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Luna the Spacey Pirate Cat~!
Luna the Cat
Cat (claims to not be a cat though)
fur/skin: very pale purple-pink

Hair: pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel blue, and pastel green

Eyes: Bright Fuschia Pink

Multiple earrings consisting of pink/green studs, a heart, and a single hoop.

Fuschia scrunchies with blue star clips

Purple tanktop with heart clipped straps

Orange seethrough sleeve with crimson lining

Dark purple-blue fingerless glove with Heart ribbon

Short shorts

Orange seethrough skirt

belly button ring

Red Legwarmers with belts at the top

Off-pink shoes
A rapier/sword


Her star clips
"Spacey Pirate Luna has arrived, nya~!"


"I could not sense victory ahead..."

"Eh? My eye?"

Luna is a futuristic looking space girl who just happens to be a pirate~! She's cute and is not afraid to show it, but she also loves, well, basically anything pirates like. Exploring, riches, sword fights, trying to climb the tallest mass on the ship to "play" with the birds!

Okay so maybe the last one is just Luna...

Luna is made by: Chrismh

Personal Information

Luna, often called Lun (Lune/Loon) is a young, fourteen year old cat girl who claims she is not a cat. However, as she is known for being a bit eccentric, she may just be lying....

Luna is currently single and honestly has difficulty finding someone interested in her considering the fact she has three older brothers. As of now she has no specific home as she travels along the sea in her boat and just stays at Inn's or Hotels for a day or two before leaving again. She is always on the look for more members to join~

Luna is of the Hero/Neutral side. Despite her good deeds, she is not above thievery...

Abilities and Attacks

  • Good with knives and rapiers
  • Cat like reflexes
  • Spinning Thrust: Luna spins around with her rapier. However she cannot control the directions she goes in.
  • Map Binding: She uses the map on her back to trap or hold down a target. It's made of a stretchy material and cannot rip like paper. It can be burned however...
  • Star Field: Summons blue starry spiked objects all around her on the ground. Usually used as a self-defense move. Luna will kick them at the target if she really needs to harm them.
  • Star Shields: Tapping her hair ornaments, Luna summons blue stars around her wrist. Usually good to protect her or cut the target.


  • Cant swim
  • Sucks with all other weapons that are not swords or knives
  • As stated above she cannot control her spinning moves, which can result in disastrous results.
  • Surprisingly, she is sensitive about her eye...


As she is a pirate, Luna is often traveling and exploring uncharted regions and locations. During her free time she often shines her Rapier (Lunlun) or makes a map. She also searches for a pirate crew with each new place she goes to, as she often finds flaws in her previous ones, making them incapable of working at their next destination. Despite her eccentric nature or "goofy" ways to others, Luna is VERY serious about her pirating.

She also seems to just have a natural knack for it and has also been called a charismatic girl, though she has no clue why herself. But she's tried to use it to aid her a few times.


Luna is known for her overly complicated color scheme. She has light purple fur with her cat ears usually lowered. She has white skin, which is only her tummy and muzzle. The coloring inside her ears are gray in color. She has a bright pink eye, while she wears a black eye patch over her right eye. Though for holidays or random events she changes it. She also has many piercings, with a small green and pink stud in both and a heart on the right ear, and a hoop on her left, she also wears a belly button piercing.

Luna's hair comes in many pastel colors! Including: Green, blue, purple, and pink. She has spiked bangs and a small curved cowlick. She has puff styled pigtails at the bottom of her head held with neon pink bands with a big blue star on both.

She wears a simple, yet colorful outfit:

  • A bright purple tank top with a single strap clipped with a small pink heart.
  • A see through orange skirt over dark colored tight shorts.
  • A similar arm sleeve on her left arm with red lining
  • A dark blue/purple finger-less glove with a blue ribbon and a heart piece
  • Red leg warmers held on with brown belts that have green buckles
  • Off pink colored shoes with blue hearts at the heel and white on the bottom.


A peppy girl who loves to explore and go on adventure. A pirate who is not above stealing or petty other crimes. Over then that however, Luna does live by the law. Usually if she doesn't have any other option however. A bit of a ditz who often trips or falls into traps, mostly due to her having bad balance, with her eye and all. Luna makes it up with her unique fighting methods and talents. She can be a bit of a smart-a** when in a foul mood but otherwise she is pretty calm and gentle.

Growing in a family of four older brothers, she has learned to defend herself and fight well. Though they probably should have tried harder to make sure she knew how to fight with more things...

Luna adores her family and is actually ashamed of her missing eye, despite them knowing (though she doesn't know they know), she tries to hide it.


  • Babying her Rapier
  • Shiny things
  • Eating
  • Playing
  • Cute eye patches
  • Favorite foods: Baked/grilled Fish, Pies, Meat buns, Soda/Pop, and juice.


  • Losing
  • Finding nothing
  • Nosy people
  • Those who doubt the existence of pirates
  • Hate foods: Coffee, vegetables, most fruits, carrots


Luna is a young teenage kitty girl born in a family of her mother Ruby, Father, and three older brothers named Garnet, Richmond, and Conner. She and her siblings are three years apart (14, 17, 20, and 23). Garnet is her eldest brother, and she looks up to him the most. He loves flowers and travels to find rare species to breed or record information of. Richmond is slightly childish and greedy but she loves him anyway. Conner is very mature for his age and he works at the towns library. Around the age of eight, her mother was bed-ridden due to illness and everyone else left besides Conner to find a cure. Luna got tired of waiting for someone to return and after three years she decided to leave and go out on her own! As of late her mother is mostly better, though cannot physically exert herself too much. Her parents accept her lifestyle, as long as she visits. Often Luna can be found with Garnet when with nobody else.

When she was little, Luna was attacked and lost her eye as a result of it. Growing up she used to use her hair to cover it but now uses eyepatches.



  • "Nyan~! I did it!"
  • "Mwa-ha-ha! Purr..."
  • "Great match!"


  • "Gotta try harder I guess."
  • "Mewl...."
  • "Maybe I just couldn't see victory ahead..."


  • "Oh, this, my eye?"
  • "Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine. Keep that in mind and we wont have any problems."


  • Her name seems to be a very common name, especially for cat girls.
  • Many theories surround why she is missing her eye. Despite her trying to tell people...
  • When her patch is not on/missing, the eyelid is closed and never opened. Due to having no use, it just remains closed. Luna is very grateful for this however since it means people wont be frightened.


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