Lukretia is an optimist who likes to talk a lot. Lukretia cannot swim. She likes rivalries. When she takes something she will never give up.


Luki has purple fur, and she has the same creamy shoulders as her face and ears. Her eyes are blue. Sometimes Luki comes in a short white dress with short sleeves - cut with "magic scissors" -  with a black belt at the waist and at the end of the dress. She also wears white gloves with rings and white boots. Her second outfit is a black sleeveless top and black-and-white trousers that are tied with white stripes across the khaki top. She wears green fingerless gloves and green boots, which have a white top strap.


Lukretia is a inhabitant of the Mobius from the beginning of Sonic actions. She and her friends are fighting the evil Dr. Eggman.

One day when the enemy nm. 1 began a big plan, spoiled him accident. She and her new friends set up team. Team Mystery!


Lukretia is fast as Sonic. She has the same powers as he does, but she cannot change into Super Form. In addition, she can make portals.

Dark Luki Tac Nayn Form

This form is the strangest form. Lukretia becomes Tac Nayn, and exactly has the same colors. She has a dress and ballet shoes. She becomes unbearable, evil and wants to hurt everyone. She has a knife that can be over 100 cm in height. Transformation in DLTNF is due to unknown reasons. Transformation requires the chaos emerald.


  • Luki's full name is "Lucrece Smith," but she calls herself "Luki / Lukretia the Hedgehog"     
  • Her best friend has always been Michelle.     
  • Lukretia first used the bow when she defended herself against Amber   
  • Luki can talk all day long, but at some point she maintains seriousness.    
  • At first she was 12 years old.
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