Lunatic Gate
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Tails
Acts 3
Level Theme Space Station
Boss Chaos Symphony
Dr. Eggman

Lunatic Gate is space station featured in Sonic Dreams. It is the fourth level in Tails story, the sixth level in Sonatas story and it is the fourth and final level in Aria's story.

It is one of the locations accessible from the Egg Bunker, and it is unique for being the only level Sonic doesn't play though during the main story. It functions as one of Dr. Eggman's many bases in the game, and it houses a reconstructed Eclipse Cannon built to function using Dream Energy.


After rescuing her brother Jet from the Horror Complex, Aria uses the Egg Bunker network to teleport up to the Lunatic Gate to destroy the prototype Dimension Cannon and it's energy supply. Eggman, crushed by the destruction of the Egg Colossus, attacks Aria in the base's control room. The two engage in a violent battle, destroying the cannon's controls in the process. Aria defeats Eggman and is poised to kill him, but decides to abandon him on the base as it begins to collapse.


Aria the Hawk

Aria the Hawk

Act Name: Demolition
Level Number: 4
Areas: 2
Boss: Dr. Eggman
Previous Stage: Horror Complex

Being her last level, Aria's trip through the Lunatic gate is much trickier than her other levels. Gravity is reduced in Lunatic Gate, allowing the Egg Walker to rise while hovering, almost completely removing the threat of bottomless pits. Instead, Aria is faced with a flood of badniks and energy mines. Many of the badniks will launch kamikaze attacks on Aria, causing large explosions with the potential to wreck the Egg Walker in one hit.

Aria is never required to leave the Egg Walker in this level, but it makes the ascent through the levels numerous shafts a lot easier, as she can quickly fly up and drop down to set off the energy mines, then slowly ascend with the Walker.

Similar to Eternal Engine in SA2, there are a number of doors held by detonators in the level. These will suck out badniks and mines if blown open, but the vacuum affect will quickly subside, allowing Aria to move around the outside of the base.


The Lunatic Gate had a vaguely spherical shape and an appearance not unlike that of the Death Egg, as many of the parts salvaged by Dr. Eggman after its destruction were re-used during the Lunatic Gate's construction. The Eclipse Cannon extends from the sphere, and four claws curve from the circumference to meet the tip of the cannon, presumably to assist with the conversion of Dream to Chaos Energy. A large, decorative ring turns on the other end of the base; though it's purpose, if any, is left unexplained.

The inside is pretty standard Death Station fare, though it looks far more inviting than most of Eggmans other bases. The footing is made of a patchwork of different materials and textures, bent and melted into orderly square panels. Thick purple plating runs along the sides of these panels, with seperate plates running up the walls, likely shielding circuitry and tubing. Small lights are embedded into the plates, giving corridors an attractive purple glow. Many of the walls on the outside of the base are made of re-inforced glass instead of the usual metal. Storage areas are densely packed with weapon capsules and badniks, leaving other spaces relatively empty.

Maintenance areas on the surface of the base can be accessed without a space suit, meaning the base has some sort of artificial air field around at least some of it. Eggman face logo's are pasted even in these sections of the station, suggesting the extent of Eggman's narcissism.

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