Lucky Smith is a character set to appear in the upcoming story Reign of Terror. He is an orphaned coyote pup from the same village as Tundra Smith, and, like her, was taken in by Austin and Rosa Smith.


Lucky is a young coyote pup about as big as Tundra. Unlike Zane the Coyote, who is reddish-brown, Zane is brown with a white underside and amber eyes.


Lucky acts like a typical young boy his age, though this is slightly dampened by the fate of his family. Lucky is a friendly and eager young boy, and a bit foolish in his attempts to be brave like Austin.


Lucky's past up until he was found in his village is unknown. After being found, he was taken in by Austin alongside a Husky pup named Tundra, and officially named a Smith after the first big battle with Mephiles at the Base. He was later apprenticed to Zane.



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