Lucky Smith is a character who debuts in Reign of Terror. He is an orphaned coyote pup from the same village as Tundra Smith, and, like her, was taken in by Austin and Rosa Smith. As of Rise of Ruin, he is a teenager leading the main Resistance group against Finitevus and Infinite.


As of Rise of Ruin's first story, Fall of the Worlds, Lucky is about the same size as Austin when he first arrived in the Four Worlds. He is a young, teenaged coyote with mostly brown fur, and white fur on his face, throat, chest, and underbelly, amber eyes, and a tear in his right ear, near the tip. As of Menace of Metal, some wounds Lucky received in the Battle for Wolfhart have fully healed, leaving him with three scars on the right side of his head, just between his ear and eye, and some scars on his back.


Lucky acts like a typical young boy his age, though this is slightly dampened by the fate of his family. Lucky is a friendly and eager young boy, and a bit foolish in his attempts to be brave like Austin.

As of Fall of the Worlds, Lucky is a sullen and defiant person. He works to lead his Resistance the best he can, though he sometimes doubts his ability to lead due to his own youth and the fact that the initial ranks of his Resistance is just himself, his sister, another young warrior Simon Komm, Rock the Wolf, and the former Grandmaster Dimitri.


Lucky's past up until he was found in his village is unknown. After being found, he was taken in by Austin alongside a Husky pup named Tundra, and officially named a Smith after the first big battle with Mephiles at the Base. He was later apprenticed to Zane.

In Fall of the Worlds, which takes place several moons(months) after Lucky's Quest, Lucky, Tundra, and Lilac are all named warriors, but the Alliance-tired from several recent battles-are almost immediately attacked, forcing them to flee. While the LDF(who had visited for the ceremony) flee back to Lamarkie Village, Dimitri escapes with a small group consisting of Lucky, Tundra, Simon, and Rock. They decide to create a Resistance to fight back, and that Lucky should be their leader, despite his doubts. After an incident with Austin, who was forced to stay at the Base in exchange for the villains leaving his fleeing Teammates alone, Lucky decides to take his Resistance to New Mobotropolis, where they begin to grow in ranks.




Lucky's appearance is the default look of the Coyote animal from the popular multiplayer online game known as Animal Jam, but with the typical eyes of a Mobian.

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