Lunaris is a black coyote with purple eyes. He has a small fang in each of the corners of his mouth. He has a tiny nose and white fur at the bottom of his face, just like tails'. He has white shoes with yellow heel parts. He has a crescent moon crest on his chest.


He is a friendly character and is playful with his friends. He is depressed when people make fun of him. Photon usually tells them to stop. Lunaris is happy as if Photon were his big brother.


On Eastside Island, Lunaris was playing with his animal friends. But, he saw Photon dashing before his eyes. He decided to follow Photon. When Lunaris caught up with Photon, he asked him if he could be his sidekick. Photon decided that Lunaris can be his sidekick AND his best friend. So, Photon and Lunaris are still fighting against Eggman and Nega.

Powers and Abilities

Lunaris has the power to fly by flapping his tail like a fan. He can shoot out a moon beam by gathering moon energy. He also can use his signature crescent wave by swiping his tail and releasing a crescent shaped wave at the target.


S rank -"Why the heck is Bianca always playing hard to get with me?"

A rank-"Love it or not!"

B rank-"Photon is going to be proud!"

C rank-"My tail is good as new!"

D rank-"I barely got through.."

E rank-"I should have done better."

F rank-"Dang it.."


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