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This is an article about Lucinda the Angelfox, the fursona of SPop120 created on 01/25/2013.

"I don't hate demons because we are natural enemies. I hate them because I know what they do and what they are capable of."
—Luce on her opinion of demons

Lucinda the Angelfox is a twenty-one year old hedgefox who is an angel and the partial fursona/main character of SPop120


During the summer, Luce has chocolate brown fur. During the winter, Luce has white fur along with black hair. Luce prefers to keep her hair short in the summer, and long in the winter, although her hair will have varying lengths, depending on if Luce wants her hair long or short. During the winter, Luce's tail also has a black tip. Luce also has cobalt blue eyes.


During the winter, Luce wears a black shirt with a high collar. In between the the collar and the neckline of the shirt is black fishnet. Her left sleeve is made of fishnet, and it is only a couple inches in length. She also wears a black fingerless glove on her left hand. Her right sleeve is long and black. She also wears a light grey fingerless glove on her right hand. She wears long blue pants, and boots with four colored bands. The top band is purple, the second band is cyan, the third band is blue, and the last band is white. During the summer, Luce wears a black tanktop, along with baggy white pants, with her sword on the side. She also wears a white a scarf.


Luce is a highly creative individual. She doesn't exactly want to become an artist or anything in the creative field, simply because "creating" something gives her the sense of accomplishment. She knows how to empathize with others and be kind to them. She will feel most fulfilled when fighting off an enemy of sorts, or helping others through their problems. Luce tends to be a great listener, always offering to listen to people's problems, as she genuinely wants to help others. She always accepts and values people as individuals. She believes others have the right to be themselves, and they should express themselves. Luce has a great deal of tolerance and acceptance towards dealing with negative judgement from soicety and people. Luce is a very deep and intelligent person, being able to grasp most concepts with ease. Luce also has a great deal of insight to people's characters. She will quickly understand where a person is coming from by asserting their motives and feelings. Luce can also easily understand and grasp differnet situations and she can quickly grasp new concepts. Luce also has passionate and intense feelings, as she is a very emotional person. Luce also holds her ideals very dear, and she normally always follows her ideals.

However, Luce is extremely sensitive to any form of criticism. She may also percieve criticism where none was intended. Luce also has skewed and unrealistic ideas about parts of reality. She is also partially unable to acknowledge anything that goes against her personal beliefs or opinions. Luce is also known to blame her problems on other people, simply because she believes that a lot of her problems have come from other people rather than from herself, and she often believes herself to be a victim who is treated unfairly in life. Luce is sometimes unaware on how her behavior affects other people. When Luce is under great stress, she will brood over the problem excessively. Luce may develop strong judements that are difficult to unseed against people who she percieves to have been oppressive or suppressive to her.  Also, when she is under great stress, she may obsess about details that are unimportant to the big picture of things. Luce also has an explosive temper that can come out at any time. Luce also has a difficult time controlling her temper. Luce may feel overwhelmed with tension and stress when someone expresses disapproval of her.



Luce was born a mortal to her mother, Kit, and her father Jean. A couple years after she was born they welcomed her sister, Auburn, and then her brother and sister twins, Pixie and Flames. She happily greeted them and loved them with all her heart. She would often rambunctiously play with them outside.

Father's Alleged Death

Luce, her siblings, and her mother went for a walk one day. They heard a loud gunshot, and Luce's mother told Luce and her siblings to hide in the bushes, and they obeyed. They watched carefully and Luce's mother let out a shrill scream. Her father had been shot and supposedly killed, the killer unknown. Kit took her children back home and quickly sold their house at that time and left, buying a new house for the safety of her family. Luce was about nine.

Mother's Sickness

A while later, Luce's mother gained the sickness NIDS. It rapidly started shutting down Kit's body, causing her to be extremely tired and sick all the time. It escalated to the point where Kit could no longer walk. Luce worried deeply for her mother, and didn't want to lose her like she did her father.

Luce's Death, and Becoming an Angel

Luce one day was taking a walk to the local pharmacy to pick up her mother's medication. Luce was mugged and murdered. Her mother died soon after that incident, succumbing to the disease because of depression. Luce soon woke up next to her grave, and felt, different, and not herself. She got up and retraced her steps to her home, and found her siblings barely getting by, and she decided to help. 

Luce gathered her siblings up, and came up with a plan for survival. She soon got everyone to do work around the neighborhood for money, barely living off of that money. They worked constantly, rarely ever seeing each other. Luce soon got a scholarship to college and worked three full time jobs at a time to help pay the home bills and for food. 


Photokinetics- Luce has the ability to manipulate light. She can form it into any shape she wishes. She uses it to blind others and cause a lot of damage, most specfically to demons.

Magnekinetics- Luce can manipulate anything magenetic, including the magentic field of whatever planet she is on. This also helps her to be able to know when to strike someone, and where on the body. This is a natural instinct and power she was born with due to being a fox. Whether the magnetic item is organic (man-made), or natural, she will be able to manipulate it. She can also have limited mind control due to being able to manipulate the magnetic particles in one's brain. Luce can also disrupt electronics. She can also sense how magnetic fields move and what is disrupting it. She can also track others by detecting the iron in their blood. She can also manipulate the magnetic field to form an energy field as a shield.

Holy Water Manipulation-

Purification- Luce has the ability remove all darkness or eveil from a person. However, she may be consumed by the darkness herself if she uses it, and the person she uses it on must have the will to have it removed.


Flight- Luce can fly up to unknown speeds, but can fly rather high and for long periods of time. She is a very agile flyer, and can swiftly dodge objects in the air.


Luce's defense is very low, making her more vulnerable to hits. She can also be easily manipulated, and is rather sensitive to rude comments. She is also emotionally vulnerable, as she tends to be a bit insecure at most times. Dark-based attacks damage her the most, as do fire attacks. Demons tend to set off her temper as well. Using hemokinetics drains her energy immensly. Luce is also weak to darkness-based attacks. 


Photon Aura- Luce can surround herself with light that would blind everyone who looked at it. However, it can be overwhelmed by darkness manipulation.

Light Healing- Luce can heal using light but she is very inexperienced with doing this.

Photon Shift- Luce can shift light particles to cause illusions, specifically causing invisibility, or an illusion she would like. However, like light healing, she is rather inexperienced and can only hold illusions for prolonged periods of time.

Magnetic Sense- Luce can use the mangnetic field of the planet to track others. Like other foxes (most specifcially non-mobians), she can use this to her advantage when finding others and learning the correct spot to attack, when and where. To do this, she can track the iron in someone's blood. She can also manipulate the magnetic field to form an energy field.

Items Currently in Possesion

Crosier- Luce owns a crosier in that has healing and revival powers. However, she is very inexperienced with it and cannot fully heal someone, but can revive them. She never leaves home without it. She will sometimes use it as a weapon, even though it is not one. The abilities of the crosier are very limited, meaning she can only heal one wound at a time, and only revive one individual at a time.

Celestial Sword- Luce also owns and carries around a sword in which that is used to slay demons, and only demons. She never leaves home without this sword, either. It has a silver metallic blade, and a white hilt with gold designs around it. It is about the size of a machete.

Synchro StoneLuce owns a turquoise synchro stone. She uses it to increase her reflexes and dexterity. She has it fused into her right shoulder. 




Flames the HedgehogLuce and Flames are very close, as siblings. Luce constantly looks out for Flames's well being, and even pitches in to take care of his kids when he and Charlotte need a break.

Auburn the Fox - Luce and Auburn are extremely close. Luce looks out for Auburn's well being as well, and she will constantly do so, making an effort to see her and her family whenever she has the chance.

Peggy the Fennec FoxTo Luce, Peggy is somewhat of a daughter/sister to her, although they share more of a mother-daughter relationship than a sibling one, Luce treats Peggy as if she were both.

Neiva the Foxwolf- Luce and Neiva are extremely close. Luce considers Neiva as a daughter, and treats her just like she is her mother. Luce often watches over Neiva extremely closely, sometimes afraid for her safety.

Charlotte the Arctic HareHer sister-in- law. Luce and Charlotte are extremely close, as Luce took care of her when her parents died. Luce also kept Charlotte's sister hidden.

Den "Discord" the Fox -

Alia the Batfox - 

Natalie the Fox-

Ember the Hedgehare-

Cyanide the Hedgehare-


Crymson the Cat- Luce respects Crymson, and respects her. Luce has considered Crymson her friend, and invites her to the beach in Lessons in Love.  Luce rarely speaks to her, but she still considers her a freind.

Valencia the Vampire Werefox- Luce considers Valencia her best friend, and knows how Valencia feels with her curse. Luce also doesn't mind that that Valencia bears a curse. She and Valencia share a good relationship. They do talk to each other a lot, and Luce would be there for Val if she ever needed anything.

Zorovar "Twilight" Hallstrom- Luce doesn't know Zorovar all that well, but knows him a bit. She does consider him a friend.

Static the CatLuce does not know Static all that, well, although she considers him an ally and a friend. She doesn't speak very much to him.

Malachi the Cat- A good friend of Luce's, who is also an Angel. They rarely talk, but when they do, they are very friendly towards one another. She respects him greatly, as he has done much for her. She will be eternally greatful for their friendship. Luce comes to Malachi for advice a lot, because she knows she can trust him and values his opinion.

Monk the Cat - Luce considers Monk a good friend. Despite the fact they don't talk to each other very often, Luce still considers Monk a friend, and when he needs help, give him help, just as with all of her other friends.

Zion "Grail" Bannonwave - Luce considers Grail a good friend, and even like a brother. She trusts him quite a bit and doesn't think anything bad about him.

Lulu the Demon- Luce considers Lulu a friend, but they do have times when they bicker a lot and they tend to disagree on most things. Despite this, they share a sisterly bond which cannot be easily broken.


Kasai the Hellcupine-

Zorovar "Twilight" Hallstrom- 

Ash the Angelcat - Ash threatened Twilight to take herself from him, and it creeped out Luce immensly, as did she grow a strong dislike for Ash. However, Luce and Ash are on okay terms due to him having feelings for someone else. They are currently building a friendship, although the two are still a bit cautious around each other.


Skyla the Hedgecat-

Mae the SuccubusMae has threatened several times to kill Twilight and eat his heart. This truly frightened Luce, and actually made her become scared, depressed, and angry. It also made Luce think that if she left everyone behind, that demons such as Mae would leave them alone, and only bother her. Luce despises Mae with all her heart, and told her if she ever touched Twilight, she would kill her (which was actually just an empty threat because Luce was frightened). Mae also made a convincing illusion that Twilight was dead once. Luce proceeded to attempt to harm Mae. Mae then turned to stab Luce multiple times, mortally wounding her.

Love interests: 

Twilight the Lycalo-



  • Luce is extremely claustrophobic. She freaks out in small spaces, and does not like bear hugs or excessive hugs. 
  • Luce is also an arachnophobe.
  • Luce's name's origin is Latin, and means it means light, a reason she was decided to be an angel and given photokinetic powers.
  • Luce has glasses, although she often to never wears them and instead wears contacts. She gets extremely embarrassed if someone sees her wearing her glasses.
  • Like many other foxes, Luce has retractable claws.
  • Luce is ticklish almost everywhere on her body. 

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