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Luger of the House of Dimitri
Also known as
3 ft 9 in
90 lbs
Twilight Zone
June 11
Good, The Dark Legion (Formerly)
Grandmaster of the Dark Legion

Luger is a descendant of Dimitri and Grandmaster of the Dark Legion. He is also the father of the infamous Lien-Da and Kragok, as well as Julie-Su.

When Lien-Da's attempt to assassinate him failed, he fled the legion.


In general Luger is calm and thoughtful. He doesn't rush into things without thinking first, considering things in a practical way. Although he can have a stern presence he also has a kindness about him and cares about other people. Compared to the other Grandmasters, Luger was a calmer leader. He was not ruthless like his father. He is also the only one to willingly return to the Twilight Zone, this done in an attempt to save his sick wife, Merin-Da. So you might also describe him as caring.

Due to his life experiences, including the death of both his wives, Luger is more sullen than he used to be. When he was grandmaster he had immersed himself in his work. He is thoughtful but doesn't talk all that much. He is currently regaining a more positive outlook on life with help from Lien-DOS and Dimitri, though said outlook took a hit when both of his daughters were imprisoned by Thrash.

Physical Characteristics


Luger is a tall, purple-ish colored echidna with long dread locks that go down to almost his ankles. He has black hair on his head that is slicked back, he also has black eyebrows. Notable to his appearance are his various cybernetic implants such as on his cheeks, dreadlocks, chest, arms, legs, and hands. Having implants is standard for members of the Dark Legion. While he's had the aforementioned implants for awhile, he more recently aquired significant implants on his left side due to the injuries he sustained when Lien-Da tried to assassinate him.


Luger has a straight and serious posture that comes from having been the leader of a military organization. Despite his trained, commanding look there is also a gentleness apparent in the way he moves and acts.


Luger has a low and silky smooth voice, usually always with a calm tone.


Luger has enhanced strength and stamina because of the cybernetics on his arms, legs, and chest. He also has enhanced eyesight. The cybernetics on his dreadlocks can also function as transmitters. Like Julie-Su, he can also use them to hack control panels and the like. He is skilled with a blaster and commonly uses one when fighting.


Early Life

When his father, Moritori Rex, went away to infiltrate the Brotherhood by impersonating Tobor, Luger was temporarily raised by Simon and Floren-Ca. This may have contributed to his personality differing from his father's.

As Grandmaster

When he was ready Luger took control of the legion. He married Merin-Da, and had twins Kragok, and Lien-Da. He later led the legion into the Prime Zone, but Merin-Da became ill, possibly due to the new environment, so he ordered them back to the Twilight Zone in an attempt to save her. She died however, and Luger grieved for awhile. Eight years later he married Mari-Su, despite his children's objections, and had another daughter, Julie-Su. After Mari-Su died in an "accident", actually caused by Lien-Da, Luger entrusted Julie-Su into the care of Floren-Ca while he continued his duties as Grandmaster.

The Betrayal

One day, his children, Kragok and Lien-Da, attempted to assassinate him in order to take his position, but the unstable nature of the weapon caused Lien-Da to miss her shot. Kragok found Luger still alive, but unconcious, and decided rather than killing him he'd send him away. (As told in: Assassination Gone Wrong) Luger was released from a hospital on a small colony in the Twilight Zone where he had been left by Kragok. He had no idea where he was and a foggy memory of what happened. All he knew was that someone tried to kill him and he couldn't go back to the legion.

Out of the Cage

After wandering for awhile he eventually found his way out of the Twilight Zone. One day he ran into Dimitri after Dimitri had been betrayed by Lien-Da and was living in New Mobotropolis. Luger now lives with him and Lien-DOS in Haven.

Endangered Species

In recent events, Thrash the Tasmanian Devil exacted his long awaited revenge against the echidnas for experimenting on his species generations ago. He did so by throwing virtually all of the remaining echidnas through a warp ring to an undisclosed location, imprisoning them there. Luger, Moon, and Dimitri were at Haven during all of this and were not affected. Consequently they are now the only surviving echidnas besides Knuckles and Finitevus. Currently, they have dedicated themselves to finding and restoring the echidna people.


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  • Menikker (Grandfather)
  • Vera-Lo (Grandmother)
  • Moritori Rex (Father)
  • Regi-Na (Mother)
  • Merin-Da (Wife)
  • Mari-Su (Wife)
  • Kragok (Son)
  • Eli-Za (Daughter-in-law)
  • Julie-Su (Daughter)
  • Remington (Grandson)





Luger spent most of his life in the legion hearing about the "Great Dimitri" back when they thought he was dead. After Luger escaped the Twilight Zone he finally met Dimitri. Now that he lives with him he can see that the grand stories were a bit exaggerated, but Luger still respects Dimitri as his grandfather.


Luger never actually met Menikker since he died before he was born. So all he knows is what his father, Moritori Rex, told him: that Menikker led their people in a fight against oppression.

Moritori Rex

Luger's relationship with his father isn't the greatest. Moritori wasn't exactly affectionate and was always disatisfied with Luger's apparent lack of drive or viciousness. There was a lack of love felt especially when Moritori left to live with the guardians for years impersonating Tobor.


Merin-Da was Luger's first wife and he loved her very much. When she became ill upon entering the prime zone, Luger called off the advance and ordered the whole legion back to the Twilight Zone since he thought it might help her. She died however, and Luger spent years recovering from this loss.


When he did recover, Luger met and married Mari-Su. Which he did despite objections from his children. When Mari-Su died in an "accident" (actually caused by Lien-Da), Luger became completely absorbed in his work.


Luger has a very strained relationship with Lien-Da. Lien-Da has the belief that he loved Julie-Su more. But then Lien-Da actually tried to kill Luger due to her own ambitions for power, this act completely broke their relationship.


Although after Mari-Su's death Luger gave up Julie-Su to be cared for by Floren-Ca, claiming he "just didn't have the time" he had apparently shown enough affection to her to cause Kragok and Lien-Da to be jealous. It is possible that the reason he gave her up was because he knew he lacked parenting skills. Currently, Luger has a desire to reconnect with her.


Luger is always nice to Lien-DOS and can't help but smile at her innocence. She is always trying to get him to do fun things.


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Luger and Jesse are allies and have worked together in a couple Rps.



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