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This is an article about Luella the Mouse, a character created by Ami670 on 09/21/2015.
Cquote1.png All my mother ever knew was how to make all your problems seem meaningless and irrelevant, and the cherry on top was putting on a faux smile about it. Cquote2.png
Luella describing her mother

Luella the Mouse (ルエラマウス Rueramausu) is a 17 year old mouse created by Jake. She is a Mobian who possesses umbrakinesis, the ability to manipulate darkness, but was rather cursed with it. She isn't sure whether or not she wants to be a hero, but while she has shown villian characteristics, she has some characteristics of a hero. 

Luella is a rather complex character (at least to Jake) because she is metaphorically based off the famous line "Never judge a book by its cover."


Physical appearance

Luella is a 17 year old mouse that stands at 3'5" and weights roughly 110 pounds. She is chunky compared to most Sonic characters. Luella's bright colored appearance tends to throw off people on who she really is. She has cyan fur along with black splotches on her chest (the blotches are the clue that she was cursed with her power. Had she not been cursed those blotches would not be there). Her hair is an ebony black color held in two curly pigtails. She has blood red eyes that illuminate in the dark, a trait that she was also cursed with. Her original eye color was a jade green.


Luella's attire is relatively simple. She wears a neon purple hoodie. In the past it has been ripped, so one of her relatives sewn on a darker shade of neon purple patches to close it up. She wears a bright red shirt underneath, but she rarely takes off her hoodie so you won't see the shirt. Her shoe color is the same as her hoodie with hot pink hearts on them. She wears dark jean shorts. Her pigtails are held up by red bows.


If there was one word to describe Luella, it would be unusal. She tends to be nice at first but after a while, you can see who she really is. She isn't ruthless (as she shows compassion but to her closest and dearest ones) but she still has a sharp, sarcastic tongue if provoked enough. Luella may not be a villain, but she's unpredictable like one. Whenever she's sarcastic, she'll tend to deprecate herself and those she's being sarcastic to, but mostly to the latter. When not sarcastic, she'll deprecate herself the most in her writings and artwork.

Luella is quick to irritation than the average person, and depending on her mood, the littlest things, such as a pen clicking, can irritate her. If provoked to a very extreme extent, Luella will have uncontrollable bursts consisting of yelling and crying. She directs that to the person or people who provoked her only. Once she's experiencing her fits of anger, she has trouble controlling her emotions because she is essentially venting and is also very vulnerable at this state. Luckily, most people know not to provoke Luella to that certain extent because they know that Luella will break down like that. This was common when Luella's mother was around and her mother would constantly berate Luella; the only difference being Luella's fits of anger weren't as catastrophic.

Luella was always shut down her whole life because of her unusual ability to manipulate darkness, which had led to her to be this extremely reclusive. Due to her unaccepting past, she bears a tremendous amount of self-hatred and sometimes feels out of place whenever she's in public. Luella is insecure about herself, always doubting herself because she feels she's not "good enough." Even when she's with her closest friends or acquaintances, she feels as if she's a nuisance to them and that they're just putting up with her to make her feel happy. Unfortunately, most people do not understand that this is how Luella's mind works.

While Luella is very insecure of herself, she never bottles up what's eating her. However, she doesn't tell people what's bothering her, either. She tends to vent it out by either drawing or writing what's bothering her because it very so happens that Luella actually has a difficult time expressing herself, at least verbally to her friends. Whenever Luella is just feeling down, she always has a stoic, apathetic expression on her face; those are her keywords of "I'm not in the mood for anything."

Luella hates romance, and she doesn't want to engage in a romantic relationship. She never believed in "love at first sight" at all. She feels she doesn't want to have a romantic relationship because sometimes she calls it a "waste of time" and that "feelings are just like the weather." She also claims that she also hates romance simply because that nobody could ever truly love "a mess like her." But just because she hates romance doesn't mean she hates love in general (e.g. family love, parent to child love). 


  • Drawing
  • Writing stories
  • The friends she has
  • Dark stuff such as horror and the color black
  • Bright colors, such as pink
  • Making comebacks (especially to those who provoked her a lot)
  • Electronic/techno music


  • Herself (a lot of the times)
  • Feeling embarrassed (especially over little things, which stresses her more)
  • Being in public too long
  • Finding out she's wrong a lot (but if it's once or twice she doesn't mind)
  • Being rushed to do things
  • Romance (but not love in general)
  • Little children (she has no problem with kids over 9 or know how to take care of themselves)


Early Life

Luella as a child (Notice how her original eye color was a jade green)

Luella was born to an okay family, but every family has some sort of issues. Her mother wasn't the pleasant mother and was not the nicest woman in the world; she often would use corporal punishment to punish all her kids. She didn't want any "misbehaved children," even though she wasn't quite clear of the fact that her children were more frightened of her. She was always gone a lot at work, leaving Luella with her dad and her little siblings. They were all normal and did not possess any supernatural abilities. But Luella wasn't born with umbrakinesis either; she was cursed with them because of her mother's previous actions. 

Luella never really knew how to control her powers because she didn't know what they were at the time. Nobody in her family knew how to control umbrakinesis, or any sort of ability because her family were all commoners. Whenever her parents went off when she was upset, she always got punished for it. She was punished for not "controlling herself," because the voids she made would suck up items. But, her voids were small so she never sucked a person in. And as Luella got angrier and angrier, the voids began to expand immensely. But she learned to control herself by venting. Venting was the only thing that stopped her from going on a rampage.

School wasn't such a great time for her, but ironically her classmates and the head of the school didn't know about her umbrakinesis. Luella didn't do so well with her grades during her elementary years, since she was frequently bullied for being the "odd, quirky kid" and that made her feel worse about herself. But during her freshman year, she worked her butt off and got decent grades (not all As but still excellent grades to pass). After freshman year, everyone had left her alone, letting her strive. 

As Luella grew, so did her mom's ego, especially after she left her job. She constantly pestered Luella, belittling and degrading her, to the point where Luella verbally lashed out at her mom. Luckily, her powers weren't involved in that at all, which was weird to her. 

Accidental Mishap

When Luella was 15, she was going through a phase where she was rebellious and almost always disobeyed some rules. During this phase, her powers grew immensely in strength and frequency. But at least she was smart enough to know not to release it in the house. Whenever her powers sprouted, she rushed outside or far away as possible from objects to make sure nothing got sucked in.

But one day, it wasn't normal everyday objects that got sucked in this time.

Luella's parents were going off on her for no apparent reason, and Luella got really agitated over it. She was so into the moment that she didn't tell herself mentally to go outside and when she activated her void, it was pretty gigantic. It was gigantic enough to suck both her parents in. Realising what she has done, Luella tried so hard to get them back but she was too late. The void sealed shut, and Luella burst into silent tears. She couldn't figure out how to get them back, no matter how many voids she made. 

It was that moment where Luella felt truly alone. 


Ever since that incident, Luella sealed herself shut from the world. Even if she is in public, she barely talks and when she does, it's usually short phrases or sentences. So far she has very few friends, but on a different note, she actually enjoys being in solitude. She loves it when she's on her own because she feels she can accomplish more. But, you can't tell that.

Luella doesn't know what happened to her siblings, but she knows they're alive. In fact, they're doing quite well without her, since they've been adopted all together. 



Luella was cursed with the ability of umbrakinesis, which means she can manipulate the darkness at will. It was because her mother was cruel and stern during her lifetime and that she was told her first child would be born with the powers of a monster. Unfortunately, Luella's mother didn't exactly care too much, thinking that this was all "hocus pocus nonsense." Luella's powers aren't necessarily unpredictable, but her powers can be summoned by how she feels.

Because possessing umbrakinesis, she is able to withstand any negative energy. In fact, she can use other's, not just hers, negative energy to fire up her powers. Anger (especially her own anger) is also a big key in activating her powers.


Luella's umbrakinesis doesn't stop there; it branches off into abilities or "semi powers," as Luella calls them.

  • Shadow Ball: Luella is able to construct a shadow ball. The size depends on how much anger she has or is present.
  • Creating voids: She is able to create a void. The size of the void depends on how she is feeling.
  • Hand blasts: She can blast darkness blasts out of her hands. Her blasts are able to impale her target, but not fully.
  • Scatter shot: This is the ability hand blast but split up. She's able to scatter her darkness into fragments, so you'd be hit with multiple shots of darkness hand blasts.
  • Darkness cutting and slash: It's similar to the Pokémon move Slash, but she constructs a blade like substance out of darkness and can slash her opponent.
  • Night Vision: Because she has umbrakinesis, she was granted the ability to see clearly in the dark. 

Unfortunately, these are the only abilities Luella has mastered and know.


  • Drawing: Luella is a masterful artist, often using art to illustrate her pain and struggling.
  • Writing: Writing is another skill she's superb at, and she mostly writes poems to vent. Unfortunately, she doesn't really share most of her writing.
  • High IQ: She has an incredibly high IQ because she's able to solve complex problems faster than a person with an average IQ.


  • Photokinetics: Light is strong against dark, so Luella's most obvious weakness is anyone with the ability of photokinesis. However, if long engaged in a battle with a photokinetic, the battle will end in a draw.
  • Embarrassment: She is very prone to embarrassment, and if she feels so her attacks will not be as accurate.
  • Self-Confidence: Her self confidence is a weird weakness. If she isn't all that confident, her attacks are not as accurate as well. However, she can use other people's lack of self confidence to enhance her own abilities. 
  • Lack of Anger: If Luella isn't angry and/or the people around her aren't feeling a sort of vexation, her abilities effectiveness is reduced.
  • Phobias/Fears: atychiphobia (fear of failing), agoraphobia (fear of social embarrassment)



Luella doesn't have a physical weapon. However, she can manipulate her umbrakinesis to make a whip. Her whip is made of pure darkness but has matter, and it can have up to three tails. Luella doesn't often produce a whip simply because she forgets she can. However, her strength isn't affected without the whip, but is neither boosted with the whip.

Super transformation

Luella only has one transformation, activated by using all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Pure Luella

Luella's appearance changes, but not too drastically. For instance, her fur color changes to a really light grey color, referencing her umbrakinesis. There's an aura of light grey surrounding her as well. Her hoodie and pants transform into a flowy dress that's black. Her shoes are turned into black, too. Instead of red eyes, her eyes are just a white sclera. Her hair isn't in pigtails and it flows freely.

In this form, Luella has full control over her umbrakinesis. Her speed increases immensely and her umbrakinesis also improves too. Her attack also increases, which enables her to fire at more range and with more effectiveness. In this state, she's very powerful and would be able to take down a strong opponent with almost relative ease. However, due to the lack of experience and skill for this, she does not use her transformation as often. She rarely acquires all the Chaos Emeralds, anyway.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 6.5 - Luella is a tough cookie, but she doesn't have superhuman strength or anything. Her attacks do do damage.

Defense: 8 - She is very good at defense, making sure the opponents' attacks do not attack her as much.

Speed: 5.5 - She is both not fast and fast; it depends on her mood but she's average when it comes to speed, really.

Magic: 0 - She does not possess any sort of magic ability.

Evasion: 6 - She can dodge an attack with ease, however she can not multiple attacks at a time.

Intelligence: 10 - Luella is pretty intelligent and does have a high IQ, but it's not as high as Eggman of course.

Skills: 7 - She's alright at what she can do. Drawing and writing are her specialties.

Accuracy: 8 - Believe it or not, Luella's intentions are on point and her blasts are pretty accurate to where they're aimed.

Stamina: 7 - Luella can take most attacks with ease, but she can get tired after some bit.

Tolerance: 8 - She has a high pain tolerance and withstand more than people expect because she has put up with so much endurance.

Overall: 66%

This character's fourstat code is 5667



  • Bridget the Mouse (Mother)- Out of all the people in her family, Luella did not get along the most with her own mother. Bridget was a rather strict woman, making sure her kids were not scoundrels. She often worked and barely saw Luella, her other kids and husband throughout the day. Even though the status of Luella's mother is unknown, Luella still is afraid of her mother to this day, fearing that her mother will come back for her.
  • Thompson the Mouse (Father) - Luella got along a lot better with her father than her own mother. Thompson was one of the very few adult figures in her life that Luella actually respected. His job was to make sure all his kids were being taken care of. Luella would often study and play with her father, and she was not afraid of him even the slightest. However, due to accidentally sucking her own father in the void, Luella is scared that he too will come back for her.
  • Benny, Denny and Jenny (brothers and sister) - Benjamin (Benny), Dennis (Denny) and Jennifer (Jenny) are the younger triplet siblings of Luella. Luella is older than them by about seven years. She would always play with her younger siblings and actually enjoyed it. But even since the accident, Luella and her siblings' relationship was tainted a little. Her younger siblings went to an adoption center while Luella pursued her own adventure. It's unknown how her siblings feel about Luella now, but all they know is that she's alive.





  • This is Luella's old design, as it was originally titled "Luella the Mouse.png." This design was scraped, ultimately.

    She's the first mouse character of Jake, and one of their first characters to be over the age of 16.
  • Luella's design now, and quite possibly personality, was different in the beginning while creating this character.
  • Her last name "Dahl" is Scandinavian for "valley," hinting that she could be from Scandainavian heritage.
  • Her bright appearance while possessing umbrakinesis can be considered ironic, given the fact that most umbrakinetics are dark and bruting in appearance. She merely has the appearance of a brightly colored teenage girl.
  • Luella doesn't use her super form as often, as she has no stable control over it yet and it drains a lot of Luella's energy.
  • Even though Luella doesn't know the whereabouts about her siblings, they are alive and actually doing just fine. They are unsure how their older sister is, however.
  • Because mice tend to have not so good eyesight, Luella's eyesight is a bit poor. She wears contacts to improve her vision.
  • Even though she has a high IQ, she did horrible during elementary school. This was merely because she was stressed out of her mind, and she never thought clearly back then.
  • Luella is an insomniac, which also explains why her eyes are averagely half open.
  • Her birthday, April 1, makes her an Aries.
  • Luella shares similarities to the Osomatsu San character, Ichimatsu.
    • Both wear purple hoodies (albeit different shades of purple).
    • Both have half lidded eyes, and they are barely seen with their eyes wide open.
    • They both have trouble communicating with their loved ones and friends.
    • Both of their siblings find them difficult and incapable of friendships, etc.
    • Both of their self confidences are very low.
    • They have tendencies not to hang out with people (Ichi hangs out with cats, and Luella hangs out with herself most of the time).
    • They both speak in short phrases or words when they talk. However, they have their moments where they're not speaking in short phrases.

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