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Cquote1.png Ufufufu... I'm just that merciful. Cquote2.png
Luther's signature reply when people ask him the reason he spared a foe.

Luther Aurens Paleteus is a brown male Mobian cat who is gifted with incredible swordsman skills and is part of the Paleteus dynasty, being the current prince of the Kingdom of Felis. He is a supporting character in Dimitri Chronicles and the main character in Luther Tales, two series created by Chamesthehero. His goal is to make his kingdom greater and stronger than them all, including the ones that reside in other dimensions.

Luther Paleteus by XSleepingWithStars

Luther is the eldest son and has a younger sister named Lua Paleteus. Prideful and skilled, he became the most skillful swordsman inside his island and a dangerous opponent ti compensate for his lack of supernatural powers.

Luther is the three-time champion of the annual swordsfighting tournament that is held inside his kingdom that calls upon various swordsmen across the globe. Wielding the powerful Clawed Blade ever since he was little, he still has to be bested in a duel.

Luther is impish, snobbish, and has a strong sense of freedom. Since he is overwhelmed with the amount of work he needs to do as a prince, he is often shown bitter but means well. He roams across many distant parts of Mobius in hopes to find allies, ramming into many adventures and meeting many new people that can, sometimes, change his point of view about some other things.

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Physical Description

Luther Aurens Paleteus is a thin brown feline with above-average height. He has sapphire-colored eyes that radiate an intense blue shade when in darkness and are able to see in complete darkness like most felines can. He bears his unusual trademark freckles that are located in his cheeks.

Luther aurens paleteus the cat sketch by lolcraft98-d65r4vu.jpg

Located in his chest, he bears white chest-fur that are seldom showing due to his clothes. He has silver-colored sharp and thin claws located on his fingertips and toes that are able to scratch through various materials. His lower hair makes a lift upwards, while his hair that is located above him is down; he also has a significant bang that is often turned to his left. He has big feline ears and a white-colored skin. He also has a long brown tail whose tip is white. Luther has a dark brown-colored nose.

This feline wears the scarf that his father gave to him when he was a kitten. His stripped-styled scarf contains a tricolored pattern of orange, blue, and white, respectively. Located on his shoulders, flat orange ovals hold his resistant red prince cape. He wears gray pants and dark-brown boots himself.

His long-sleeved pure white coat makes his chest-fur and somewhat well-built unable to be seen and noticed. He also wears white gloves, a recurring clothing in the series. He is seldom seen without his golden crown, the pride of his kingdom. Because once it contained a blue Chaos Emerald itself, the crown became extremely durable. His trademark golden double-edged Clawed Blade is seldom seen in his inventory, but is often seen when he enters combat or travels because it is one of his few methods to defend himself.


Luther Paleteus is a prideful, adventurous, and laid-back brown feline that wields the power of charisma. This brown feline is clever and sharp, also being able to speak in a formal medieval-like manner and use the power of words as one of his forms of getting what he wants. He is extremely sarcastic, can be seen as arrogant, and is somewhat bitter towards others because of the stress that he has to absorb due being a prince and having large amounts of responsibility that he has on his shoulders. He is shown to be innocently insensitive, however; this feline does not realize that his behavior is downright rude and hurtful to others. His insensitive nature vanishes when he is aware that he went too far.

He despises being constantly corrected, having his opinion ignored, and people that believe that his occupation is not a stressful mission. This reckless feline is quick to take action, often not thinking things through and taking challenges head-on. His willpower is his greatest attribute; he will never back down on any circumstances and never give up. His willpower is so strong that it tends to scare people around him. Luther likes to taunt others himself, claiming that they are light-years away from being near his skills and powers. He is proud of his swordsman skills and has the goal to find someone better than himself that can beat him inside his own game. He is passionate about swords and legends himself.

Luther Paleteus the Cat by Fivey

Even though he delivers one-liners often and is snarky himself, this feline will fight for his people and for the ones he wants to protect. He is shown to has incredible mental endurance, tends to hide behind bravado, and has a knight-like chivalrous etiquette towards females. This brown cat is determined to achieve his goals, however, during his teenage years, he became much more of a slacker and prefers that others do the hard tasks for him. He does not know how to work in teams since he does like taking orders from a leader and is often seen taking action on his own.

Luther is fond of traveling since it is a large change on his routine and has a passion for eating meat, specifically noble fish. This feline obtains a superior sense of leadership that makes him commander of two large armies from his island. Luther has the aptitude of charisma, making him able to inspire willpower and strength on his allies, improving their efficiency drastically, often in forms of speeches. He wishes to make his kingdom the strongest kingdom there is, so he travels into many distant places to make alliances, even going as far as traveling to other dimensions.

Though he tends to have an insensitive facade, Luther is lighthearted towards his people and close ones. He along well with children and maintains a merciful composure even towards his enemies. He is rather overprotective when with his little sister. He is self-disciplined and is devoted to his partners, never deceiving them on purpose. Because of his occupation and responsibility, this feline is the one that has to make difficult choices and shoulder the consequences for the greater good of his kingdom even against his own will. He never trusts anyone at first glance, especially because of something that happened in his childhood.

Luther is not fond of people that boast themselves because they were born with supernatural powers, people that are naturally powerful without hard-work. He despises them with disgust since he values hardworking people that are skilled because they worked hard enough. Like most felines, Luther is not able to swim, thus having the irrational fear of entering large and deep bodies of water without technical assistance. This brown feline has a rather lax nature, often not caring about the future and what strangers think of him all that much in a carefree demeanor. He has a bad time when dealing with modern technology since he was raised in a medieval environment, however, he is fascinated to see how people came up with such tools. Luther values his family, life, and companions, and will battle each and every single foe to keep them safe.


Luther Aurens Paleteus was born in the Inuko Island, more specifically in the Felis kingdom, to their beloved king and queen. Being the firstborn prince, the small brown kitten was highly praised ever since he was conceived. Believing that he would become one of the greatest people alive because of his large amount of wealth and status and having been spoiled with treats, his prideful and snobbish personality was able to grow exponentially. The fresh and carefree feline would have visit his people in his free-time and have his parents teach him about ruling and things about kingdom's norms, claiming that he would be a great king someday.

Luther took many lessons with the kingdom's greatest teachers and became an intelligent child himself. He was audacious and strong-willed even when he had a young age, so he was bolder and more mature than most children of his age. However, since he would never have the time to do his hobbies, the young cat felt like he was bearing too much responsibility on his shoulders for a child his age. Because of this, the young prince was rarely excited for anything.

Inside a calm evening and a casual stroll, the four-year old was walking through his kingdom with numerous guards at his side and witnessed a sword duel among the commoners in the capital city's plaza. Many other people were watching the duel as well, cheering for the person they believed would win. The sword fight was intense since the commoners were skilled with swords and had unmatched speeds.

Luther watched the fight with wide eyes, closely watching the duo fight off against each other. The young feline felt many emotions at the same time: excitement, amazement, and courage. He began thinking that swords were the coolest things in the world at the time; he fled from the plaza with his guards and came right to his castle where his parents resided. Luther told his parents that he wanted to wield a sword of his own and demanded a brand-new sword.

The king and queen were reluctant to give him a weapon since the boy was still young and naive, so they refused to give him one. Furious and enraged since he would not be able to gain a sword of his own, the prince began to plot his own mischievous plans to get one himself when he grew older.

Now five-years old, the small brown kitten was knowledgeable enough to understand how commissioning people worked. He walked alone in the streets of his kingdom with a green cape so no one would recognize him, looking for someone that could make him a cool-looking blade. Luther eventually was able to find a blacksmith store and enter his store, with people around him believing the hooded boy was rather too short and young to be inside a place filled with weaponry like that one.

The blacksmith attended the small prince without taking him seriously since he knew the child would not have enough money. Luther gave him bars of a special metal along with large diamonds to the blacksmith and demanded him to make him a sword out of them, for he would become the greatest swordsman in his kingdom.

The blacksmith laughed and asked him where was the money, since he would not work for free. Expecting to hear this, Luther set a small leather bag filled with silver coins on the blacksmith's table as the blacksmith's eyes became wide. Now thinking that the child was not ordinary and was the real deal, the blacksmith grabbed the bars and diamonds and began smiting a sword for his customer.

Soon after a few hours of waiting, the blacksmith created a fine sword with diamond and gold pieces on the handle, crossguard and pommel for the young feline. Beautifully designed, the blacksmith stated that it was possibly the finest blade he has ever created during his entire career and gave the sword to Luther as he was finished. The five-year old feline named the sword Clawed Blade in honor of his kingdom and returned to his castle, hiding the sword from his parents.

When Luther became six, the young prince was still practicing with his sword inside his room. Even though he was self-taught, the prince became quite skillful with his sword. However, he thought that he needed more space to become a greater swordsman, so he began plotting another plan to train harder.

The young prince began to believe that the best course of action would be traveling to a nearby plain at night and train while his parents were sleeping. Quite satisfied that he was able to come up with a good plan of his own, the young feline was true to his words and began travelling to the same plain every night so he would get stronger. 

In one particular nightfall when he was training with his sword, he heard loud barks coming from the other side of the plain. He wanted to see what was going on so he followed the barks. He was able to find out that the one barking was the other prince of the island, Luke. The brown dog was punching an old tree, aiming to get his physical movements much stronger.

At first, they were startled to meet with another rival prince whose kingdoms were fierce enemies. They tried to scare each other off with their fangs and claws in an attempt to gain the land for their own training purposes, but eventually realized they did not have almost any reason to be mean with each other because they never did anything to one another in the first place.

The cat-dog duo came into an agreement and had a temporary alliance: the princes would share the plain together. In the beginning, Luther and Luke were skeptical about each other, but soon became great friends. They would always meet up in the middle of the plain hidden from their parents to train to pursue their own personal goals. They would keep their friendship a secret from their own kingdom, or else they would be heavily punished by their own parents.

As time went on, the seven-year old princes became much more skilled with their abilities because of their one-year training with each other. Luther became a phenomenal swordsman at this point and was able to rival his entire lands with his sword. His pride was also increased even more, but the feline did not seem to care. The fresh prince had a simple problem to be taken care of, however; he needed a way to tell his parents about his skills without him getting scolded or having his blade confiscated from him. After all, it would be a matter of time someone would tell his parents about his little secret.

However, the prince had another things in mind at the mind because his mother gave birth to a second child, a female kitten that would be recognized as the island's little princess. Luther was awestruck and excited that he would meet another blue-blooded family member and grew quite over-protective of his little sister that was named Lua. Even though he was a swordsman himself, he wished that his sister would not have his bold and reckless blood, for he wished her a peaceful life.

However, the feline knew from the bottom of his heart that a peaceful life for her would be impossible because she was his sibling. Luther was rather disappointed that he would not get the same type of attention that he got when he was the youngest descendant of the royal family, but had to accept that small problem nonetheless. 

The young royals: Young Blaze and Luther (Credit to Fivey)

Because of the kingdom's own piece of land, the royal family would often travel to other kingdom to make alliances in order to become more potent when Luther became eight-years old. He was far too naive and young to meddle with the queens and kings' affairs of plans for alliances, so he was left to spend his time with the small lavender princess from the Sol Dimension, for his family would attempt to make alliances with them.

Despite their age difference and personality clashes, the brown prince and the lavender princess would always stick together when Luther came to her dimension, since Luther's parents requested her to take care of the eight-year old because he was a trouble-maker; even though the lavender princess was younger, she was far more mature and serious than her friend. The prince was oblivious to this, however.

Blaze would remain collected and polite when she was around the brown feline, always showing her kingdom around and explain to him her duties as a guardian. Luther never really understood her commitment for responsibility and often tried to convince her to be more laid-back and have more fun herself.

With that being said, the brown feline would always make the lavender princess tag along in his adventures around her kingdom in an attempt to make her more outgoing and let herself be more free like him, however, as Blaze was not used to this since of the lack of interaction with kids her age-group because their fear of her fire powers, she seldom was not reluctant to embark on them. She did not approve Luther's proud nature and actions one bit and believed he needed more composure as a prince.

During the Felian family's visit, however, Blaze's friendship with Luther grew in great sizes because the cat-duo was together most of the time. Luther would attempt to hide his weaknesses from his friend and claim that there was no need to worry if the emeralds she guarded were missing, since he would come and assist her to find them with his "awesome" swordsmanship skills.

As time went on, Blaze became grateful for Luther's naive personality because she thought it was refreshing to see someone of her status to be lively and carefree. In a particular day, the lavender kitten decided to show him her powers, hoping that he would understand and accept her unlike the other children from her dimension. Because the young prince was never exposed to such things that he considered to be magic, he got startled when he saw her ignite a flame on her finger.

His pride was shattered since he found out that there was someone stronger and even more powerful than him, and above all else, was younger as well. Since the brown feline had the fear of flames, he was scared to go near Blaze again, much like the other commoners of her dimension. Blaze then concluded that Luther was the same as the other people in her dimension: two-faced.

Luther's motivation to train with his sword was pumped to the maximum. Their relationship aside, the Felis Kingdom was unable to make an alliance and that lead Luther to never see the blazing lavender princess again for eight years. The fresh prince returned to his kingdom and continued his training in the plain with prince Luke, but showed much more motivation and aggression than before, to the point of making Luke intimidated himself.

Luther had the determination of showing his worth and proving to himself that he was not a weakling for being a normal person. The eight-year old was frustrated because he could not gain special powers and decided it would be best to hone his swordsman skills beyond their limits so he would be considered strong and powerful too. Along with his skills, his speed and technique were also increased in this more difficult self-training, thus gaining more strength at such a young age. When the Felian prince was nine, he was a master swordsman that had the motivation to show his people that one does not need powers to be respected and powerful.

He did not have to worry about his parents' opinion about his passion, for they began to constantly travel away from their lands to make alliances with other kingdoms. In the process, however, the couple believed the nine-year old feline was mature enough to handle their tasks while they were away and was left in charge of the kingdom along with his sister, with the routine of attending meetings with commoners, listen to their problems, and be the one that charges his people the taxes they needed to pay.

Luther now seldom had time to practice his hobby and had to deal with the overwhelming tasks of his parents. Luther was not able to go to the plain in the middle of the night to train with Luke anymore. He learned the true stress of being a prince. Overwhelmed with stressful tasks, the young prince became much more bitter.

The two siblings ruled the kingdom on their own with relative ease. To ensure their own children's protection, the king and queen from the Felis Kingdom nominated knights and guards for them to have on their disposal to assist them on harder tasks and protect them.

The proud prince thought that knights were not needed since he thought he was the most powerful swordsman on his entire land, but he needed someone to take care of his little sister on his behalf.

He then decided to create his own small select swordsman tournament among his people to see who would the the proper being that would be able to take care of his sister. The winner of the tournament would have the chance to face him in a duel to be able to stand beside his precious sibling. He was eager to see who would triumph in the end of the tournament in the hopes for a "proper" challenge.

Among all of his people, one beautiful female knight that wore crimson-colored armor, nicknamed "Crimson the Nobleheart", known to have worked alongside the prince's parents at some point in time, was able to stand out from the commoners and proceed to win against the entire population of Luther's kingdom. She then gained many fans and the admiration of her fellow commoners using her own formidable skills and graciousness.

The fresh prince was in awe because of her dual-wielding skills and gracefulness with her double swords and applauded her while standing up. Luther knew she would not be a walk in the park when in a sword duel, however, he was able to feel the same emotions he felt when he first witnessed a duel when he was four: excitement, amazement, and courage.

The now twelve-year old feline was confident in his abilities and eagerly awaited his match's date to come about. Wanting to know more about the woman that easily overwhelmed his kingdom, Luther invited her to his castle for a private interview before their fight; a dinner without his guards watching them eat together. 

Even though the age-differences were high, the small prince began to have pleasant conversation with the elegant warrior. She maintained a noble and serious composure while Luther was drinking juice while she drank some of the red wine that was on the castle's main hall, specifically on its long table used for the royal dining. The young prince asked questions ranging from her entire knight-experience to her favorite swords and Crimson answer every and each one of them with serenity and patience.

Even though Luther was certain Crimson was strong, beautiful, and had enough maturity to guard her sister, something about the warrior was not right to him. Even though Luther said to his people that he did not want them to interrupt his dinner, a fellow guard entered the castle's main room and whispered into the prince's ears; both royals were needed to solve an urgent problem that was occurring in that moment.

Without a choice, Luther had to excuse himself temporarily from his conversation with the female knight and leave his dining table for the time being. Crimson said she understood and agreed to proceed her dining with the absence of the twelve-year old prince. The brown-haired prince then left his castle.

The knight, that was finishing her dinner on her behalf, then threw something that resembled a small white pill into the prince's glass cup that would begin to disintegrate soon after coming in contact with its liquids; she made a tiny smirk and said to herself that it was all being according to her given orders.

When the naive Luther returned, he proceeded to drink his juice and have a long conversation with her once again. When it was time for Crimson to leave, she left the castle and prepared herself for the match that was occurring tomorrow when performing a small grin.

The match between the feline that wore crimson-colored armor and Luther happened within a normal evening within the capital city's plaza. People from various parts of his kingdom came to the capital just to witness the battle between the two felines; it was a moment to remember for the entirety of the kingdom.

The majority of the commoners rooted for the graceful knight because they wanted to see a commoner like themselves succeed. The proud prince did not care one bit and found it amusing that his people truly support each other as well. They agreed to a match that it would last until the loser winces in pain, a suggestion made by the overly-confident prince. 

However, ever since his dinner with the female swordswoman, his legs were not feeling great for some reason. He thought of the possibility of him having drunk some sort of toxin, but would just shrug off the feeling because he ate with the seemingly trustworthy and serious knight that was widely considered to be noble in nature that he thought would never do such a dishonorable thing to succeed in the duel.

Even though he had his legs paralyzed and unable to battle, he could not go back against his word since his pride was deemed too large and start to would hate himself if he backed down. Crimson, beneath her knight armor, was confident and looked coldly down the young prince that was struggling to stand up, as if she was watching a small animal fighting to stay alive to no avail.

Without further ado, Crimson the Nobleheart clashed with the fresh prince in a decisive duel. The prince struggled to move and evade her ferocious attacks with her twin-blades because of the toxin that affected his legs; she was going all-out against her small and fragile opponent with a malicious grin on her face that was hidden because of her helmet.

The crimson-colored warrior aggressively began to start a beat-down to her opponent using her feet. Since the fresh prince's legs were barely able to be stand, even though he was fast, Luther was not able to evade and block her attacks; he fell to the ground covered with blood and bruises, a shock to all of the audience that was watching the match. 

Stepping on Luther's wounded body, knowing that the guards would not be able to stop the match unless someone winced and screamed in pain, she demanded him to recognize her as the new guard for his sister.

Luther, even though wounded, his willpower to achieve victory was not shattered and attempted to grab her leg with his trembling hand. When he was about to reach her, the warrior dropped her swords and caught him using her hands, lifted him while holding him, and looked down to him with a cold glare.

A small glimpse of her cyan-colored eyes that were beneath her crimson-colored helmet was shown to the prince; her beautiful eyes resembled one that was truly entertaining herself. She then whispered to his ears with a malicious grin that her task given by his enemies was going to be fulfilled without any sort of troubles now that he was out of the way. 

In that instant, something snapped inside Luther. Feeling of confusion and doubt filled his young mind as he heard Crimson's whisper. His feelings of admiration for the strong and beautiful female knight he fought instantly vanished in the wind as well. He did not quite understand what she said, however.

His life then flashed on his eyes, showing him numerous situations when the fresh prince was shown to show indecent and selfish behavior that could potentially create enemies. However, none of his actions would be large enough to create a mortal enemy that would go this far. Puzzled on how to react, he needed to think about that later; for now, he was certain about one thing: he needed to take that swordswoman down at all costs. 

Crimson jabbed Luther with the force needed to make him be struck back few feet away. Shivering and being unable to move his legs and most of his upper-body, he landed within few feet away from his fallen blade. In a final attempt to fight back, he tried to reach for his sword using his left hand to no avail. His left arm was stopped because of Crimson's foot.

Due to the weight of the armor that Crimson wore on her feet, it was no hard task for her to snap his bone. The fresh prince was too proud and determined so he did not scream in agony, though the pain was starting to become unbearable for him to handle with a straight face. He rolled to the left, away from his opponent. Crimson told Luther to stop being foolish and surrender, for he was not in the best condition to fight at the moment. Then, the brown feline did something that downright astonished the audience and his opponent.

The determined prince, covered in blood and with his bones broken, he gritted his teeth and slowly stood up from the ground with all of his strength and determination. His clothes were torn, he had blood stains everywhere on him, his legs were shivering because they were struggling to withstand his weight. Breathing heavily, the fresh prince told the knight to stop screwing around and proceeds to tell her that one truly tastes defeat when one admits that the battle is lost.

His physical body was beaten, but his determination and willpower to achieve victory never ceased. Crimson shrugged at his speech, readied her two swords to give him a coup de grâce, but was stopped by someone; not being able to withstand seeing her brother suffer for her cause any further, Lua Paleteus entered the battle-field and hugged Crimson's legs tightly.

The five-year old princess pleaded her to make it stop and told her it was enough. This course of action which went against the prince's original battle rules was a surprise to the audience that showed sympathy to the young one. Crimson the Nobleheart put her swords away, took her helmet off, and looked at the wounded prince with a malicious smirk; she told him that he was not even a fun challenge.

Luther fell to the ground after hearing those words, unable to move, losing consciousness at the spot. Numerous guards came to his aid, but it was too late; the battle was a loss, and worse, Crimson's true motives were not clear to the prince anymore. As the knight in her crimson-colored armor walked through the audience with the princess in her arms, people started to keep a distance from her because of her unnerving performance; the battle received no applause.

Three entire days have passed between the match and the young prince did not wake up from his bed ever since his battle with the cold Crimson the Nobleheart, the one that was able to defeat him in a duel when his legs were intoxicated and the current personal bodyguard for his sister. During these three days, within the prince's deep slumber, Luther had numerous nightmares about his battle and his failures during his entire life until now. He could not wake up from these constant nightmares within this period of time. Even though he had the same dreams, there was one in particular that stood out from the others. 

Within this dream, he envisioned himself as a handsome and powerful king whose strength was unmatched. His sister was an incredibly fair and beautiful lady that wore his mother's clothes and looked like a queen. The two siblings ruled their monarchy with fairness and determination. The lands were green and the skies were bright. Cold breezes would come to the kingdom and gently tap onto the commoner's cheeks as they smiled as they fulfilled their given tasks and occupations.

When people asked the king to become knights themselves, the grown-up king would always tell them that it was not needed since his kingdom was already powerful and that the times of war ended. Everything seems good and peaceful on their monarchy. When the princess grabbed Luther's hands for them to do their a stroll on their peaceful kingdom, and as they walked together through their castle's doors, everything would fade.

Luther would find himself without his sister and in an empty black void of nothingness.

The dream then makes a transition that leads Luther to appear in the center of the capital's plaza. His kingdom was engulfed in flames and people running and hiding from armored knights with huge swords that slayed everyone they came across. The bright skies became red and orange as dark clouds appeared on it to block the sunlight. Luther's kingdom was being invaded by the Canis once more since their defenses were available because he was confident that there would not be anymore conflicts.

The grown-up king witnesses his capital being consumed by intense flames and attempts to fight the invaders on his own with his blade. When he successfully slashes one of the invaders with his sword, the sword went through him. The invader did not have a physical body but an intangible one made of red flames.

The brown-haired king then hears wicked laughs as the invaders murder his kingdom's commoners, ignoring his attempts to stop them as if he was never there. Frightened and powerless, the prince runs to his castle once again to check on his sister that disappeared. During his running, he hears the screams of agony of his fellow people. When he enters the burning castle, the dream fades to black once more. 

The same dream makes a transition yet again and shows Luther laid down in a room composed of flames. Unable to move and stand up, he looks upwards and sees Crimson the Nobleheart once more. Crimson was without her helmet this time, showing her voluminous red-hair and intense cyan-colored eyes as she held an unconscious Lua on her shoulders.

The now-king demands to know what is going on, but Crimson tells him that he is in no position to talk. The knight kicks Luther and he is struck few feet away. The knight then proceeds to slowly walk away from the room with the princess on her shoulders; Luther attempts to scream for her to stop, but to no avail.

Then, from the flames, a figure arises from it. It was a female slender cat who looked to be about seventeen with long light-pink hair that wore golden bracelets and body-armor without their helmet. She had an overwhelmingly bright aura around her and was divinely appealing and pretty. A shiny pink orb that resembled a pearl was worn by the cat.

Luther asks her who is she and she introduces herself simply as an ally of peace. She warns Luther that there is no time left to waste and that his sister is currently being held captive in the Canis kingdom's castle for the sole purpose to ignite Luther's feeling of anger, creating a conflict between the two kingdoms. The pink feline then warns him to never wage war and tells him that she shall heal his wounds for his battle, but he had to promise her to foil the other kingdom's plans for war and stop this conflicts with them at some point in time.

Trying to put the pieces of information together in his head, he promised her that; and while blushing and looking away, he stated that the condition for him to save everyone else was for him to have a date with her sometime since he found her to be extremely pretty. The older feline blushed a little and performed a hearty laugh after hearing such condition, much to Luther's dismay.

She leans in closer to him and whispers in his ear that she is truly counting on him to succeed and is wishing him good luck. The grown-up Luther transforms back into his twelve-year old body and was pumped, claiming that the task will be a walk in the park; he proceeded to fade as the mysterious pink feline waved him goodbye with a genuine warm-hearted smile. 

The dream fades as the twelve-year old wakes up from his bed with an astonished expression. His heart raced as he looked around his immense room while sitting down on his bed. The prince moved his left arm as if fracturing it was just part of a bad dream. He gazed at the window that showed the clear dark-blue skies and the bright full-moon that illuminated the skies with intense moon radiation.

Luther intensely looked at it as if the moon that was brighter that specific cold night. When a maid entered the room with food and mink inside a basket that she served a sleeping Luther with, in astonishment, she let go of the basket and came to hug him, rejoicing that the prince was able to wake up, much to Luther's own surprise. The prince smiled and hug her back, telling her that he just let his guard down during the match.

During that moment, the maid remembered the tragedy that occurred soon after Luther lost the battle: his sister and her new bodyguard went missing. The prince replies that somehow he is aware of that and that he has a hunch to where they are, even though he cannot remember where he got the information from. The maiden is somewhat confused since he was asleep for three days, but trusts the brown-haired feline anyway.

Luther thanks the maiden for her work when he was asleep and ordered her to get him his horse, green hood, and blade, for he was going to make a private expedition that would be kept a secret. The maiden understood, did what he told her, and wished him safe travels. Luther said that he would be back with his sister before she knew it and left his castle with his horse at intense speeds. His destination would be the enemy's territory that was across the island, the Canis kingdom.

During two evenings and one night traveling with his horse, he finally reached his destination. He left his horse alone in the plain, telling him to stay in here because he was going to return soon. He gave him three carrots and readied his sword that was beneath his hood.

Luther knew from the bottom of his heart that he was no miracle-performer and would not be able to overpower the entire Canis security on his own, but as his sister's life was at risk, he had no choice but to risk everything; after all, the prince was not able to practice his skills in a while and was hoping for a fair challenge that included him being in the proper condition to fight. He smirked and entered the capital on his own, masking his identity a secret from the other innocent Canis commoners beneath his green hood.

He dashed through the city at above-average speeds and got closer to the kingdom's castle that was filled with towers and numerous guards with crossbows, swords, and bow with arrows. Because he knew that dogs had exceptional sense of smell, he grabbed his personal handkerchief from his pocket and placed inside a small dark alley. The twelve-year old then screamed to the people of the kingdom that he had spot an invader in that alley, calling the attention of the people and the guards around him.

The guards then sniffed the air and found out that a different scent was inside said alley. Because the dogs worked in packs, the entirety of the guards that resided guarding the castle's main door rushed towards said place, leaving the door defenseless. When everyone ran towards the alley except for Luther, the prince proceeded to grab the main guard's keys from his waist when he was running without making the large dog notice a thing. The brown-haired feline ran towards the castle, opened the large door with his acquired key, and locked it from inside. He could not believe that his plan worked better than expected. 

Luther would find himself on the main room of the stone castle. The room was beautifully designed, with flags with the kingdom's emblems and numerous glass windows. The room also featured a long staircase that led to the Canis king's throne. The staircase was completely made of gold, boasting the kingdom's abundant sources of this metal. Beside the throne, his five-year old sister was sitting there with her delicate hands tied down.

Luther screamed to her that her big brother has come to save her, however she told him to watch out for the big canines had big weapons. The prince looked to his sides and numerous guards that held crossbows aimed at him and listened to a laugh that came from the throne. He was certain he heard this voice before somewhere, but could not remember who was its owner at first glance. He turns in attention to the throne and he finds someone sitting there beside his sister, laughing at the invader with a malicious grin.

Luther then recognized the brown-colored canine: it was his former best friend that he never saw again for numerous years, Luke. The feline's mind instantly began to process multiple flashbacks that recalled him of his childhood and training in the plain with the canine. Luther demanded answers from his former companion, but the canine continued laughing. He then aimed his sword at Luke even though they were apart and told him to stop screwing around and tell him what was going on.

Surprised at the threat, the brown canine's grin vanished. Instead, his red eyes glared down at the feline and bared his fangs, asking him if he is really that simple-minded; he would not tell his motives to someone that he considered to be dead. He snapped his fingers and the guards that were inside the room readied their weapons, prepared to impale the invader at all costs.

Luther smirked, readied his own weapon, and told Luke that maybe he had to make the canine talk. The fresh prince then told his sister to count to fully count to ten, for that would be enough time for him to decimate his opponents. Amused at such obvious blunt, Luke grinned and ordered his men to fire and tear him apart and let the "game" begin.

Even when Lua started the countdown, Luther stood there with his eyes closed as the dozens of arrows came towards him; no one in the room could believe his amount of guts. When the arrows came within a certain radius few feet away from him, Luther opened his eyes; he began blocking and cutting through the arrows using his sword as they came towards him from all directions at seemingly incalculable speeds for someone that had no superpowers.

With a bored expression, the fresh prince countered them using his blade within that specific radius using his accelerated perception that he acquired during his sword-training. Because of his sheer concentration, every single arrow shot was seemingly moving in slow motion while in fact they were at fast speeds.

He decimated them with ease and smoothness. This astonishing feat was able to shock everyone that was present and witnessed the scene, including Luke himself; for the ones that thought he was weaker than Crimson the Nobleheart, he was supposed to be much slower, however this was not the case here. 

Luther did not consider himself the greatest swordsman of the island without good reason nor it was a simple fictitious product of his pride; he simply believed that there was no shame in boasting when he had something to worth to be proud of. Five seconds of intense shooting and cutting have passed. Luke's guards used all of their arrows, however the feline prince stood there intact, still bored and showing no signs of fatigue.

Noticing that the guards were now defenseless, intimidated, and in awe because of the swordsman's speeds, Luther took advantage of this and proceeded to slash the entire castle's guard that surrounded him within the room on their ankles, places where their armor was weakest, using his acrobatic skills in combination of his standard feline speeds under nine seconds.

While not beaten, the entirely of the guards fell to the ground simultaneously, unable to stand up and meddle with Luther and Luke's conflict anymore since their weapons had no ammunition and had their ankles slashed even though they were not cut off.

Luther returned to the place where he originally stood and his bored expression turned into a sad one because he was disappointed: he was not able to look cool to his sister because he did not fend the guards off under ten seconds; the feline prince proceeds to ramble on about how his overwhelmingly tiring tasks in the daily routine of being a prince made him slack more and that his skills were nothing special compared to the power he had before. The canine prince, amused and entertained, then exclaimed that his swordsman skills sure did increase after they stopped training together, however, he told the feline with a malicious grin that the "game" was still going on.

Unexpectedly, someone swung his swords and attempted slash Luther from above when he was not looking. The flexible and agile Luther was taken by surprise, but quickly evaded the attack nonetheless by stepping backwards. The blade that was slashed towards Luther from above was able to penetrate the ground with ease, cutting through like it was paper. It was the warrior that wore crimson-colored armor, it was one person that Luther would never seem to forget: Crimson the Nobleheart.

Wearing a full set of armor and retracting one of her swords from the ground it shattered, she admitted that she was surprised that Luther was able to stand after their fight sometime ago and come this far into the kingdom. Luther simply replied that the "greatest swordsman alive" certainly has to have few tricks up his sleeve and accused her for poisoning him. The crimson-colored warrior simply took out her helmet after that accusation and nodded; her radiant cyan-colored eyes showed that she had a powerful killing intent emotion going on that accompanied her malicious grin.

Crimson admitted the act while giving out an unnerving laugh, and told the young feline prince that he truly amused her with his bravado; she also admitted that, even without the poisoning, she would win regardless. The prideful prince told her that it was not only her sword that could cut through the ground and stabbed it on the ground before him. He got into a standard battle stance and, while grinning, claimed that for this fight, he would not use his sword so he could even up the odds.

This angered Crimson and she roared that that would be that small punk's last mistake. When she retracted her dual swords from her back, she took a mighty leap towards the twelve-year old feline to attempt to mutilate his entire body in a single strike. Luther closed his eyes while she was coming towards him in order to concentrate; after all, maybe his almighty facade was too much for the situation at hand.

When Crimson's swords were almost able to reach his face, Luther opened his eyes and the world around him started to move in slow-motion; His accelerated perception ability was triggered. Luther charged towards the knight in incredible speeds, grabbed his sword during his running, and numerous slashes too fast for the naked eye were given towards Crimson.  

With Crimson now behind him, Luther withdrew his sword as the crimson-colored knight's wounds began to become visible. Suddenly, Crimson, too wounded to stand up, fell down on her face, knocked out completely out cold and barely alive. Everyone present witnessed the fall of the famous Crimson, the one that seemingly defeated the Felian prince herself in a duel. 

While the guards from the canine prince was astonished by the sheer speed of the feline, Luke, from his throne, asked him if Luther would dispose of his servant and the feline shook his head, claiming that he was feeling merciful that day and he would let it slide for the time being.

Luke then began to laugh and told him that he was a sight to see: truly something amusing to see from his fellow childhood friend and former training partner. The canine, however, was still confident and not that impressed by his friend's abilities. The twelve-year old Luke then picked up Lua with a single arm and threw her down to Luther's arms in a powerful manner, much to the feline prince's surprise due to the canine's strength.

The canine grinned with his cold red eyes visible, turned his back to the feline while standing, and told him the same: that he would let it slide for the day since he was preparing himself for a big event that would occur soon. Luther asked him what in the world he was talking about. In response, the canine simply glanced over his shoulders with a devious grin, stating in a mocking voice that "Luther was truly impatient with his fellow friend" and that the preparations for the big party were still being taken care of.

Luther payed little attention to Luke's speech and simply walked towards the castle's door with his sister in his hands, telling him that if he was to attempt this sort of thing again, the feline prince would certainly come to "play" with him anytime. The feline duo would leave the castle and then hear an unnerving laugh coming from the Canis Kingdom's castle as they closed its door behind them.

Knowing that the guards outside would not attack him since Luke stated that he would let him go, the feline duo would reach Luther's horse and flee to their respective kingdom.

During this travel, Lua was super happy to see his cool big brother in action and asked him how did he know about her location. Luther became conflicted as he realized that he did not remember where he got that information from, and responded that he just had a hunch. Even though he was successful in rescuing his sister, he still could not shake off this uneasy feeling he had. Luther simply shrugged, since he thought he was overlooking things and was thinking too hard about Luke's future plans.

Three years passed since that turn of events, and Luther's kingdom grew smoothly. Within these years, the rival kingdoms did not have any conflicts. Lua's kidnapping would remain a secret to most so public peace would be upheld. Economically, the kingdom was becoming stronger than ever.

In order to prove his skills to his people and gain money, Luther founded a sword-fighting arena which had an annual tournament that called upon various skilled swordsmen from across the globe to have the chance to win great fortune and the champion's trophy.

The tournament had only one catch, though: the Felian prince was also able to compete. The tournament was a financial success. Many skilled swordsmen came from all across the globe to compete in it, expecting the tournament to be an easy way to gain fame and wealth.

Their ambitions would soon break, considering that Luther, the prince that lost to Crimson the Nobleheart years ago, won each time with little difficulty and kept the prize all to himself, even when handling people with supernatural powers and better weaponry than him.

The manner in which he taunted the losers caused a public uproar that attracted more and more people each time the tournament was held, all to have the sole purpose to defeat that smug prince. Luther accepted the challenge and currently awaits a warrior that would best him in battle. Hardships were none-existent, his kingdom would prosper, and all was well for his family and him.

At least, for some time.

One year later, the events of Dimitri Chronicles would occur.



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Luther Aurens Paleteus' theme.


Dimitri Chronicles

Luther Tales



Strengths and Powers

Luther Paleteus has limited conditions due to him being an average person; someone without super-abilities and psionic powers. He is not considered to be a fighter due to him having little time to duel with others, but is a skilled feline nonetheless. During his brief free-time, he was able to acquire awesome swordsmanship and violin skills. The prince often performs for himself melodies that remind him of his past and also performs for his little sister to make her sleep more pleasantly. His enthusiastic and sophisticated performances can be heard from his castle's room.

Luther, being a prince, uses often horses as a method for transportation and is knowledgeable enough to ride one with proficiency. Even though not apparent, Luther's main skills reside in his speech; he has the charisma needed to convince others, lead large groups on his own, and even rule an entire kingdom with minor assistance from his sister; this feline lead armies numerous times and caused him obtain overwhelming victories during warfare.

When talking to his commoners, knowing that he is exerting a certain amount of pressure towards them because of his high authoritative power, he attempts to make his conversations seem to be on equal ground so he can communicate with them with more efficiency, especially when around children.

Having known his kingdom ever since he was a child, Luther is able to have a great sense of direction while inside his island; he knows about everywhere when inside his piece of land, ranging from hidden caverns in the middle of his forests to small towns. His offensive skills and desire for a challenge led him to follow his dreams and become the strongest swordsman from the entire island he resides and possibly one of the most skilled in the entire planet during his time.

His species granted him numerous genetic abilities as well. He has long thin claws that stick out from his hands that grant him the chance to scratch foes and climb steep walls. Because he does not work out his muscles, Luther has rather pathetic defenses and physical offensive power all-around. His speed is able to reach velocities of forty miles per hour in seven seconds; a quite impressive trait for his standards.

His feline characteristics allow him to be flexible and agile, so he is not prone to use spinning blade combos while jumping in the air as well. When countering, Luther likes to use his foes' physical strength against themselves to his own advantage in combat since he only has the average strength of a male of his age.

Luther Aurens Paleteus, due to him having a strong connection with Viola, who is now Chaos demigod and a former companion of his own, was granted with the blessing that allowed him to enhance his strength, receiving both the ability to boost his natural power even further and the sacred prayer that also allowed him to request further wisdom, strength, and power from the gods during times of hardship using a small prayer.

Enhanced Durability

The prince, even though frail, because of his stubbornness to never retreat, developed an extreme amount of endurance. His defenses are average, however his tenacity and skill to withstand great amounts of pain and still be able to remain conscious and calm makes him undoubtedly more interesting and fearful as a fighter. His endurance is driven by his motivation to win.

Even though he still feels pain like a normal person, his pride and determination to achieve victory is able to suppress harm and ignore it for a certain amount of time; this makes him able to fight long battles and take huge amounts of damage before passing out; this gives him an awesome advantage.

Master-Level Swordsmanship

Luther's ultimate powerhouse is his swordsman skills. He was able to master the ways of the sword and become a terrifying opponent in duels. Because of his intense training and motivation to prove to himself and others that he does not need powers to be considered strong, Luther was able to overcome his former limitations and become one of the most skilled swordsmen of his time.

Throughout his teenage life, Luther mastered the usage of numerous one-handed and two-handed swords. While his performance with longswords, shortswords, and broadswords is superior, he has no significant problems handling and adapting to other blades as well. Combining his speed with his skills, Luther's attacks are incredibly powerful and fast, making them incredibly hard to dodge or block.

Luther, instead on relying on too much offensive power, prefers to overwhelming opponents with technique-based melees. Because of his absolute reaction time with his blade, he is able to counter foes with little difficulty and use his sudden bursts of speed to overwhelm them with various slices given each second; he trained long enough to pass on his speed's momentum to his blades to create strong and devastating combos.

The prince wields the powerful Clawed Blade, originally a one-handed longsword with diamond and golden ornaments, it is Luther's most threatening weapon that he uses for numerous reasons. The blade is light and extremely sharp, being able to cut through almost all types of armor and all structures found inside the planet.

When Viola blessed his sword when they were the Chaos Chamber, the sword's power was permanently enhanced and increased to otherworldly levels, causing it to become one of the most proficient and dangerous weapons in-universe. The blade is able to slice through energy beams, cut through sound waves, and is indestructible. No matter how damaged, the blade will never shatter or bend itself.

Despite being light and being extremely sharp, the Clawed Blade's trump card is the power to grant the user and itself complete immunity to supernatural powers. For example, curses and other elements generated from other blades do not affect the blade and the swordsman as long as Luther holds his sword.

Accelerated Perception

Luther Paleteus fighting by KiraTheFox

Because of his self-training, the feline's true genius manifests in the form of an astonishing skill developed by him which allows him to make time seemingly stop by accelerating his brainwaves. 

With this power, Luther is able to perceive time as though it were moving very slowly and speed up in response, allowing him to think one thousand thoughts faster than normal and react and move fifty faster as well while wielding his sword.

There is no real limit on how much time he is able to maintain his overwhelming thought processes since he trained to bypass them ever since he was a child. When time "freezes" for him, everything around him except himself becomes a shade of transparent blue. Having his brainwaves increased a thousandfold, when sixteen minutes pass while Luther is using this technique, a single second passes for those around him, so his environment is not actually static but extremely slow.

He uses this time to analyze the foe's fighting style to counter, predict what they will do, and find out their weak and vulnerable spots; the battle might be over sooner than one might think. His reflexes, like stated before, are also increased, but he can only make them that fast and agile for ten consecutive seconds. After the ten seconds pass, he needs to rest one minute before using it again. This extremely unfair advantage lets Luther win countless battles, even though he only uses it when he think it is worth it.

This technique only activates when he holds a weapon of his own; it does not have to be a sword. When he lets go of his sword or weapon, however, Luther's rapid thought processes cease and he struggles with strong temporary headaches two hours later. Also, this technique does not activate when he is not fighting, making unable to use this accelerated perception and reflexes on other mundane things.

With this technique, combined with his natural great feline agility, Luther can be seen as unstoppable when it comes to counter and slice through projectiles such as arrows, bullets, and even other swordsmen that are in a duel with him; ultimately allowing him to perform a certain technique to a smaller degree. He attacks targets with extreme precision and prefers to keep his foes alive. When asked the reason, he replies smirking, claiming that he is just that "merciful". 

Creation and Development

Luther's concept was created because my absence of interest for a certain class back in two-thousand twelve. Doodling characters in my notebook was a common thing for me to perform during school. The idea of creating a new character that came through my mind came from the fact that my series was somewhat stuck in a certain arc, so I decided to design a new character even though my skills were lacking during these periods. Blaze the Cat was one of my favorite characters, so I decided I would create another feline rather than having only Felicia Sirone, the secret agent, as my single feline character.  

Thus, from a regular pencil and ideas from a commoner, the feline prince was born. Back in the the day, it was rather uncommon for me to see a male person from the cat species in the Sonic fanbase, so it was refreshing to think that I came to create something more original. The nameless feline was based on another male cat prince from a regional comic book series that I was fond of at the time called Magali Jovem Especial

Luther's design and personality overall did not change much during the years. Luther's original role in the fanfiction remains the same as before, however his history was expanded to make him more fresh. Even the lavender princess made a cameo herself in it, which was something that worried me at first because I'm not fond of fan characters paired up with canon ones. However, considering that the cameo was something so short, it should not be a problem for the readers.

Luther Tales is a spin-off sequel to Dimitri Chronicles that makes Luther and his companions travel to her dimension to attempt to create an alliance once again. As a writer, I'll make sure the story is entertaining for my readers, even though it features a canon character meeting a fanon one.

His powerlessness and motivation was something engaging for me: a talentless person that has the will to become better through hard-work; maybe it was because of this that this character became charismatic for me. All in all, Luther's development is almost complete. He needs some improvements and tweaks here and there, but overall, I'm pleased how this character came about. 

Relationships With Other Characters

Family Members

Unnamed Felis King and Queen (Father and Mother)

Lua Aurens Paleteus the Cat (Younger Sister)

Luther is very fond of his little sister unlike many other brothers. He has this sort of a playful rivalry in any type of competitions, making them almost inseparable. Luther can be over-protective when around her, even telling her that she is too young to wield a sword of her own, however due her persistence he eventually gave up and started to occasionally train her, and use his skill to teach her how to perfectly control one herself.


Luke Acer the Dog

Luther's relationship with the fellow prince of the island Luke is though to be read at first. In the beginning, they were great friends that supported each other in their goals and dreams. After Luther's absence in their training because he gained his parents' responsibility at a young age, Luther never saw his friend for some years. And thus, when Luke revealed to be the one responsible for Lua's kidnapping, Luther's point of view of his former ally became distorted ever since.

Felicia Sirone the Cat

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

Luther and Dimitri are friendly rivals. They strive to show their worth in everything they do and will always discuss about things, ranging from about every topic there is. Sometimes, their conversations can lead up to many hours of chit-chat without them realizing. Luther and Dimitri are shown to be great companions to each other and will assist each other when needed.

Ramonna the Hedgehog

Luther and Ramonna are companions. They are close and resemble a sister-brother relationship themselves, with Luther being the youngest sibling that has to be put in line. Luther believes that Ramonna has a strong heart, but she is literally too strong for that matter, to the point of making him think twice about facing her. They tend to tease each other as well. He tends to find her energetic and somewhat bossy a tad annoying sometimes, but he likes her company nonetheless. Also, the feline prince despises the fact that she is easily able to overwhelming him in arm-wrestles using two fingers alone.

Maxwell the Fox

Luther and Maxwell are buddies. They do not talk too often, but get along well. Luther believes that Dimitri and Ramonna sometimes protects the kid too much for him to be safe and not have any fun for himself, and thus occasionally shows him various places around for him to explore, being it extremely dangerous or not. Maxwell sees Luther as an example and the feline prince somewhat takes advantage of that simple-minded personality and makes him become his own small servant without the small fox realizing. Luther, because of his overly-protective nature, also occasionally tells Maxwell to never get near his small sister. Maxwell, however, ignores his commands and is comically seen together with Lua all the time.


Canis Kingdom (Formerly)

Crimson the Nobleheart

Ice Wolves

Rikai the Hedgehog

Fun Facts

  • Luther's third name Paleteus is based on the French word pallete (which means set of colors) and the Portuguese word deus (which means God).
  • Luther's favorite season is Summer.
  • Luther's favorite meal is the grilled salmon steak with garlic smash potatoes.
  • Luther's second name Aurens comes from the latin word Aurum (which means gold).
  • A recurring gag in the series includes Luther ranting about his own swordsman skills and how they are getting worse over time because of his exhausting work every time he messes up something minor.