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Lucy the Rabbit, born Lucy Prower is the fourth child of Miles "Tails" Prower and Cream the Rabbit and older sibling of Francis Prower, Megan Prower, Doug Prower and Butter Prower. She loves flying planes and her big dream is to become a pilot just like her dad.


Born:Lucille "Lucy" Prower.

Age:13, 18 (30 years later)

Personality:Carefree, Day-dreamy, Adventurous

Description: Brown fur, Blue eyes, furry muzzle.

Attire:Mauve jacket w/t fuzzy trim, Army sweatpants, Orange shoes, Red/yellow gloves, Blue eye goggles, Gold locket

Likes:Flying airplanes,Reading books,Chili dogs,Being a freedom fighter,Playing piano,Her Chao world,Her pet dog.

Dislikes:Blood,Salad,Dr.Eggman,Trinity the cat,Her family being in trouble,Sicknesses/Illness,The crazy 88's attacking SoruTropolis.

Theme songs

  • "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff (Her singing about her crush at High School)
  • "Fly" by Nicki MinaJ (Featuring Rihanna) (Her dream of being a pilot and flying)


"If you insist." -When Butter and her friends,Team Rose 2 begged her to help out.

"Oh,no! Not again!"- When she and her siblings have to stop Chip & Roxy from causing havoc...again.

"Wahoo!"- When getting an A.

"I'm gonna CRASH!! - When getting an E.

"You big BULLY!" - After Team Prower defeats Lord Hexxus Darkwalker.


Miles "Tails" Prower (father)

Cream Prower (mother) (Nee~O'Hare)

Francis Prower (eldest Brother)

Doug Prower (middle Brother)

Megan Prower (eldest gothic sister)

Butter Prower (little sister)

Thunderstorm the Seedrian (paternal half-sister)

Earthchild the Seedrian (paternal half-sister)

Aerial "Swift" the Fox (paternal half-sister)

Duchess Le Mau (matenal aunt)(Nee~O'Hare)

Emmet Le Mau (maternal uncle)

Chip & Roxy Le Mau (maternal cousins)

Cecilia "Celie" Faraway (Nee~Barks) & Netalie "Nettie" Barks (adopted cousins)

Olivia & Johnny Faraway (first cousins; twice removed)

Marcus Faraway (cousin-in-law) (Deceased)

Evangeline Barks (aunt) (Deceased)

Neapolitan "Lester" O'Hare (maternal grandfather)

Vanilla O'Hare (maternal grandmother) (Nee~The Rabbit)

Eric O'Hare (maternal uncle)

Rosemary Prower (paternal grandmother)

Amadeus Prower (paternal grandfather)

Merlin Prower (paternal uncle)

Unnamed family dog.


Heather Rose

Cheryl Rose

Timmy Rose

Mickey Rose

Amy Rose

Julian the Hedgehog

Salma the Chameleon

Juanita the chameleon

Pedro the chameleon

Espio the chameleon

Liza the chameleon

Dr.Finitevus (To a degree.)

Lien-Da the echidna

Demitri the echidna ("For a 481 echidna,he's sure smart!")

Rutan the echidna


Sawyer the Echidna

The Departed Souls of the Underworld ("They're quite great friends once you get use to them being dead.")


Tiffany the Cat (She flirts and stalks Francis!)

Stampede full of Girls that chase Doug ("Oh,get a room!")

The Crazy 88s (They try to destroy SuroTropolis.)

Lord Hexxus Darkwalker ("He nearly murdered an entire family,including ours!")

The Departed Souls of the Underworld (Not anymore once she found out they're with Evengeline.)


  • Though Lucy's not a big fan of romance, she's likes how in love her siblings look with their significant others and hopes to find that lucky someone.
  • It's revealed that before she or her younger siblings were born, her parents Tails & Cream had more kids prior (Theresa,Cocoa,Peanut, etc). But Dr.Eggman sent Swatbots in attempts to prevent Future Freedom fighters from being born. So to save their babies lives, Tails & Cream had to send them away to a different dimension, which was occupied with other Future Freedom Fighters sent there for the same purpose. Poor Tails & Cream had very little time to hold and bond with their babies before they were left in the Clumilliya Dimension.

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