Lunar Strike is a lunar-aligned move created by Lunarakinetics from the race of Prinus Echidnas. It is one of their signature movements, and it is constantly used by Dimitri Prinus the Echidna. A technique of Lunar Manipulation. The lunar-aligned combination for Mega Punch and Mach Punch. This attack is boosted when there is a full-moon.


The user gathers radiating energy coming from the most nearby natural satellite possible, and focuses the energy given into their fists. When enough energy is consumed, the user gains a high velocity power and throws a powerful punch at a wanted target at high-speeds. A feature of this attack is that when the user's fists gather enough Lunar Energy, their fists glow an orange color. This attack increases the user's speeds by one level.


Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

Prinus Echidnas


Because of its potent destructive power and high-speed, the attack bears a B-Rank.

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