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"Don't ever cry, I'll be by your side, Star. You can count on that."

Luna ish smart

Luna the Cat

Age 15
Gender female
Species cat
Description black fur

blue eyes

blonde hair

white skin

Attire Frogwarts Academy school uniform

witches' hat

moon emblems

Relatives Star the Cat(twin sister)

unknown mother

unknown father

Affiliations good
Nicknames Star(mistaken name)

Sweetheart(by William)

Smarty Tarty Cat Girl

Lunatic(when she was "on crack")

Quotes Well, just put on "your big girl panties" and deal with it!
Romantic Interests none right now
Weaponry magic moon wand

moon rapier

Cresent moon staff

Abilities Moonlight

Full Moon Blast

Lunar Eclips

Full Guard

Dark Moon of Faith

other magic

Super Forms Full Witch Luna

Full Moon Mode

Sun Moon Mode


Shadow Moon Queen

She is the fursona of Koumorichan. She was created in 2005, after Sonic Riders came out. She is 15 years old and the older twin sister of Star the Cat. She and her sister are the main characters in Star & Luna. She and Star are enrolled in Frogwart's Academy of Magic.


She is a level headed girl. She is a clutz like her sister but can maintain her balance once in a a while. She is fairly good at magic, unlike her sister who usually messes everything up. She does her studying and has time for other stuff too. She enjoys reading and poetry. She is a realist. She almost always keeps her focus when doing important things. She is a loyal friends and takes care of her sister. She is nervous around guys she likes and usually embarreses herself. She is a tsundere when she's around guys she despises.


  • Sundaes
  • reading
  • video games(she's not very good though)
  • the sorcerer games
  • solving problems and riddles
  • being a leader
  • writing poerty


  • exploding spells
  • being annoyed
  • cooking
  • obnoxious guys(preferably William)
  • spiders
  • monsters



  • Sorcerer Queen
  • Valenor the Wolf
  • Dr. Eggman

Signature Spells

  • Full moon blast
  • Full Moon Blast
  • Lunar Eclips
  • Full Guard
  • Dark Moon of Faith

Theme Song

Miku hatsune moon-full HQ

Miku hatsune moon-full HQ

I chose Moon, sung by Miku Hatsune. It illustrates her loyalty and kindness.
Miki ~ Cosmic Lucky

Miki ~ Cosmic Lucky

Her and her sister's theme song is Cosmic Lucky! YAY!

【Karaoke】 Change Me (off vocal) mp3

【Karaoke】 Change Me (off vocal) mp3

Her battle theme is Change Me instrumental by Shu-t

Extreme Gear

Moon Ray

She uses her broom as she would a board. It is a fly-type gear with three gear changes:Fly Faster, Magic Charm, and Dark Dance.

Fly Faster simpley allows her to move faster on the course.

Magic Charm makes all other opponents move slower

Dark Dance is an attack. Moon Ray shoots a beam of purple light at racers who are ahead of her, which makes them dizzy.


  • She could be affiliated with Kagami from Lucky Star
  • Unlike Star, her bangs are parted mostly on the right
  • in one of the pictures i drew, her hair was parted the wrong way (oopsXD)
  • if she had a voice actor it would be Mandy Moore


"You want us to prove it, OK then"


"Great job, Star. You got us in the juvinile delinquent center! I can't live like this, I'M NOT A HOOLIGEN!!!"

"Eeeeeeeeh...just find him and drag him back to the bathtub."


"I'm not so thrilled about the skirt, I feel so exposed."


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