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Lucius is a young rabbit child left in the care of the Orsinis, an elderly couple who he refers to as his grandparents (although they are, in actuality, the parents of one of his mother's friends). To the surprise of many, his physical strength is more in-line with his caretakers than his species would imply.  


For a child with the apparent surname of "Orsini", meaning little bear, Lucius is smaller than many would have expected. Instead of the bulky, muscular form that many would expect, Lucius is an average little sky blue rabbit, with a streak of blonde-yellow fur running between his ears. Even with his slight frame and inquisitive red eyes, it is often stated that while he does not look muscular, his strength is comparable to coiled steel. Typically, Lucius dresses fairly simply with an electric blue bandana tied around his neck, white gloves and forest green trainers.  


Lucius exhibits a high level of childish exuberance, frequently becoming excited about new things even when he knows virtually nothing about them and always wanting to come along on what he perceives as "adventures" even with a complete lack of context. This latter is due to a strong respect for various heroes who he's heard of and a desire to be like them. Lucius is also highly observant and tends to frequently report his findings to anyone around him, something that can be either extremely helpful or extremely annoying, depending on the particular case at hand.  

Strengths and Powers

The most notable aspect of Lucius's youthful powers is his strength. While he hardly looks it, he has physical strength roughly on par with a teenage bear, with that strength still naturally increasing with his muscle development. While with his caretakers, it has been explicitly stated that Lucius has to be careful not to break people's bones with his hugs and excitable tackles. Indeed, the energetic child is still only barely aware of his strength, routinely breaking things through childhood exuberance and careless use of his strength.   In order to attempt to stem these traits, both of his caretakers have been attempting to teach Lucius about risk management and treatment. His "grandfather", a former safety analyst, has worked to teach his grandson how to recognize danger and avoid it, though Lucius typically ignores this advice, preferring to instead confront the dangerous situations head-on in an attempt to save others the way that the world's "heroes" do. Similarly, his "grandmother" has been teaching Lucius about natural and herbal medicine and treatment, even in fun little games. He typically helps her with brewing elixirs and healing potions for visitors to their remote little home, and has knowledge on what wild plants have value for these potions.  


Lucius was always a fairly inquisitive little rabbit, and a remarkably strong one for his family. The combination led to him frequently breaking items that he was looking into, leading his parents to consider a way to curb this destructive enthusiasm. As a result, they wound up sending him to the Orsinis, a pair of bears and the parents of Lucius's mother's friend, Hannah Cantin (née Orsini), as Lucius's parents thought that the Orsinis could help Lucius better than they could. Although progress has been made on helping Lucius, exactly where this will go remains to be seen.  


This character's sixstat code is 252432

  • Health: 2 – Lucius's resistance to damage is below-average, largely due to his young age and subsequent lack of defensive capabilities.
  • Damage: 5 – Lucius's high levels of strength allow him to do surprisingly large amounts of damage.
  • Speed: 2 – Lucius's speed is below average due to the shortness of his legs.
  • Reflexes: 4 – Lucius is highly observant, although this is compromised somewhat by his slight lack of knowledge on what to avoid.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Lucius's high observance coupled with a simple lack of knowledge due to his young age provide an approximately average Intelligence factor.
  • Regen: 2 – Lucius's regeneration from damage, like his resistance to damage, is sub-par due to his young age.


Fun Facts

  • While developing Lucius, I came up with the last name for established characters Niki and Iris, who are, incidentally, the child and adoptive child, respectively, of Hannah Cantin, the Orsinis' daughter.
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