This page is about the race of anthropomorphic wolfbat creatures known as the Lycalos.


The Lycalo race has lived across the world for centuries and their origin is believed to revolve around Dark Magic. In ancient times, all Lycalos resided in an underground cave together in one immense group. They were a tribal race of large numbers with only one appointed the rank of Chief. This rank was difficult to obtain as one had to fight to earn it. Even once earned, fighting would be required to keep it as only the strongest are worthy. Even a female or a child was eligible to attain this rank. The Chief was the one who made all decisions and was distinguished by markings painted on their bodies that were much more vibrant than their followers. They were known for being predators of darkness, lurking around deep in the night committing malevolent acts of every kind. There is a curse within the Lycalo bloodline that appears every 5 generations. This curse is rumored to revolve around the same Magic that the species was created from. A sole randomized individual would be born with this curse and it would not affect them until they were fully grown. The cursed Lycalos underwent a transformation depending on which trait was more prominent. The Bat Lycalos adopted traits of a Vampire Bat, while Wolf Lycalos obtained attributes of a Werewolf. The rarer True Lycalo would undergo a hybridization of the two beasts. The strengths of both were granted with neither weakness. As a result, this combination of creatures was considered far more lethal. The Lycalo race was placed in a state of distress when the curse was first unleashed and scattered across the planet as a result. As time went on, they began forming far smaller groups, sometimes staying within the family or going without a leader. Any sign of the curse was promptly dealt with by any means. Their tribal ways have been long lost in history. Modern day Lycalos remain predators of the night and do not interact with those who are not of their kind. Their packs only range from 10 to 15 members and some are even solitary, most likely from being banished as a result of possessing the curse. Some Lycalos have even adpated into new lifestyles and are hardly recognized as the wolfbat species. However, naturally born Umbrakinesis and the Lycalo birthmark are always a definitive trait among Lycalos.


There are 3 variations of this species. Some are Wolf Lycalos and resemble the wolf more. Others known as Bat Lycalos appear more like a bat. On a somewhat more infrequent basis is the True Lycalo with an even combination of the two. By analyzing genes, one can determine which trait is more dominant even by a small difference.

Moebius Lycalos

These Lycalos are vastly different yet still the same species. This variation wasn't placed in a state of panic when the curse first unleashed itself and instead forced the holder to regain control. Since this individual was the most powerful among them, they were appointed to leader. As time went on, the one with the curse was automatically given the title and would battle the previous holder for it if they still were in control. In the current day, their numbers are immense and they continue to live in underground caves. The bloodline also remains within the race and any attempts of building a relationship with another not of their kind will result in banishment or death. Establishments much like the ones in ancient times are scattered throughout the planet and while their presence remains a mystery, they remain widely feared.


Lycalo's physical traits are random for the most part. The color of their fur, where the fur is placed and even the length of it are completely random. The traits of wolves and bats are haphazard as well and it’s another way to loosely distinguish which is more prominent. Their appearance will even look different from their parent’s although this isn’t the case all the time. They are naturally slim creatures built for stealth, but they are known to have hidden muscle mass. Their most distinctive trait is a natural birth mark. It consists of circle in between a waxing and waning crescent shape. Its location, size and angle are random and typically darken the area around it to a slight degree.

Skills and abilities

Lycalos are trained at a young age to become expert trackers and killers. They are formed to be agile and stealthy warriors with ample physical strength. They learn to be extremely patient in their search for prey and once they have desired prey in their sights, they stop at nothing to collect it. It has been known this can span for weeks and perhaps even months. In addition, their senses are extraordinary. Mainly, a Lycalo has enhanced hearing and smell but others are known to have different upgraded senses. Aside from their more natural abilities, Lycalos are gifted with the power of Umbrakinesis, giving them the ability to manipulate the dark energy they are formed from. They mainly use this for evasion and transportation purposes such as melting into the shadows or travelling in a shadowy mist. Some are more advanced with this ability and can blanket an area in darkness or create decoys and even infuse it with their melee attacks for additional damage.


Lycalos speak their own language. Their alphabet is similar to the English one, only the letter "M" remains the same and a 0 replaces the letter "Y" with is pronounced like the standard "O". Names remain the same no matter what language they're derived from originally. Aside from this, they are also able to emit a certain frequency only their kind can detect, although others are able to hear this under certain circumstances.


The following displays the Lycalo language in conjunction with the English language.

English - A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Lycalo - U R S T O V W X A Z B C M D E F G H J K I L N P 0 Q


Lycalos are known to be carnivores, frugivores or insectivores. Only a few have been known to be herbivores or omnivores.


Like most mammals, Lycalos require one male and one female to produce offspring. Lycalo mothers carry their young for 8 to 9 months and typically have liters ranging from 3 to 5 pups. Despite their otherwise ruthless nature, they are generally monogamous. A mated pair usually remains together for life, unless one of the pair dies. Upon the death of one mated Lycalo, pairs are quickly re-established. A common misconception is a Wolf Lycalo breeding with a Bat Lycalo will always produce a True Lycalo. The chances of this are less likely as the refined balance of genes is difficult to obtain. Lycalo genes are also only compatible with genes of other Lycalos and hybridized species are impossible to obtain.

Known Lycalos


  • The name Lycalo is derived from the Greek words for Wolf (lýkos) and Bat (rópalo) merged together.
  • Lycalos were initially mononymous and lacked surnames. This trait is debatable with current day Lycalos.
  • Whenever Lycalos are injured, they bleed normally, but their wounds will likely pulsate with dark purple energy and the amount they pulsate varies on the degree of the injury.
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