Dynasty is a 20 year old Giant Panda


Dynasty wears a chinese silk robe with a chinese dragon wrapping around it. She wears a traditional chinese head chop sticks. Her eyes are a green, with brown mixed in. She also wears no shoes.

She, when on a non-tradition day. She wears a green chinese tight shirt with a yellow chinese dragon wrapping around it, and wears black, silk pant, that are tight. She wears reading glasses, when reading only.


You might say she is terrible at fighting, elegant, and sassy, well, you'd be wrong. VERY wrong.

She is a feiry spirit, a great fighter, and hates war. She, in secret, LOVES to red, her favorite legends are about dragons helping people. She loves the people of China. Although she is a master at Kung fu, she has a weakness against evil magic.


Born on Christmas, Dynasty is was often treated like royalty. But she hated this, as she is a big tomboy. Her parents respected her very much, and her father helped her train. She is now a master of karate. Dynasty's real name is actually Lung, but likes to be called Dynasty. Dynasty live's a life full of adventure, to battling evil spirits, to going on quest's.




Special Abilities

Climbing bambo

(More coming soon)


Climbing tree's


Dark magic.

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