Lycus' Gang is the unofficial name used to refer to a group of antagonistic Pokemon who appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave. They are officially led by Lycus the Lycanroc, but appear to have a strong loyalty to Dr. Finitevus. As of yet, they do not have an official name, as they are simply referred to as either "Lycus' gang" or "Finitevus' followers".


Current Members:

  • Lycus the Lycanroc: An aggressive male Midnight Lycanroc. Originally the friendly, high-strung Rockruff son of Lucas, a former member of a Sun Pack(a Pack of Midday Lycanroc). After unintentionally evolving into a Midnight Lycanroc, Lycus' personality took a rapid 180, and he quickly became antagonistic and savage. He later gained an intense hatred of Austin Smith simply because he(Lycus) is a wolf while Austin is a dog. He was the first to abandon Eggman to help Finitevus.
  • Silvally: A charismatic but cruel genderless Pokemon that appears to be a mishmash of various living beasts(for example, it has birdlike forefeet and mammalian hind feet). While it is genderless, it is referred to as male. Due to its Ability, RKS System, it can change its type at will. It was used in Austin's Flight to hold down Storm when Finitevus threatened Austin, and also gave Storm the scar he has on his muzzle. Silvally's origin in the series is unknown, but it used to work with Eggman until Lycus left, after which it abandoned him as well.
  • Sleek the Salazzle: A vindictive and spiteful Salazzle. Originally an enemy of Hunter the Alolan Marowak and his Alolan form friends Puck the Sandslash and Veila the Ninetales, she and her former henchman Brutus were the first to abandon the Outsiders, and the second to abandon Eggman when Lycus chose to help Finitevus.
  • Rory the Incineroar: An aggressive male Incineroar. Formerly the Incineroar representative of his Village in the Starter Squad, Rory had a blind crush on fellow member Rita-the representative of Primarina Village-but when she finally turned him down, he betrayed the Squad to the Outsiders, ruining the Squad's morale and almost destroying them when the Alliance interfered and drove them off. After Sleek and Brutus went to join Eggman, Rory considered the choice for a moment before leaving with Lycus to follow them. He later chose to abandon Eggman when Lycus left, becoming part of Lycus' gang when the Lycanroc chose to help Finitevus.
  • Mars the Lycanroc: A snide and scornful male Midday Lycanroc. Originally part of Crystal's Pack, he and Indigo left during Rise of Darkness when Scourge, Fiona, and Lycus snuck off because they no longer wanted to deal with the warriors insisting they help clean up Scourge's mess. Mars was shown to be uncaring toward his sons Spire and Flint, due to them choosing to stay and be Storm Fighters. Part of the reason Mars left was because he does not believe in the Dusk Lycanroc's power of foresight, and thus taunted Boulder and Crystal for both "supposedly" having it. It's possible but unconfirmed that he did this to Hooper as well.
  • Indigo the Lycanroc: A female Shiny Dusk Lycanroc just as snide and scornful as her mate Mars. As shown in Crystal's flashback chapters in Rise of a Leader, Crystal was Indigo's favorite target for viciously taunting her about the Dusk Lycanroc's power of foresight and her belief that her grandfather Hooper had it(which was confirmed). Indigo left with Mars when he decided to abandon the Pack and warriors during Rise of Darkness to sneak off with Scourge, Fiona, and Lycus to go back to the rest of both the Destructix and Gang. Indigo was shown to be uncaring toward her sons Spire and Flint due to their choice to remain as Storm Fighters. She also constantly taunts other Dusk Lycanroc besides Crystal and Boulder.

Former Members:

  • Brutus the Golisopod: A rather slow-witted Golisopod. He originally helped Sleek simply out of an infatuation for her. As a Golisopod, Brutus is incredibly strong, and was valued for his strength. In Austin's Flight, Brutus fled from the gang to the Alliance, telling them what Finitevus had planned, and choosing to remain with the Megastone Rogues. After the Great Rebellion, Brutus' fate is unknown.
  • Dallas Smith: A young white-furred German Shepherd; the littermate of Dakota Smith. At the end of Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever, Dallas was tricked into following Finitevus under the guise of making the Worlds "safer" for Austin and Storm to return, despite the fact Finitevus caused the injuries that killed Michael. He later betrayed the Gang in favor of The Storming Alliance. Despite suspicion and hesitation, Dallas was allowed back in. Dallas has since died in an attack on the Base.
  • Knuckles the Echidna(Sonic Boom): In Austin's Battle, Knuckles was tricked by Finitevus into following him due to his rather low intelligence. He remained loyal to Finitevus for unknown reasons despite witnessing what Finitevus was willing to do to Austin in order to get what he wanted. When Lycus and Finitevus left in Return of Evil, he went with them. Later in the story, when the former two left before the final battle with Enerjak, Knuckles chose to stay, realizing where his true loyalty was.

Temporary Members:

  • Crunch the Lycanroc: A young male Dusk Lycanroc who joined the Gang out of a desire to "protect" his sister from Boulder, who he seriously dislikes. However, when Dawn tells him off for this, Crunch runs off, never to be seen again. Later, at the end of Storm of Darkness, Crunch becomes a Megastone Rogue after repenting for his past misdeeds and showing genuine regret for them. He is now a Storm Fighter with a mate(Skye the Lycanroc) and two sons(Nick and Luca)
  • Enerjak: An evil, antagonistic Echidna spirit known for possessing powerful Echidnas, with the most notable and so far the only named ones are Dimitri and Knuckles(Archie). He was somehow brought back by Finitevus. He then proceeded to take control of Lycus' Gang, booting Lycus himself from it along with Finitevus and Knuckles(Sonic Boom). Enerjak later beat and terribly injured Dakota Smith in front of his Litten friend Flame, but the young dog survived thanks to the timely intervention of Boulder the Lycanroc, who took him to the Storming Base. Enerjak was later lured to Lamarkie Village, where he was defeated by a powerful Continental Crush from Boulder and Austin. He will return in Return of an Enemy in the Return of Darkness arc.

Unofficial Members:

  • Dr. Finitevus: A scornful, mad, and manipulative Echidna capable of using corrupted Chaos powers for various reasons. He is well-known around the Four Worlds for relentlessly and obsessively chasing the young warrior Austin Smith. Finitevus is also responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Michael Smith, since he attacked and fatally injured the white-furred warrior. He temporarily left when Enerjak took control of the Gang, forcing him to take shelter with The Storming Alliance, but left with Lycus before the final battle with Enerjak.


Lycus' gang do not have any real policies, but value winning above everything.


Unknown, though it's possible they believe in the Spirits in the Stars, since that is the main belief of Pokemon in The Legend of Fox the Brave. This may also untrue, since Finitevus holds no regard for the beliefs of the Alliance(openly mocking Austin's belief in the Spirits in the Stars in Austin's Return)

Base of Operations

None, since the gang's members usually do their own thing until Finitevus needs them, and Lycus is the only member actually seen following Finitevus.






Unknown, for the most part. They met in the Outsiders some time after Nero's arrest(maybe sometime during the events of Struggle Against the Shadows). After a while, Sleek found life in the Outsiders boring and uneventful and left with Brutus to join Eggman. Lycus and Rory later followed. After a while helping Eggman, Lycus became aware of Finitevus' obsession with Austin, and left Eggman-mocking the mad doctor for his failures-to join Finitevus. Sleek, Brutus, Rory, and Silvally chose to follow him and have helped Finitevus ever since. In Austin's Flight, Brutus betrayed the Gang to the Alliance.


Current members:

SU Screen Shot
Dr. Finitevus(unofficially)
Midnight Lycanroc
Lycus the Lycanroc
Sleek the Salazzle
Shiny Alolan Marowak
Midday Lycanroc

Former Members(with pictures):

Dusk Lycanroc 2
Crunch the Lycanroc(temporary member)
StH 182
Enerjak, the temporary leader during Return of Evil
Boom Knuckles
Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic Boom)


Brutus is currently the only member to defect to good.

  • Dallas does this as well, but he was previously good.

Knuckles and Dallas are currently the only members who are Mobians, as Finitevus isn't considered part of the Gang, nor is he considered the leader of it-Lycus is.

Crunch is the only member to truly join temporarily, since he ran off when The Storming Alliance attacked the Gang.

  • Dallas could also be considered a temporary member, but he stayed far longer than Crunch did.

Sleek is the only female member.

  • This was changed when Indigo joined.

Silvally is the only genderless member.

Dallas is the only member to die, either while part of the Gang or after leaving it.

With Mars and Indigo joining, this means the Gang has all Lycanroc Forms

Blackbelly and Indigo are the only Shiny Pokemon

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