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Lulu is a very laid-back person. She never overreacts. She is wry flirty, and a bit mean. She has little regard for those she hates. She tends to make others unhappy, but sometimes her intentions are good, but not vey often. She loves to party, and is fairly easygoing. She often plots many things that have resulted in funny memories.


When Lulu was young, her parents were both demons and taught her the ways of a demon. She couldn't stand not killing anything after being taught their ways, and she killed her parents and let her siblings wreak havoc on the streets, Lulu not caring.

Lulu then found her way towards the top of a crime facility. She there became a spy for the crime organization, and she was great at it. Her shape-shifting abilities came to aid her a lot. She then met Dr. Knackburn who had a mission. Lulu was soon taken to Mobius, her mission to destroy her counterpart, Lucinda the Angelfox .

Lulu then after meeting Luce made another call, and decided to become friends with her. She began to turn her life around and forget her life of crime, but still having to feed on men due to her being a Succubus. She stopped killing her victims, only to drain partial of their life energy, but that would require many victims at a time.



Lucinda the Angelfox - Despite being counterparts, they are relatively good friends. They will sometimes butt heads, and don't always agree, but Luce and Lulu will always remain friends no matter how crazy Lulu can be.

Transfer the Trans Hedgedragon- Transfer is Lulu's best friend. They do a lot together, and do schemes together. However, Lulu can influence Transfer badly. Lulu always cares for Transfer and views her like a sister to her.



Ernest Knackburn- Lulu despises Dr.Knackburn. He disgusts Lulu, as he tries to flirt with her, but she hates it. She often brushes it off. She does wish to kill him because of what he has done to people, things that not even Lulu would do.

Romantic Interests

Dusk the Lycalo - Lulu possesses a crush on Dusk. She does love him very much, but he doesn't have a tendency to make her jealous. Lulu and Dusk professed their love for each other, only for Lulu to find out that if Dusk was ever caught in a relationship with her he would be banished. However, they agreed to keep their love a secret so Dusk wouldn't get banished. Lulu agreed to never come see him, but instead that he would come to her. Lulu agreed to not to tell anyone. They often tease each other and joke around with each other, but sometimes it is not clear if they are joking or not.



Lulu has the ability to create fire from energy. This is often associated with Hell, which is often described and portrayed to be burning.


Lulu's powers are weak to water, and she cannot create fire in moist environments. She can also be blinded easily, and is more used to being in dark. 

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