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Lucifer the Obsidian Disease


credit to ShadDestineygirl of DA for drawing this character

Biographical Information


Chronology:over 5,000 years old


Cubia the Hidden One[creator and father]

Matrix the Obsidian Corruption[twin brother]

Matthias the Obsidian Nightmare[cousin]

Mordrid the Obsidian Insanity[cousin]

Nexus the Obsidian Time [cousin]

Alias Disease[Obsidian name], Lucifer[name after aquiering a host]
Romantic Interests none
Physical Description
Species Litemon, Hedgehog, Obsidian
Gender Male[soul] and female[body]

Fur color:black

Eye color:crimson red in left eye and Split blood red and sky blue right eye

Hair color and length:black with acid green tips, hip long

Attire Lime green strapless shirt, lime green short shorts, lime green boots, blue wrist bands and a collar
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Obsidian Army
Weaponry Fists and legs
Abilities Umbrakinses
Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s) N/A
Appearances N/A
Origanal Creator Makuta294


Disease was one of the first Obsidians created, along with his twin brother, Corruption, by Cubia the Hidden One, a deity of the universe and creator of the Obsidians. Corruption left his brother to fight against the Obsidians mortal enemy and prey, the Litemons, and left Disease alone with Cubia. Hundreds of year later, the Obsidians captured some Litemons for experiaments, Disease took the strongest Litemon they captured, a female named _______, as his host and named himself Lucifer. He quickly destroyed the host's soul so he can have absolute control over the body. Lucifer decided that with his new body, he was best suited with spying and assassination but years later, the Litemon body started getting tainted with Obsidian energy and got darker in color, forcing Lucifer to join the front lines. 500 years before current time, the Obsidians and their creator disappeared. Lucifer never did find his twin brother, so he decided to help the Cursed Wave in research and conquering worlds, as his master told him to do. Now he arrives to Mobius/Earth, sensing his brother here.


He is very obsessive of searching for his brother, his reasons are unknown. He has become feminine over the many years due to being in a girl's body. When undercovered, he would act somewhat tomboyish.


  • He is the first Obsidian to aquire a Litemon body as a host.
  • I thought it would be funny if I had a male character in a girl's body. Just want to confuse people.
  • There was a Litemon girl that he liked during his time of spying and assassinating. He didn't kill her but he doesn't know what has become of her.
  • He's straight with a twist.

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