Lydia the Hedgehog is a Goth seventeen year-old hedgehog and a sub-terrainian Freedom Fighter who's a friend to

Lydia's look

Sonic the Hedgehog and his team, The Sonic Heroes.

Cursed with an age-old Werehog curse since birth, she's been forced to hide her secret from society by seeking refuge in faraway cities under a different guise every time she has a transformation spell. She prefers to wear dark clothes, dark jewelry, eat junk foods and watch American Horror Story.


  • Her theme song is "What You Want" by Evanecsense
  • Her dark look is loosely inspired by Amy Lee
  • Voiced by actress Amy Adams. 
  • Cursed to being a werehog since birth.
  • Lost her parents to G.U.N soldiers when she was seven.
  • Loves Goth subculture and fashion, 
  • Keeps her emotions concealed with the exception of showing little to almost no reaction.
  • Despite her quiet, dark nature, she does show a soft spot for Chao and unicorns.
  • She expressed joy when Amy Rose and Cream gifted her with ruby-encrusted silver skull earrings.
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