Lunar Vibes is a band/team made up of three friends who often play music and train with one another.


Joshua "Wolfgang" Caesura

Wolfgang is the musical expert as well as the "leader" of the group of friends.

Musical Role

When the group performs, count on Wolfgang to break out his guitar and his adaptable vocal talents to wow the crowd.

Combat Role

When in combat alongside the other members of Lunar Vibes Wolfgang tends to fight close to mid range, and he is most definitely the fastest of the group thanks to his nanos. This technically classifies him as a "speed-type" character, but he is rather well rounded in actuality.

Hunter the Fox

Hunter is most definately he combat expert of the group, as well as the weapons technition.

Musical Role

Hunter beats on drums when the group plays together, creating complex rythms to drive the rest of the band through the song and amaze at the same time.

Combat Role

Like Wolfgang, Hunter tends to fight in close-to-mid range, but may fight in long range if need be. While Hunter is both fast and may use his telekinesis to fly, he is physically the strongest of his friends even when not using his kinesis, classifying him as the "power-type" of his team.

Dalton the Cat

Dalton would be considered the other members' "student", learning as much as he can from his "mentors".

Musical Role

Dalton plays one of several specially designed trumpets that are specifically tuned to play in various keys, allowing him to blast out a solid bass part for one song then awe the audiance by taking the lead part in the next.

Combat Role

Dalton fights mid-to-long range most of the time he's with the group, but he does to decent when in close-quarters. Because he has the best manuverability of his friend while flying, Dalton is classified as the "Fly-type" of the team.


As a Band

While the group of friends have been haning out, playing music, and beating on each other for over a year now, the official band, Lunar Vibes, is only a couple months old. This is because they never bothered to name themselves for the longest time, only getting around to it when they got their first real gig in a local "Battle of the Bands". (This is because they actually needed a name in order to participate.) While they may not have gotten first place (a Metalica tribute band trumped them in the final round), thier unique sound garnered them a resptectible fanbase.

The band currently hasn't released an album yet, nor have they performed any original songs.

Songs Performed

As a Combat-Cell

The members of Lunar Vibes love to train with one another, making them a well oiled fighting unit whenever they wind up fighting side by side. This tends to come in handy whenever they're performing in a bar or club, especially since there always seems to be a brawl while they're in these places.


When fighting as a unit, the band tend to take up one of three formations, "Sharp", "Natural", and "Flat". Being the leader, Wolfgang is both the one who named these formations and is the one to call them out while fighting.


The "Sharp" combat formation is focused on dishing out damage, and will generally feature Hunter and Wolfgang taking up the lead and engaging enemies up close and personal while Dalton trails behind, throwing out ranged attacks to try and keep the pressure off of his team mates. This formation is most effective against one or two strong foes, as the three friends tend to focus solely on their targets, leaving them open to attacks from others.


Being focused on nothing in particular the "natural" formation isn't a set formation, this allows the members of Lunar Vibes to maneuver as they wish and engage any enemy they want, making it quite useful against small groups of hostiles. Because of its adaptability, this formation is the most used of the three, and is the team's "default" formation.


While the "Sharp" formation focuses on attacking the "Flat" formation's sole purpose is defending. The friends gather back-to-back to protect each other’s rears and take up stances set to block incoming attacks, activating any abilities that may help deflect damage soon after. Because it negates in holes its member's guard, this formation is invaluable when facing seas of enemies.

Team Attacks

Physical Attacks

Special Attacks

Harmelo Songs

Nither Hunter nor Dalton can channel the energies of Harmelo by themselves, but Wolfgang can channel the Magic through his band-mates insturments and vibrations, amplifying and sometimes warping the effects of the Songs they play. Because Wolfgang is the only one albe to channel Harmelo, the band may only play the Songs that he knows.

Below is a list of Songs Wolfgang has channeled though the band and thier corrisponding effects:


  • The group's name, Lunar Vibes, was devised by Wolfgang and Hunter jointly. Dalton had no say in the matter.
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