Lycus the Lycanroc is a character in The Legend of Fox the Brave, being a somewhat major antagonist. He is a Midnight Lycanroc rogue who leads a gang of Alolan Pokemon against the warriors under orders from Dr. Finitevus. As of late, due to the doctor's inactivity, there has been no trouble from Lycus or his gang. He is officially Boulder's adopted brother


Being a Midnight form Lycanroc, Lycus resembles an anthropomorphic wolf with dark red fur. His paws and face are white, as is the thick fur stretching from below his shoulders to his head; this fur stretches over his face. He has a white belly and chest with shaggy fur on his chest, and a white tuft of fur for a tail. Lycus' claws are dark brown, as are the tips of his floppy ears; he also has glowing red eyes and, like Finitevus, is almost always seen with a large, vindictive sneer on his face. Lycus also has three scars over his right eye from when Boulder slashed his face.


Lycus is aggressive, mean, cruel, and quite possibly sadistic. He enjoys taunting and messing around with the warriors, particularly Boulder. He is also noted to believe Lucas liked Boulder over him(which is half-right)


Before the Series: Lycus was born to Lucas and a wild Dusk Lycanroc named Sora while Lucas still lived in his Sun Pack. Because Sora was a foresight Dusk, she lived alone, so Lycus rarely saw her except for rare sightings when Lucas took him to see her. When Sora disappeared completely, Lucas finally decided to leave the Pack, and Lycus went with him. Lycus soon evolved into Midnight Lycanroc. He remained with his father, but became increasingly aggressive and more of a bully. When he stopped an Incineroar named Rory and a Salazzle named Sleek from bullying a loner Pokemon, he ended up taking command of them and forming a Gang with them and his reluctant father. Lycus became even more aggressive and brutal, even getting in a fight with Lucas that left the older Midday badly injured. When Lucas saw Lycus again, they once more fought, but this time Sora intervened. Because of this, she took a fatal blow, which made the rift between Lycus and Lucas permanent.

The Dusk Wolf: Lycus appears in a vision Boulder the Lycanroc has, in which Crunch the Lycanroc meets him and Finitevus. Later, Lycus is seen with his Gang and Crunch when they confront Boulder and his love interest Dawn the Lycanroc(Crunch's younger sister) on Angel Island. When Fox's battle patrol arrives, Boulder slams into Lycus, slapping the older Lycanroc with a forepaw when Austin runs of to confront Finitevus, before he joins the Storm Fighter.

Return of Evil: In the Prologue, Lycus' Gang drive Knuckles (Archie) and the Chaotix away from Angel Island, thus claiming it for themselves. However, Enerjak manipulates the rest of the Gang(minus Finitevus and Knuckles (Sonic Boom)) into throwing Lycus out. Finitevus then leads Lycus and Knuckles to the Storming Base, where Lycus is left to explain why they arrived to the furious warriors. Lycus is reluctantly allowed to stay, but kept apart from the warriors and the Chaotix to avoid conflict. Lycus is mentioned by Austin when Fox finds a way to keep him and Finitevus away from the warriors practicing Z-Moves; Austin remarks coldly that Lycus might already know about Z-Moves, and is simply "too Flopper-brained" to tell Finitevus(likely untrue given Finitevus had no idea of Z-Moves when he witnessed Boulder succeed at Continental Crush). Later, before the final battle with Enerjak, Lycus and Finitevus disappear for reasons unknown.


Lycus' moveset was never revealed, but it currently consists of Stone Edge, Crunch, Counter, and Taunt. So far, Stone Edge and Counter have been seen in-story.


Lycus' Ability is unknown, but it's either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit, Midnight Lycanroc's natural Abilities(its Hidden Ability is No Guard)


Being a Rock-Type, Lycus is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon.


Lucas the Lycanroc

Lycus has a very strained relationship with his father, obviously hostile toward him for unknown reasons.

Austin Smith

Lycus has a one-sided hatred of Austin. Lycus believes that he is superior to Austin because he is a wolf while the young Smith is "a lowly dog". Austin is hostile toward Lycus out of the fact that he is an enemy of the Storming Alliance.

Dr. Finitevus

Lycus' opinion on Finitevus has never been expressed, but he likely holds respect for the mad doctor. Lycus uses his position as a follower of Finitevus to bully Austin and try to kill him(though Finitevus needs him alive). In the Prologue for Return of Evil, he revealed that Finitevus gave him the opportunity to go after Austin, and he took it.


As Rockruff


He has a voice similar to that of voice actor Clancy Brown, well-known for doing the voice of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants as well as several notable villain roles

Due to the Rule of the Worlds, Lycus is immune to the Metal Virus, as he is Alola-born

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