The Resistance from Rise of Ruin, also called Lucky's Resistance, is a group of varied Mobians and Pokemon, and a single human in the form of Simon Komm, who are the main protagonists of the aforementioned arc. As of Menace of Metal, they are led by Tundra Smith following Lucky Smith's kidnapping at the end of Resistance Rising.


Leader: Lucky Smith-young male brown and white coyote with amber eyes; Tundra Smith-young female black and white Siberian Husky with ice-blue eyes



  • The Chaotix; Joined after a fight on Angel Island
  • The Moor Pack; Joined after the Resistance met them on a moor outside New Mobotropolis


The Resistance are very similar to the Storming Alliance due to trying to rebuild it.


Like all inhabitants of the Four Worlds(save the Echidnas), they believe strongly in the Spirits in the Stars

Base of Operations

The Resistance initially lived in New Mobotropolis, but eventually moved over to Wolfhart City out of fear of bringing a fight there.


The Resistance were formed after the Storming Alliance was forced to split apart and flee. Four warriors, Rock, Lucky, Tundra, and Simon, and the Grandmaster-turned-Alliance informant Dimitri fled the forest, deciding to go to New Mobotropolis in the hopes of getting help from the Freedom Fighters there while simultaneously getting shelter while they planned out what to do. Along the way, they gained help in Gabriel the Dog and his sister Starla and her children, the Chaotix after a fight on Angel Island, and a Pack of dogs known as the Moor Pack, who became their allies. After an argument with the Council of Acorn to get them to stay, they met Pebble, Aria, and their adopted children Hope, Flame, and Shade, who were living in the city following their own flight from the Base. Pebble agreed to help and suggested getting help from the Wandering Wolves first, which leads into Resistance Rising. In the beginning of the second story, Samson, the leader of the Wandering Wolf Pack, reluctantly agrees to help, with Arrow the Wolf, Ash the Wolf, Christopher the Wolf, and Vernon the Wolf all accompanying the Resistance back to New Mobotropolis to help them settle in Wolfhart City. They found more warriors to join them, and later fought a battle on the moor when returning from Angel Island to gain some Lycanroc warriors. Much later, they would end up fighting the Battle for Wolfhart, which they won against Finitevus and Infinite's forces, though shortly afterward, Lucky was kidnapped by them, much to the horror of his adopted sister Tundra, who was chosen to take over her brother's duties as leader with Boulder and Arrow's guidance.

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