"That's a shame. I would've liked to work alongside you. You are my son after all. Oh well."
—Luna to Boulder, Storm of the Moon

Luna the Midnight Lycanroc, known better as Luna the Lycanroc is originally a minor character who made her debut in Storm's Struggle when she bullies a wild Psyduck named Bram. She was to appear in the scrapped story Storm of the Moon, which was going to expand her character a bit more. She is Finnick the Lycanroc's mate and therefore the mother of Boulder the Lycanroc, the mother-in-law of Dawn the Lycanroc and Crunch the Lycanroc, and grandmother of Sunny the Rockruff.


Luna is a female Shiny Midnight Lycanroc. She resembles an anthropomorphic wolf with white paws, a white chest, belly, and mane. She has dark brown claws, a dark brown mane-tip, and a white tuft of fur for a tail. Instead of the deep red fur, Luna has blue fur, since she is Shiny.


Similar to Lycus the Lycanroc, Luna is snide and sarcastic. She is also similar to Rouge the Bat in some regards, and tends to be a bit flirtatious around Finnick; this is either because she still harbors feelings for him(as she told him she picked him over the Pack leader Crash) or to mess with him like Dr. Finitevus does when he attempts to convince Austin Smith to help him. She apparently does not care about the losses of others, as when Austin states that his brother was killed by Finitevus, Luna sarcastically "comforts" him, enraging him.


Before the Series: Luna's past is largely unknown. As revealed by Luna herself, shortly after Boulder was born, Luna left to find a home where they could live in peace, because Finnick was scorned for his different way of thinking. She seemingly disappeared altogether, leaving Finnick to raise their son alone. When she tried to return to the Pack, she found that it had already moved onto the Four Worlds. She never heard word of her son again until she heard of his victory against Mephiles in Dusty Desert during the Battle of Shadows.

Storm's Struggle: Luna made a minor appearance in this story as she is seen bullying a Psyduck named Bram, who knows Austin and Storm. The two warriors-turned-loners proceed to driver her away.

Storm of the Moon: Luna appears when she runs across a small Alliance group made up of Austin Smith, the Lycanrocs Boulder, Finnick, Lucas, Dawn, and Crunch, Boulder and Dawn's daughter Sunny, and Austin's close friend Storm. Finnick is confused as to Luna's appearance, and she explains what happened to her after she left. After hearing this, Boulder feels hurt and betrayed at his mother's absence, growing angry at her for leaving his father to raise him alone. Lucas interferes to calm the younger Dusk Lycanroc down, and introduces himself when Luna asks who he is. Lucas then introduces Storm, Austin, Dawn, and Crunch. Before he can get to Sunny, the Rockruff asks why her father is getting so angry, and Luna asks Boulder why he never told her she was a grandmother, to which the Dusk Lycanroc sourly states that she wasn't around. She asks to come with them to the Base, and they reluctantly accept, with Boulder outright refusing. However, they are ambushed by Lycus' Gang and the Destructix. Luna reveals that she planned this all along, having agreed to help Finitevus(saying that he was very "persuasive"). Boulder becomes absolutely furious, disowning her as his mother. The group fights through the Gang and Destructix while Storm rushes Sunny to safety.


Luna's entire moveset is unknown, but she uses Counter against Boulder during the fight.


Luna's Ability is unknown, but it is either Keen Eye or Vital Spirit, or Midnight Lycanroc's Hidden Ability, No Guard.


Like all Midnight Lycanroc, Luna possesses incredible endurance, and is able to deal back twice as much damage as she takes.


Being a Rock-Type, Luna is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison.


Finnick the Lycanroc

Luna was Finnick's mate, saying that she chose him because he didn't constantly think about conquering Alola, like their Packmates did. She initially truly wanted him to be happy with their son, so she set out to find a place where they could live peacefully with Boulder and not have to worry about him taking on the aggressive mindset of their Pack. However, their relationship fell apart in her absence, and she was never able to be apart of her son's life, thus leading to Boulder becoming cold and hostile toward her.

Boulder the Lycanroc

Luna's true feelings toward her son Boulder are unknown, as she retains an air of sarcasm and snideness when speaking to him and his Teammates when she meets them. She expresses pride for him when she states she heard of his victory in Dusty Desert, and fakes emotion when she questions why Boulder never told her about her granddaughter. Boulder does't hold her in high regard due to her absence in his life.

Lucas the Lycanroc

Luna doesn't hold Lucas in high regard, likely due to the fact they chose different Lycanroc forms, and there is an infamous animosity between the Midday and Midnight Lycanroc forms. True to his stoic nature, Lucas keeps his true reactions to Luna's brash snarking hidden, but he is noticeably tense around her.

Sunny the Rockruff

Sunny is legitimately frightened by Luna, likely because her only experience with Midnight Lycanroc outside of her biological grandfather Finnick is the savage rogue that is her adopted uncle Lycus the Lycanroc. Sunny initially questioned why Luna made Boulder so angry, and became frightened when Luna drew attention to her granddaughter.

Austin Smith

It's unlikely that any dynamic between these two will be explored. When the group of Alliance members is ambushed, Luna outright mocks Austin by sarcastically "comforting" him when he tells her of Michael's death in an effort to dissuade her from being loyal to Finitevus.


Luna's name means "moon" in Spanish, which is appropriate given that she is a Midnight Lycanroc, which happens when Rockruff evolves at night.

In Luna's debut in Storm's Struggle, she initially had no relation to Boulder.

It's possible that if forgiven by Boulder and Finnick and shown trust and loyalty, Luna would've turned her back on Finitevus and joined the Rogues like Crunch did.

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