This is an article about Luminous Mobius, an alternate future created by Chica Nunnally.

Luminous Mobius is an alternate universe version of the Prime Zone.


Luminous Mobius is an alternate future fairly similar to Light Mobius, but has several key differences due to a "Great Divergence" in the timeline. The Xorda attack still occurs on the world of Mobius. The Ancient Walkers had also come into existence, but for reasons unknown neither Aurora nor Enerjak existed. Another key event in Luminous Mobius' history is that the Chaos Emeralds eventually disappeared from the planet, while the ancient Master Emerald remained.

Mammoth Mogol also started a war centuries later, which had devastating results to two Mobian species - the Hedgehogs and the Tenrics. The two species had been mysteriously mutated at some point during the war. In addition, Angel Island never becomes airborne, and the comet that would have destroyed the island never existed.

Several thousand years afterwards, the Ancient Walkers mysteriously vanish, and Athair is never called to a "higher path". Instead, he remains the guardian of the Master Emerald.



Characters Who Reside on Luminous Mobius



  • Luminous is a synonym for "radiant".
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