You may be looking for his Prime Zone counterpart.

This is an alternate version of Lucas the Lycanroc that appears in the Secrets of the Dark World sub-series that takes place in the Dark Mobius universe. In this Zone, Lucas is a Megastone Rogue who became a Storm Fighter following the destruction of the Storming Base.


Lucas retains his main series appearance


Lucas largely retains his main series personality.


Lucas' past is most likely largely the same as his Prime Zone counterpart. The point of divergence is when Knuckles went mad due to his Chaos powers and took on the mantle of Enerjak.

Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest: Lucas first appears when Knuckles attacks the Storming Base. When Braveheart rushes to save his mate and cubs from the enraged Knuckles, Lucas howls at him to get away, calling him a stupid furball. When Knuckles is strangling Braveheart, Lucas interferes, slamming into the Guardian's midsection(presumably with Accelerock) to make him drop the Storm Fighter before shoving Braveheart away to get him moving. After a small group of Alliance warriors gathers in the Forest, Lucas is seen sitting next to Braveheart. When Austin spits that the Base had been their home for years, Lucas asks thoughtfully if they should risk another attack. He goes on to state that Knuckles attacked them because he believed they were interfering with his "mission of order". After Austin guides the warriors to what would become Nekronopolis, Lucas, Stone the Manectric, and Snort the Turtonator are accepted into the Storm Fighters. In the chapter The Conquest Begins, Lucas is mentioned to be at the Base while Fox leads a patrol. Lucas is later mentioned to be apart of a small patrol Braveheart-now horribly maimed-leads to deal with Dark Enerjak. When Austin is shot and killed, Lucas carries the warrior while Rory supports Braveheart. Later, after Braveheart regains consciousness after his leg is crushed, Lucas and Snort enter his room, with Lucas holding the staff Braveheart would come to use frequently. When Braveheart leads yet another patrol to try to stop Enerjak, Lucas is on it. When Braveheart snarls to the demigod that it's time to end the battle once and for all, and that while the Alliance was destroyed but the Fighters remain, Enerjak remarks that some of the warriors weren't Storm Fighters at all, while glancing over Stone, Lucas, Lycus, Rory, and Snort. Lucas snarls that he and the others became Storm Fighters when Enerjak destroyed their Teams, adding that if it means defeating him once and for all that they would gladly accept. Lucas is indirectly mentioned when the Storm Fighters on Braveheart's patrol try to come to their leader's aid while Enerjak is confronting him, but are held back. When the patrol fails, Lucas flees with his Teammates back to the Storming Base.

Secrets of the Dark World: Part 1: Lucas is first seen when he is laying on his side after an attack on the new Storming Base, and Stone helps him inside. Later, when Braveheart leaves to speak with Jani-Ca, Lucas asks him about this, and it is noted that nothing escapes the old Midday Lycanroc.

Secrets of the Dark World: Part 2: Lucas does not formally appear, but is listed in the Allegiances.

Secrets of the Dark World: Part 3: Lucas does not formally appear, but is listed in the Allegiances.


Lucas' full moveset has never been revealed, but he has been shown to know Stone Edge. It's possible he knows Accelerock given how fast he was able to catch up to Braveheart in Conquest.


Lucas' Ability has never been revealed.


Lucas has almost superhuman speed and agility


Being a Rock-Type, Lucas is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon; he resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, and Poison-Type Pokemon.


In Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest, Lucas is said to be at the Storming Base, but a few sentences later, he is said to be on Fox's patrol, being hidden by Lyron's wing as the patrol goes into hiding.

  • It's possible that Lycus is the character meant to be mentioned, but Lucas' name was typed up instead.
    • Evidence supporting this is the fact that Lycus is mentioned to be part of the patrol.
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