Background information

lunic is the dimensional counterpart of manic and he shares a resemblence with him although their personalities are different. He is the head of the Rock Raiders and He is thought to be in a relationship with rollia the cat. [no current article on rollia]


Lunic is basically a blue version of Manic the hedgehog with a black jacket and red eyes. He also has a purple streak on his left leg, the causes of which are unknown.


He has a mainly calm demeanor but can easily fume if insulted. He also has a tendency to show off at random times and he always finds a way to link his boasts to the conversation he's having.


lunic is the moebius [A.K.A anti-mobius] counterpart of manic the hedgehog, and brother of scourge. He was Born in Anti-mobodoon from queen aneela hedgehog [moebius counterpart of queen aleena hedgehog] And has a strong ability to play the xylophone [as opposed to manic's drums] He was Very into the history of mobius and moebius as a child and decided when he was 13 to make a time machine to look at all these historical characters he knew but unfortunately what he discovered down there turned him away from the good side and over to the evil side where he joined his brother and sister. After the 3 siblings were seperated, Lunic also formed his own squad to get revenge on the world for what it has done to him, the members of which are unknown.


His xylophone shoots lasers when he plays it which he does not do often, and he can use His cybernetic bracelets to use abilities similiar to silvers.


He can grind like most characters and is good at absorbing any source of power, allowing him to transform into many different forms.


-playing the xylophone

-telekonisis [slight]

-mechanical talent


He is prone to most attacks, but due to his electric bracelets water will damage him.

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