Name: Lunesma Tamashi

Age: Chronologically: Unknown

Psychically: In her early twenties

Gender: Female

R. Interest: Yang the Dingobat


All are unknown



Lune looks to be in her twenties, but her real age is unknown. Her muzzle is a pale-tan with no fuzz at either ends. Her fur is a bright purple with the color darkening at the tips of her hair. Her hair is shoulder-length, with no visible bangs. On her back are two wings that allow her to fly. She has larger-than-average ears that allow her to hear things from afar, and if you can actually get her to open her mouth, you can see two canine teeth that sharpen during the night.

She wears a blue and white dress-shirt with a small patch of black on the shoulders and two holes in the back for her wings to fit through. On her legs, she wears blue jeans with purple on the pant-legs.


Lune has a bit of paranoia that she's currently trying to keep under control. However it only acts up when she feels as if she is being followed, which is really the only reason. She's rather curious and can tend to ask alot of questions when the person she talks to acts oddly.



Whiler her ears provide her a special ability, they also provide a weakness. The fact that her ears are so strong is enough to use, put a loud noise near her ears at close-range and she could lose her hearing for a certain period, provided how long the loud noise was active.


Right now, she is trying to learn her purpose in the world.

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