This is an article about Lucifen the Demon, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 08/8/2013.

Lucifen is a demon king.


Physical Appearance

Lucifen has maroon fur.


Lucifen wears a black robe cut off at the waist, wearing Blood-colored jeans and red boots with metal spikes. He also has two holes in the back of his shirt for his wings to fit through.


Lucifen is cold, sadistic, and highly manipulative.


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Mind manipulation: This allows Lucifen to manipulate anyone who does not have a strong will.

Special Abilities

Imp creation: He can create imps out of demonic energy.


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He cannot manipulate any women if they share any demonic blood or ancestors. He also has to constantly absorb women's life force or else he could lose his mobian appearance. He also has a severe vulnerability

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