Not to be confused with the Totem Lycanroc who was originally going to appear in Storm's Struggle

Lycanroc is a species of Pokemon appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. They are a Rock-Type Pokemon from a World unknown(Alola). As of the recent reveal from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there are three forms: Midday, Midnight, and Dusk; all are the evolved form of the Puppy Pokemon Rockruff.



  • Normal: Midday Lycanroc resembles a non-anthropomorphic wolf with a white face, muzzle, bushy tail, and mane, a brown nose and claws, brown-tipped pointed ears, blue eyes, tan fur, and four long rocky spikes in its thick mane.
  • Shiny: Shiny Midday Lycanroc have blue fur, a white face, tail, mane, and paws, and green eyes. Their claws, ear-tips, and mane-spikes remain the same color
  • Albino: Albino Midday Lycanroc have pale cream fur with slightly darker claws, ear-tips, and rock spikes and grayish-blue eyes.
  • Melanistic: Melanistic Midday Lycanroc have dark blackish-purple fur with a stone gray muzzle, face, paws, tail, and mane, black rock spikes, ear tips, nose, claws, and purplish eyes.


  • Normal: Midnight Lycanroc resembles an anthropomorphic wolf with dark red fur. Its paws and face are white, as is the thick fur stretching from below its shoulders to its head; this fur stretches over its face. It has a white belly and chest with shaggy fur on its chest, and a white tuft of fur for a tail. Its claws are dark brown, as are the tips of its floppy ears; Midnight Lycanroc are commonly portrayed with a large vindictive sneer.
  • Shiny: Shiny Midnight Lycanroc have blue fur in place of its dark red fur. Its eyes remain red and its white fur remains the same.
  • Albino: Albino Midnight Lycanroc's coloring largely resembles that of Albino Midday Lycanroc, but it has more bluish eyes
  • Melanistic: Melanistic Midnight Lycanroc's coloring largely resembles that of Melanistic Midday Lycanroc, but with a barely visible red hue. Its eyes are red and its mane, paws, and tail are stone gray.


  • Normal: Dusk Lycanroc heavily resembles the Midday Form Lycanroc with the addition of the Midnight Form's mane. It has orange fur, emerald green eyes, a white tail, muzzle, face, paws, mane, and brown claws, mane spikes, and a brown nose. With all colors, when they get angry, a Dusk Form's eyes turn red.
  • Shiny: Shiny Dusk has deep blue fur close to that of a Shiny Midnight Lycanroc's. They also have more bluish-green eyes similar in color to that of Monty the Dog.
  • Albino: Albino Dusk has very pale off-white fur, barely a few shades deeper than its paws, tail and mane, and eyes that are the same color but much paler than that of its Shiny form.
  • Melanistic: Melanistic Dusk greatly resembles Melanistic Midday in terms of color, but with more vibrant body fur, and more purplish eyes.




Midday Lycanroc are typically shown to be honorable and stoic, mostly when in their Sun Packs. They adhere fiercely to their code of honor and greatly abhor any traitorous acts. It is because of this that they greatly despise the Midnight Lycanroc of the Moon Packs because of their roguish and savage behavior. They are fierce, almost violent rivals with the Midnight Lycanroc


Midnight Lycanroc are typically shown to be savage and aggressive, mostly when in their Moon Packs. They despise any "do-gooders", especially if one of their own is a "do-gooder"(like Finnick). These Lycanroc are unafraid to challenge intruders and attack any who happen to be on their territory, regardless of whether or not they have good reason. If a leader believes that any Rockruff belongs in their Pack, they will not hesitate to take what they believe is theirs by right by force if they have to(such as when Dawn and Crunch's father caused a battle to get his children from his former mate's Sun Pack). It was later shown in the flashback sequences of Return of an Enemy and in Reign of Terror that Midnight Lycanroc are much nicer than those born in Moon Packs, as there are plenty of Midnight Lycanroc in Crystal's Pack that are more neutral in behavior.


Though the only known Dusk Lycanroc are Boulder, Dawn, and Crunch, Dusk Lycanroc tend to be mysterious and secretive. They stay at the fringes of the territories, only offering their wisdom to those who really need it. There are few known Dusk Lycanroc, and even fewer have the strange power of foresight, which allows a Lycanroc to have visions of the future or past to help their Midday or Midnight counterparts as well as other Pokemon. Currently the only known Lycanroc with this power is Boulder, who used it to foretell a very dangerous plot by the evil Dr. Finitevus.



  • Lucas; Normal Male
  • Blast; Normal Male(Lucas' mentor)
  • Lucia; Normal Female(never appeared)(Lucas' mate)
  • Skyrock; Shiny Male(never appeared)(Lucas' father)
  • Ice Fang; Albino Male
  • Unnamed Female
  • Sun; Normal Male
  • Pebble; Normal Male
  • Luca; Normal Male
  • Skye; Shiny Female
  • Spike(Lycanroc); Normal Male
  • Jumper; Normal Male
  • Umbra; Melanistic Female
  • Mars; Normal Male
  • Zoey; Normal Female
  • Spire; Normal Male
  • Flint; Normal Male


  • Lycus; Normal Male
  • Finnick; Normal Male
  • Luna; Shiny Female(Finnick's mate and Boulder's mother)
  • Crash; Normal Male
  • Unnamed Lycanroc(multiple)
  • Unnamed Male
  • Moon(Lycanroc); Normal Male
  • Nick; Normal Male
  • Patch; Normal Male, has thick fur on his chin that resembles a short beard
  • Moonrise; Melanistic Male


  • Boulder; Normal Male
  • Crunch; Normal Male
  • Dawn; Normal Female
  • Dusk; Normal Male
  • Sunny; Normal Female
  • Crystal; Shiny Female
  • Blizzard; Albino Male
  • Hooper; Normal Male
  • Indigo; Shiny Female


  • Hope; Normal Female
  • Two Unnamed Males(revealed to be a young Richmond and Bristol)

Form Unknown

Minor Lycanroc characters who have not had a form mentioned.

  • Richmond; Male
  • Bristol; Male


The "Sun Packs" of Midday Lycanroc function somewhat similarly to a Warrior Cat Clan, and adhere to an unspoken code of honor. The "Moon Packs" of Midnight Lycanroc don't appear to have this code.


Unknown, though the Sun Packs likely believe in the Spirits in the Stars like most other Pokemon. It's most likely that the Moon Packs do not, given their constant snideness and rudeness.


The original habitats for each Pack is unknown, but Lucas' old Pack lived at a place called Ten Carat Hill. At an unknown point in time, the four Sun Packs moved to the Four Worlds with the Moon Packs right behind them.


The Packs' history is largely unknown. What is known is that the four Sun Packs clashed frequently with the four Moon Packs on their respective islands. At unknown points in time, Lucas, Finnick, and Ice Fang all left their Packs after evolving. Lycus went with Lucas, and evolved unintentionally into Midnight Lycanroc and ran off, growing to hate his father for unknown reasons. Boulder soon left the Pack as well as Rockruff, becoming the adopted son of Lucas before the pup's biological father Finnick arrived at The Storming Base to join The Megastone Rogues.


Rockruff, the pre-evolution
Midday Lycanroc
Midday Lycanroc
Midnight Lycanroc
Midnight Lycanroc
Dusk Lycanroc
Dusk Lycanroc
Dusk Lycanroc 2
Dusk Lycanroc(Hostile)


Dawn is a character confirmed to be a Dusk Lycanroc, making her an ironically named character; this is because dawn is the time which the sun rises while dusk is the time which the sun sets.

Up until the appearances of first his grandson-in-law Nick, and later Crystal's Pack, Finnick was currently the only Lycanroc to go against the typical behavior of his kind. He is a Midnight Lycanroc who is actually very kind-hearted while others are savage and aggressive.

  • Lycus' parents are both Midday Lycanroc, but he does not count since he is acting like a typical Midnight Lycanroc.

It is rare, but not unheard of, for a Rockruff to evolve into a Lycanroc form different from either of its parents. Examples of this are:

  • Lycus, a Midnight form with Midday parents
  • Boulder, a Dusk form with Midnight parents
  • Dawn and Crunch, two Dusk forms with a Midday mother and a Midnight father.
  • Crystal, a Dusk form with Midday parents; She also has a Dusk grandfather

Due to Dusk Lycanroc appearing to be a combination of both Midday and Midnight Lycanroc, Boulder views his evolution into Dusk Lycanroc as a combination of both of the fathers that raised and took care of him: Lucas, a Midday form that adopted him, and Finnick, a Midnight form who is his true father.

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