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"I like the dark. It makes me happy"
—Lydia's answer when asked why she prefers the night over daytime

Lydia the Hedgehog is a Goth seventeen year-old hedgehog and a sub-terrainian Freedom Fighter who's a friend to

Lydia's look

Sonic the Hedgehog and his team, The Sonic Heroes.

Cursed with an age-old Werehog curse since birth, she's been forced to hide her secret from society by seeking refuge in faraway cities under a different guise every time she has a transformation spell. She prefers to wear dark clothes, dark jewelry, eat junk foods and watch American Horror Story. She became fast friends with Sonic the Hedgehog and his team of super friends after saving them from the Dark Gaia's minions during one of her "Werehog Transformation spells". She is voiced by Amy Lee (lead singer of Evanescence) who also provides her singing voice.


Not much is known about her life except that her family's has been battling a actient Werehog curse since the medieval times after one of the ancestors defeated a villainous witch that placed a curse upon the hedgehog just before dying. Ever since then, some of Lydia's ancestors have had to go into hiding and maintain a sheltered yet somewhat happy life concealed from society. According to Lydia, the Werehog curse the villainous medieval witch cursed her ancestor with, can be passed down genetically through descendants of blood, affecting some (if not all) future generations of Lydia's family.

Escape From Eggman's Fortress

After being accepted into Sonic's team, shortly would she find herself in the most action packed (if mostly nocturnal) adventures and eventually danger. On the night of the destruction of Dr. Eggman's fortress (like the fortress in Sonic Spinball), Sonic and his friends managed to rescue Lydia from her captivity. However, for some reason, Lydia wanted to go back but she couldn't tell Sonic and his friends why. Lydia knew that if she did tell, there would be jeopardy. Sneaking back into Eggman's Fortress, she comes across a laboratory which contained several resting units and cryogenic chambers. Upon looking did she find a young fox inside resting for the small fox was none any older than a child's age. Rescuing the poor little fox, Lydia managed to get out of the lab safely before the security alarms went off. Soon Sonic and the team showed up and found Lydia running with the small little fox. Only something was different. "That's not Tails!" Sonic shouted. Lydia nodded her head in agreement with the blue hedgehog. All she could say was, "I know that's not Tails." Amy asked who the small fox was and Lydia dropped a bomb on them. "That's my daughter."

As the team's jaws dropped from this revelation, the fortress started collapsing and robots began storming the entry way but Sonic and the team managed to defeat every single one of them while carefully helping Lydia and her fox child out and away from the fortress. As the team were gathered in dust, coughing and having a group hug, they looked on in the distance as Eggman's fortress collapsed in its rubble. Then as the storm settled, Amy and Tails asked her, "So...You have a kid?", causing everyone to smile and Lydia to place a loving hand upon her rescued child.

Dark Secret, Past Romance and Motherhood

"I'm willing to protect my kid from the darkness if that's what it takes"
—Lydia to her team regarding the protection of her child, Sharna

After recuperating back at the Thorndyke Mansion pool house, Lydia explained to the team all about her kid whom they've only just heard about. sonic quips, "Hey, at least that explains why you wanted to go back so have a kid in danger." Lydia nodded and started speaking. Years ago, before she and her family had left their town due to everyone starting to get suspicious about their Werehog curse, she and another hedgehog Jake used to date. In fact, Jake was the first one she told about her Werehog curse and though taken by surprised by this, was nonetheless supportive. Eventually, their secret dating resulted in a child together. Amy points out that her child is a fox whereas she and Jake are both hedgehogs. Lydia clears that up with a few tears in her eyes. Months before she met Jake, someone, a fox who was a prejudice Werehog hunter, had broken into the town where Lydia and her family lived in at the time and because she and her family were infected with their Werehog curse, the villain had drugged and taken advantage of Lydia which left poor Lydia with physical pain, emotional scars and no recollection of what happened the night before. As Lydia kept tearing up at this reveal, her teammates consoled her and Cream asked her what's her kid's name. Lydia had named her kid Sharna which Amy and Cream agreed was a pretty name. Knuckles then asked how come she is 17 while her kid is 6 years old. Lydia also clarified that. Since she had her baby and knowing with her Werehog curse that her baby would grow up to be the same way, she tried to keep her baby secret and safe away from the world. However Dr. Eggman found out and decided to kidnap little Sharna as well as other random children from the town where Lydia lived and place those children into cryogenic pods which either freezed them so they couldn't grow or rapidly age up the infants so they could be bigger and stronger. After freezing or aging those children, he would plan to roboticize those children and turn them into fighting machines and Lydia couldn't risk that happening to her own kid. That's why she went back to the fortress to save Sharna after escaping from the lab. As for the other kids, they wouldn't know and hopefully those other kids escaped. Lydia knew that Jake couldn't be the father and Jake reveals that when he was dating Lydia, he knew he wasn't the dad of Sharna either but he didn't care about the paternity and he wanted to help take care of her for he had grown to care for the both of them. Unfortunately, Lydia couldn't risk him getting more involved and wanted him to live his life normally and have fun and not having to worry about the duties of tending to two people with Werehog curse abilities so she broke it off with him. Despite the breakup, Jake kept trying to make things work with Lydia even if they were just friends so he could help her with the baby and they both agreed on the friendly co-parenting and friendship.


  • Her theme song is "What You Want" by Evanescence
  • Her dark look is loosely inspired by Amy Lee
  • Voiced by actress Amy Adams. 
  • Cursed to being a werehog since birth.
  • Lost her parents to G.U.N soldiers when she was seven.
  • Loves Goth subculture and fashion, 
  • Keeps her emotions concealed with the exception of showing little to almost no reaction.
  • Despite her quiet, dark nature, she does show a soft spot for Chao and unicorns.
  • She expressed joy when Amy Rose and Cream gifted her with ruby-encrusted silver skull earrings.
  • She has a daughter, a fox named Sharna, whom she cares for deeply.
  • She and her eventual teammate Jake the Hedgehog used to date.



Unnamed father (deceased)

Unnamed mother (deceased)

Unnamed grandmother (deceased)

Unnamed grandfather (deceased)

Sharna the Fox (daughter)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Jake the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog


Jake the Hedgehog (they used to date)

Silver the Hedgehog (he rescued her; she has a crush on him)

Theme song


Evanescence - What You Want