June, 2014 Interview

Luther Paleteus the Cat

Happy June, SFW users! Summer is finally here and I hope you are all enjoying it! As I promised, this theme would be cats, and our lucky feline of the month is Luther Paleteus the Cat! 

(Chames has requested that I only write a short summary this time.)

If there is one thing that Luther's article has plenty of, that would be information. His page is one of the largest I have seen on the wiki. Every nook and cranny of his page contains large paragraphs of well-written details. Some people would be overwhelmed by the large page, but if you have the time, then I'm sure that you'll come to appreciate the amount of work that when into this character.

So with that out of the way, let's interview Luther's creator, Chamesthehero!

1. Q) Meow. (Where did you come up with the idea of Luther?)

A) Luther came about from the desire to create a new original feline character and to fulfill the purpose of being a plot-device inside my upcoming series. He started off just as small side-character from his kingdom. However, this feline began to grow on me soon enough and became an essential character for my story.

2. Q) Meow. (Are you currently satisfied with how he has turned out design and story-wise?)

A) You bet! Both Luther's design and story have been praised by numerous people both from inside and outside this site. With this overwhelming amount of positive feedback both design-wise and story-wise, I must say that I am truly satisfied with them, even though I might do some minor tweaks here and there in the future.

3. Q) Meow. (Do you have any future plans for Luther?)

A) Certainly. Luther Tales is spin-off series meant to take part after the events of my current story, Dimitri Chronicles. As the name implies, this feline becomes its main protagonist and the lead character.

4. Q) Meow. (Is there any aspects of Luther that you had sought inspiration for?)

A) Luther's somewhat prideful and bitter nature came from a small piece from my own personality. His determination to show his worth came from various book characters I have seen. His pride was also based on the common assumption that rich people are always snobbish, even though this assumption might not be entirely accurate. His passion for swordfighting was based on the knights from the Medieval period and his astounding tenacity came from a manga character.

5. Q) Meow. (What is Luther's idea of a perfect meal?)

A) Luther's idea for a perfect meal is a meal that reminds himself of good times such as his childhood, peaceful times, and even his own moments of awesome. In his case, because he would regularly eat grilled salmon steak with garlic smashed potatoes along with special spices when he was younger and more free from responsibility (during the times when his life was simpler), it possibly became his favorite meal yet.

6. Q) Meow. (In Luther's own words, what does it take to maintain a kingdom?)

A) Luther claims that full-time dedication is essential in ruling a successful kingdom. Leaders must always strive to make their kingdoms better and gain his people's support doing so. With the people's support, he claims that collecting taxes is easier; collected money that will go towards the production of new constructions that his people would significantly benefit from and towards the kingdom's armies. Enforcing the law is essential as well. Luther claims that a viable source for trading is necessary to maintain an economic balance and multiple alliances with other close kingdoms so times of war would not come and put his people's lives at risk.
To maintain a kingdom, he claims that a leader must consider every possibility for him not to belittle someone's suffering or step over someone or a problem he failed to notice. Because of this, Luther says that a good relationship with his people is needed in order to consider what they ask of him. Also, he states that a true blue-blooded being would prioritize his kingdom's well-being over his own, as hard as that might sound.

7. Q) Meow. (What does Luther have to look forward to in his future?)

A) This prideful feline looks forward to making his kingdom bigger and better than most. Luther also wants to find someone who is able to keep up with his master-level swordsmanship skills in a fair and square brawl.
Any final words from our feline companion?
Luther: "Heh, yet another overwhelming victory to tell my people and future descendants... At this rate, I believe I will lose my count soon!"
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