Luna the Porchidna
Echidna-Porcupine Hybrid
Ringstar Island
Boxing, gliding, wall-climbing, digging, along with fire and thunder-related attacks.
The Parallel Goddesses (mainly Oceana, who she's best friends with), Julia, Knuckles, the Chaotix, etc.
Being alone, peace, tranquility, boxing, and treasure hunting.
Thieves (or anyone else who looks at her emeralds the wrong way), as well as being tricked/made a fool of.
Theme Song
Knuckles' Theme (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)

"Who are you, and why have you come? Don’t tell me you’re a bunch of thieves who’ve come here to steal the treasures I protect? If so, then you’re out of luck, because now you’ve got ME to deal with!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 2

Luna the Porchidna is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the dimensional counterpart of Knuckles the Echidna. Like Volcana and Metal Blaze, Luna has made her debut in Dimensional Chaos.


Luna is basically a female version of Knuckles, with a brown color, as well as long spikes (rather than "dreads") and a hair patch on her forehead (similar to Amy). She wears a white shirt (as well as gloves) with a purple crescent moon symbol, black shorts, and purple shoes, which also have crescent moon symbols on each one. Unlike Knuckles, Luna also has fingers on each hand, and lacks the pointy spikes on them that her counterpart has.


Luna's personality is similar to Knuckles' in many ways, including the "gullibility" aspect of it. Although she dislikes her job as the guardian of the Lunar Emeralds, she's still fully devoted to her duty, and would do anything to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Luna also happens to be a tomboy, and dislikes dresses or anything that could be considered "girly".

Powers and Abilities

Luna has pretty much all of Knuckles' abilities, ranging from super strength, gliding, wall-climbing, etc. As far as her element-based abilities are concerned, they're the exact opposite of Knuckles'. Unlike Knuckles, who uses fire-themed punches (as shown in Sonic Heroes) and the Thunder Arrow (Sonic Adventure 2), Luna uses electric-themed punches, and a Fire Arrow ability.


Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

Luna is Knuckles' counterpart from another world known as the "Lunar Dimension". As such, she has a similar role of being the the guardian and protector of a set of emeralds. In Luna's case, however, her role is to protect the Lunar Emeralds and Celestial Emerald, (that dimension's equivalent of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald) to and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. After Dr. Nega, Volcana, and Metal Blaze crossed back into that dimension, Luna ended up spotting the three of them near her shrine, and assumed that they were there to steal the jewels that she protects.

Dr. Nega then assured her that they were there to do no such thing, and that they "come in peace". After Luna got herself acquainted with the trio and explained her role as guardian and protector of the Celestial and Lunar Emeralds, as well as the power they possessed, Dr. Nega secretly began plotting a way to get his hands on them, and decided to do something that would keep Luna busy. He then told her a lie, saying that Knuckles, the Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, and the rest of his enemies were "dimensional invaders" who've come to steal her treasures. After showing holographic projections of what they look like, Luna decided to prepare herself for their arrival, and made it her sole mission to stop them at all costs, not knowing that the true enemy is right under her nose.


Oceana, the Goddess of Waves

"Thanks, I couldn't ask for a better friend than you, Oceana."
Dimensional Chaos Part 10

Although Luna's on good terms with the Parallel Goddesses (including Goldra, to a certain degree), Oceana is the one that she's closest to. The two of them first met in the third chapter of Dimensional Chaos when Luna released Oceana from the gem she was trapped in. Wanting to repay Luna for her act of kindness, Oceana agreed to help her ward off the so-called "dimensional invaders" that were supposedly coming to terrorize the island. Throughout the course of these events, Luna and Oceana ended up becoming best friends and developed a sisterly bond. This was especially apparent during the third Christmas Special.

Doctor Nega

"What do YOU want, you scumbag? If you’ve come for the Celestial Emerald, then you’d best turn back now. Or would you like me to give you a knuckle sandwich?"
EoP Christmas Special 3 Part 1

Throughout most of the story in Dimensional Chaos, Dr. Nega was on good terms with Luna. She considered him to be a valuable friend and ally, and was thoroughly convinced that he had nothing but the safety of Ringstar Island and the rest of the world in mind. Because Luna brought into his story about the "dimensional invaders", she believed that everything Dr. Nega did was for a noble cause, and had nothing but respect for him.

However, that ended up changing during her encounter with Knuckles and company. The moment she was informed of Dr. Nega's intentions and what he was truly about, Luna ended up losing any and all respect she had for him completely. From that point on, she saw the deranged doctor as nothing more than an enemy. Angered by the fact that she, Oceana, and Frostina were being used all along, she furiously attacked Robotnik after mistaking him for Nega.


  • In a past RP that SolarBlaze has done, Luna was Knuckles' descendant from 200 years into the future, and lived on the future version of Angel Island, known as "Onyx Island".
    • On a related note, Ringstar Island, where she resides in the Elements of Power continuity, is a reference to "Knuckles' Ringstar", the beta name for Knuckles' Chaotix.
  • Coincidentally, Luna shares a name with a Sailor Moon character.
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