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Lucas is a young teenaged mink with no special powers. He doesn't have much skill in fighting or physical activities at all.


Lucas is rather small in stature. He has short, dense white fur covering most of his body. Not much is seen of his body other than his tapering tail with two black rings at the end. He is usually hidden under the shade of his parasol. This makes his black clothes seem like the shadows themselves. The shadows also completely veil his face in darkness. His eyes seem to glow a dull yellow, though. His clothes consist of a black tee, ankle-length pants and a long-sleeved black shirt. He also wears white gloves that have exra grip on the palm, thumbs and bases of the fingers. All in all, he looks to be a figure hidden in the shadows with his eyes emitting a dull yellow glow. For those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his face, they'd see his yellow eyes and his white muzzle. He also seems to have shoulder-length black hair or fur.


Lucas has a somewhat complicated personality. For his age he is very intelligent, being able to debate and outwit adults and people many times his age. However, he usually appears as a passive, neutral, sarcastic and gloomy mink. He does this to cope with the ridicule he recieves on a nearly daily basis. He isn't physically bullied, because the people that pick on him know what would happen if they did. He is still an emotionally hurt kid. He is said to have a large ans snippy mouth for one so young, but is usually respectful.

If one were to succeed in gaining his trust, they'd see a completely different side to the young mink. Under his shell is a soft-hearted and very caring boy. He is actually rather brave and heroic, while having a strong conscious. His condition prevents him from being able to do much of anything helpful, though. He enjoys spending time with his friends and trying to be like them. He usually has dreams of such a life. The one thing he wants the most would be to get rid of his condition which severely habits what he can do.


Lucas has a very normal history... minus the allergies. He was born to two minks on an average winter night. His father was a police officer and his mother was a nurse. They raised the baby mink normally for a few months until it came time for spring. By them, they had learned that he would be allergic to dairy and would have to limit his diet accordingly, which wasn't so big of a deal. On one of the first days of spring, Lucas crawled over to a low window, like the curious baby he was and climbed up, peering out of it. His mother nearly had a heart attack when she heard his shrill screams of terror and agony as the sunlight started to burn away at his fragile body. Stunned and confused, she instantly scooped up the baby, but not before severe damage was done. He had several harsh burns and had to stay in the hospitol for over a year before he fully recovered. Being a nurse, his mother would come into his room and visit him every day to talk and love him, his father too made it an appointment to be with his son while he healed.

When he finally got out of the hospitol at age two, he had already developed a strong bond with his parents. They were worried about his safety, though and tried several ways to keep him safe. The first was to shut out as much light as possible, but he became very scared in the dark. The next thing they did was try very strong suntan lotion, only succeeding in making him into a greasy mess of fuur before he started to get burned again. Eventually, when he could walk and understand them, his parents gave him a parasol for safety. He always seemed to carry one around for that reason.

When he was old enough for school, he went in expecting a good time and to learn a lot, but the experience he had was very different. Yes, he did learn a lot, more than most of teh other students, actually, but he was the weakest kid in school. At one point a bully ripped the "girly" protective parasol from his hands and threw it out into an open field. The only thing Lucas could do was sit in the progressively receeding shdow of the school building until someone came to his rescue. After that experience, he was bullied in a different way; harassment. He is still in school and still learning and still getting bullied.


"You're one of the lucky ones... Oh, what do I mean by that? You get to have a normal happy life, living in the fresh air, being able to look up at the beautiful sky... Very lucky. Me; I've only ever been able to see the sky in pictures. If I tried to see it for myself, I'd die in the process. You are lucky. You might take these things for granted, but what I wouldn't give just to feel the warmth of the sun just once..."

-- Lucas.

Lucas is disbled physically. This stems from his severe and possibly fatal allergic rection to UV radiation and lights. As the sun emits that light and it comes from many other sources of light, Lucas is severely hampered in what he can do and where he can go. He has to usually move very slowly to avoid accidentally tripping or stepping into the sunlight. Normally a trip would leave a small wound and you'd be able to carry on, but not Lucas. A trip or fall can expose his whole body to sunlight, and if not treated or if he is not moved to the shade quickly, he will die from it. About thirty seconds of direct cunlight would do the young mink in. Also, when it hits him he is physically weakened to the point where he sometimes can't even move.

Items in Possession

  • Parasol - His most important possession. He wouldn't be able to go outside without it. But it is also the reason he gets picked on and such.
  • Spare Parasol - His original parasol. It is a bit smaller and certainly lighter, but of lower durability and quality. It cn be used to keep things away by using it as a weapon of sorts, but is mainly for emergencies.
  • Digital Camera - A camera, completed with a tripod. Lucas can use it to see things he normally couldn't, like the sky, the sun, the stars, the tops of trees and various other things. It also helps because he usually only sees stuff about fifty feet in front of himself. It can also take pisctures of things he likes.
  • Portable Laptop - His personal computer and one of his tools. He has several puzzles and games on it to helo with hisboredom.


Lucas is very skilled in mental games. He excells at games of cards, strategy and out-matching your opponent, like Chess. He also seems to have a very precise hand for making small, seemingly insignificant trinkets to use, play with or give to others. He does possess a tiniest bit of fighting knowledge, but all he can really do is hit people with his spare parasol... and usually only low, horizontal blows which do even less damage. He obviously isn't an athlete or even an average contender for sports, but is more than fit for problem solving and smaller, more precise actions.


  • Lucas has a strong fear of mirrors. This is from the fact that they can reflect the sunlight back into him from an angle.
  • Lucas is also allergic to chocolate and dairy, which limits what foods he can eat.
  • It is not uncommon for people to mistake Lucas as a vampire. Actually, many people can be scared off by his shadowy appearance alone, much to his dismay.
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