Lydia "Soul Fang" Hikarikaze is a newer character made by Jonicthedgehog (JonicOokami7)
Lydia "Soul Fang" Hikarikaze the Ookami
Soul Fang no bg
24 - 40
Tribal Spirit wolf (Ookami)
Basic Ninja skill
being in the Open night, Traveling, weapon collecting,
Dr. Cyrex,

Useless weapons

Being looked down upon
Katana, shurikens
Ookami tribe
Kunoichi, Outlaw
Soul Fang
Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze - brother

Zerex Hikarikaze - Father - fate unknown

Unnamed mother - (deceased)


Lydia is a brunette furred Ookami with light purple markings and eyes from which she had gained from her mother unlike her younger brother Jonic. Who got many of his traits from his father.

Her clothing consists of a deep purple ninja suit with a diamond shape cut in the center, deep blue tights with 2 straps around the left thigh and black heeled boots. On the back of her waist sits the sheath that holds her ninja katana giving her a quick advantage to draw it. On her hands Lydia wears fingerless gauntlets which partially cover up her arms, a black band sits on her right shoulder whilst she mostly wears a black shroud over her face doubled by a dark purple band slightly above her eyes. Finally she sports a long brunette ponytail which reaches down to her waist.

Lydia's occupation is a Kunoichi (lady ninja) and as such able to use basic ninja skills eg. clinging

Lydia Hikarikaze

Lydia unmasked

to walls and hiding in the shadows, despite being one of the Ookami tribe she never learnt how to use her powers and fully relies on what she learnt as a ninja or with physical attack using her prized katana or shurikens.

As a weapon collector Lydia likes to travel the world in search of rare weapons be it swords, knives, or guns she pursues them but the one weapon she would never dare touch is the Sword of Shiranui the Ookami tribes sacred relic and the weapon of Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze.

Soul Fang her Alter Ego is widely known as an outlaw in the city of Vita Nova and a wanted woman, but in reality Lydia will help those she can in anyway.


As Soul Fang Lydia is cunning witty and flirtuous in a way to get rare weapons for her collection such as flirting with men to give up there tools for her.

As Lydia however she is completely different being a chripy energetic girl with a friendly attitude, whether this is a change to throw off suspicion or a inner ego change when she places her ninja shroud over her face is unknown but both sides of Lydia appear to keep her memorys of events and others so it is possible that Lydia is feeling different inside.

Lydia/Soul Fang's biggest ambition is to obtain the legendary sword known as the Masamune somthing that is claimed to have left the world aeons ago.


Lydia was born on September the 7th in 1988 and is tribe chief's oldest child being a rather curious little girl she wanted to participate in many of the Tribe's activitys and was very well educated with a strong beleif to the tribe's Goddess Amaterasu. Being distant to the other children Lydia's only friend was her cousin Clair Nightcutter who both had a dream to see the world and stand out together, having the strong wish in their hearts the two spent hoped for the years to pass and eventually the newest heir Airon Hikarikaze was born. Lydia was overjoyed to have a new friend but eventually began to feel jeleous of the attention her brother got and one night wished that he was taken away.

One day a man appeared in the forest. the was Doctor Edgar Cyrex a man who studied mobian origin and was quite well known in the City of Vita Nova, Cyrex greeted his good friend the chief and wished to study the tribes way of life. Lydia didnt feel trustworthy of the doctor and stayed distant of him hoping for him to just go away.

In the end the Day of Cyrex came, when the derranged scientist appeared with an army of soldiers and started killing all the the Ookami they would see, even Lydia's mother herself.

Feeling it was over for her Lydia tried to fight back but was easily tossed aside by the forces but before they could deal the final blow an orange hedgehehog with turquoize eyes appeared and fought them off guiding Lydia Clair and any remaining Ookami to safety.

Lydia stood with her Cousin and watched as their home began to burn into the ashes from the destruction caused and pledged a forever long hatred for the doctor, soon after the remaining tribe members went their seperate ways until it was just Clair and Lydia left. Before finally parting the two embraced eachother and let out a heavy flood of tears. Years after that Lydia met a wise man who taught her the way of the ninja and eventually turned the frail girl into a brave kunoichi who stood by her masters side throught the years until one year where the man died of old age. On his death bed the ninja master taught Lydia one final technique and passed on.

Lydia felt a great sorrow in her heart but managed to stay strong and eventually went to the city of Vita Nova under a new alias. Soul Fang.




  • Lydia is confirmed to be bisexual (into both genders)
  • Despite collecting many rare weapons Lydia is never seen using additions to her collection.
  • Even though She has met her brother and learnt everything about him Lydia has never encounterd Oblivion yet.
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