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Lukio drawing

Biographical Information





  • Prinecess (By her people)
  • Archer Lukio (Her fighting mode)
  • Luki (used by Cinna and Rue)

Romantic Interests

Physical Description






  • Hair:Pink
  • Eyes:Blue


  • Pink dress with lavender cuffs
  • Pink shoes
  • Light green amulet (Normal wear)
  • Green headband
  • Green shirt
  • Green boots (Archer Look)

Political Alignment and Abilities



  • Bow and Arrows


  • Plant Sight
  • Naturokinesis

Super Forms

Other Information

American V.A.

  • Elizabeth Williams

Japanese V.A.

  • Hekiru Shiina

Theme Song(s)


Original Creator

User:Hikaruyami-having fun*


Lukio is the daughter of Fiore and Ayeka, the former leaders of planet Green Gade before leaving the planet to find a new home. Lukio was born in the space colony. She was living a happy life until the unknown invaders found them and started to attack the colony. Luckily, everyone got into the escape pods as the colony was crashing into a nearby planet, but her father and brother's pods went away from the planet and drifted into deep space. This left Lukio's mother in tears. Once the colony and pods landed on Mobius, Lukio's mother transform into a tree to protect the others and left Lukio in the care of a friend who also happened to be a friend of her brother Rue. Pretty soon the Seedrians started building their new home in deep forest where they lived in harmony with nature. Then, one day a couple of years later, a pod crashed in the field where Lukio played. She went over to it and found a lion boy in it, so Lukio took him to her castle and snuck him to her room with the help of Rue and nurse him back to health. Once the boy opened his eyes and saw Lukio it was love at first sight. Lukio told him her name and asked the boy his name. He told her his name was Lune and since then Lune stayed close to Lukio being her bodyguard while secretly loving her. Over the years, Lukio and Lune lived in Starose until one day a evil spider took over the forest outside their kingdom. After destroying Black Mind years later, she married Lune and had their three children, two as new members and a bundle of joy.


Despite being a princess, Lukio always had a sense of adventure and often wonders off to have some fun with other kids. With Lune, she feels very happy to be around him and is very social with others, but sometimes dislikes her role as a princess. Years later, she helps those who needed help, even her children.



She has known him since childhood. As the years have gone by they both devolped a crush on each other. Lune would protect her and Lukio would do the same thing. When Lune found his people living in the frozen mountains, they offered him to be their leader, but Lune chose to stay with Lukio. While fighting the last boss he told her that he loved her and she told him the same thing. Many years after destroying the ultimate evil they both got married and had three kids.


  • "I'm Lukio, please to meet you." -Introducing herself
  • "Green Emerald! Please help me grow strong!" -using the power of her emerald.
  • "I'll always protect my clan!" -Protecting her people
  • "Fire away!" -Shooting her arrows


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