on as long as someone believes in her

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