Sonic & Konata Izumi or Lucky Sonic USA= Sonic and Konata E
'Created By:
XxDarkAngelxX Studios
Directed By:
SEGA, Nintendo, XxDarkAngelxX Studios
Character Design:
Sonic Team
SEGA, Nintendo, XxDarkAngelxX Studios 2, 3, 5, and 6
Art By:
SEGA, Nintendo, XxDarkAngelxX Studio 2
Developed By:
XxDarkAngelxX Studio 1
Animated Comedy (No Crowd)
First Aired
September 9, 2013 (Japan)

March 4, 2014 (USA) June 31, 2014 (Denmark)

November 8 2014 (England)
Preceded By:
Sonic X, Lucky Star
Proceeded By

Lucky Sonic which is also refereed as Sonic and Konata Izumi is a anime series like Emma & Amy which is an animated comedy, except with no crowd laughing. The series stars Sonic the Hedgehog and Konata Izumi.

Episode Summaries

Episode I (Enter Sonic)

Konata starts walking down for a forest stroll with her friends. As usually Konata is making fun of Kagami and scaring Tsukasa. A robot captures them. They find out that it was Eggman. Konata started to scream and shout to release them but no luck. Eggman just kept on laughing and mistook her purposley for a 7th grader due to her height. She corrected him thinking it was pretty funny now making fun of Eggman.

However, then, Eggman started banging on the table and the glass which held Konata's friends..... and Kagami..... started to shake. Konata started to use pyrokinesis at her advantage. She pretended it was another video game due to her long lasting obsession to anime & manga.  She frees her friends and the machine stops.

Later on she heard a voice. A voice that sounded calm and casual. The figure was a blue hedghehog. He dashed and also sliced open the machine causing it to explode...... Hopefully no more Eggman for a while. 

She shook Sonic's hand very uncomforatably.

Episode I (Enter Konata)

Sonic is lost with his friends in a deep forest. Walking down without a clue Sonic finds himeself stranded. As usual, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are depending on him to find a way out. Then he finds fog in the air. Amy holds him close. She tries to use her hammer against her defense, but it simply did not work. Silver's Psychokinesis didn't work either. Blaze's pyrokinesis didn't work. Tail's tail did clear up some fog, but not much. 

So Sonic wondered, who might be causing this. They then spotted a robot. It belonged to Dr. Snively and caught all of Sonic's friends....... and Shadow........ he just ran up, but no effect. It was made out of steel and was actually immune to water.

Later an average junior high school figure showed in the fog. She concentrated all of her power into her arm and then fire started to light. She punched through the steel and the machine exploded and the friends were then rescued. Sonic thanked her but her eyes were gleaming.

She already knew who he was and she introduced herself as anime and manga loving Konata. 

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