"See this scythe? I'll use it if I have to."
Luna Valerie Howls

  Luna Valerie Howls is a 16-year-old, sky blue, anthropomorphic wolf born with Lunarkinetic and Chaos Powers. She lives in a temperate forest area on Earth outside of the dwellings of her Moon Pack, one of the five Tribes of Light. It has been prophesied in the Gaia Manuscripts that five fusees of Mobius's long awaited Light Gaia, Lystan, would be born from each tribe and reveal themselves to all when their time of destiny comes. The Moon Gaia is the first of the fusees to be found. Ever since Luna supposedly left her pack at 13 to live as a Lone Wolf, she has hoped to find the potential Moon Gaia whose destiny would be fulfilled by the time of the Hyacintho Deficientem, or the Blue Eclipse, which occurs once every few hundred years when two Lunar Eclipses happen within the month instead of two Full Moons.


Luna wears a Dark Blue halter top and Cyan Blue denim pants rolled up to the knees. She carries her two scythelike daggers and her slingshot on her Turquoise belt. Luna wears two straps on her torso (one carries her bow and arrows, while the other carries her scythe). Around her neck hangs a collar necklace made of gold, which holds her special NightShade Blue Moon Emerald. Her shoes contain different shades of Blue and have the shape of a Crescent Moon on the outsides of them. She wears gloves similar to those of Sonic's. Like Shadow and Sonic, her eyes are close together. And like most Mobian wolves, Luna has a long, extended muzzle. Her hair is put up in a high ponytail and, when it is not in a ponytail, goes down to her waist. She also has short bangs on her forehead.


Being a wolf, Luna is a "Leader-of-the-Pack" kind of girl. She likes it when people cooperate with her and obey the orders she gives. She has inherited from her grandfather, Cornelius Howls, wisdom of everything in the universe and in life. She relies on her wisdom to help herself and others on their own paths. She believes that if a team is made, that team has to stick together even through the toughest of times. Luna can be very intimidating when she has to and tends to make even Sonic nervous sometimes. Luna developed maternal instincts at a young age, making her protective over the small, the young, and the weak. She also has a strong capacity to forgive, which makes her a fine leader.

Even though some people (like Shadow) may act rude and rebellious against Luna just to push her buttons, she always tries to see the good in them. She expects for all people to think the way they do because she believes that is what makes them "unique". Although sometimes it may seem like she doesn't care for others, by reading their memories, Luna can understand all that they have been through and strives to make things better for them.

Luna is stubborn and always has to have her say in things. It gets on her nerves when people are demeaning towards others. The good thing about her stubborness is it makes her determined to accomplish any goal she sets her mind to. She has never liked fighting against the ones she cares about, but she will always be there to stand up for what is right. 

She can tolerate people being mean to her. But at night, there's one thing she can't control, and it's all of the anger that has swelled up inside of her for the past three years. Before Luna unleashes her anger upon a person or thing, her eyes change from Sapphire Blue to Blood Red (Shadow's eye color). She becomes insane and desires nothing more than to slice or shoot something with her weapons. She may not control herself at that time, but she is fully conscious of all that happens during this phase. No one but Luna knows how she came to act this way every night.

Luckily for Luna, the uncontrollable anger she goes through only lasts for a short amount of time. And she usually uses this anger to help fight against the Dark Minions. 

Luna LOVES nature! She knows anything and everything about the flora and fauna that inhabit the forests Luna calls home. She holds a strong belief that all things in Nature play vitally important roles for the environment around them and mankind itself. She wishes for others to care for their planet as much she does for Earth and Mobius. It deeply pains Luna when she "hurts" and scars the trees with her own weapons during her phase of uncontrollable anger. when someone tries to hurt Earth's creatures or chop down its beautiful trees, Luna would hold a strong grudge against that person until he sees the error of his ways and looks at Nature the way she does.

As a tomboy, Luna is full of spunk and never wants to go down without a fight. Living by herself for three years, she has adapted to her lonliness and has grown into a somewhat fearless warrior. 

She may seem used to being a Lone Wolf after three years, but she's not. When someone enters her territory (if they are of no threat to her), Luna is there with open arms to welcome the newcomers and does everything in her power to make them feel at home.

Luna may seem aggressive at first. But in reality, she is the most friendly and loyal person you'll ever meet. She never forgets to lend a hand or show common courtesy to everyone she meets. If you show kindness towards Luna, she'll treat you with her utmost respect. If you don't, be sure to accept the consequences. But whenever someone is in danger or severely wounded, she puts aside all her previous thoughts about them and does whatever she can to help.

Luna is very strategic, agile, and quick-minded when it comes to fighting. When one of her plans fails, she shrugs it off and forges a new plan in less than a second. She sees both the advantages and disadvantages of certain fighting maneuvers and takes them if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. But if Luna has no choice, she'll risk it all and usually wins that way.

Luna's "Effects"

Luna never goes anywhere without her weapons. She calls them her "effects". Here is a list of the "effects" below:

Luna's Scythe(

This is what Luna's scythe looks like(kind of)

  • Scythe- Luna's most prized possession(besides her Moon Emerald). Given to her as a birthday gift from Grandpa Cornelius years ago, she has guarded this weapon with her life. 
  • Daggers- Like Luna's Scythe, but smaller and a little more straight than curved. She enjoys having her two Daggers around with her. Sometimes, she uses them for woodcarving. But, like her other weapons, she mostly uses them for fighting.
  • Bow and Arrows- Luna's first weapon. As a child, she had been taught the ways of archery long before she could even remember. Because of this early training, Luna has become one of the best archers ever known and rarely misses. She never parts with this weapon. And if you look closely, you might see some strange tribal markings on Luna's Bow and Arrows. The markings are easier to see in the moonlight. What is the origin of those markings? What do they mean?  
  • Sling-Shot- Probably Luna's least used weapon. She usually uses this weapon to help create diversions.
  • Moon Emerald- The most powerful and prized possession Luna has ever had. It has similar looks compared to the Chaos Emeralds, but it is a dark NightShade Blue color. When the Moon Emerald glows, it glows brighter than all seven Chaos Emeralds combined (the Emerald turns into a shade lighter than the Cyan Chaos Emerald), and a White-ish Blue Crescent shape appears from within it (resembling the Moon). This Emerald harnesses both Chaos Energy and the Moon's Light Energy. The Moon Emerald has been with Luna since birth and is the source of her Chaos Powers and Lunarkinesis. It shall always have power for as long as Luna is alive. But if Luna dies, so does the Moon Emerald. The death of the Moon Emerald's user causes the Emerald to lose its power, and its glow fades away into a Pitch Black .


For now, little is known about her history.

Skills, Abilities, and Powers


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