"Great warriors rise and fall. Light gives way to darkness, night gives way to sun. We will never forget the warriors who have given their lives for their friends and family, for their Teams, for the Worlds. Dakota is one such warrior. A brave warrior until the end, he never lost sight of what he loved most. May he find peace in the Stars until we join him in our own time."
—Lucas' speech at Dakota's funeral, Haunting Evil.

Lucas the Lycanroc is a male Midday Form Lycanroc who makes a minor cameo in The Legend of Fox the Brave, but still plays an important role in the series. He is a member of The Megastone Rogues, the father of Lycus the Lycanroc, adopted father of Boulder the Rockruff(until Boulder's biological father Finnick joined the Rogues), and a rather reserved fellow. He is the protagonist of the story Search for the Lost Warriors, which sees the return of Austin and Storm to the Storming Base. It was confirmed by series creator Burpy's Dream that Lucas and Finnick both passed away of natural causes before the Great Storm.


As Rockruff: As a Rockruff, Lucas resembles a short, non-anthropomorphic puppy with a whitish rocky mane around his neck, a witish bushy tail curled inward toward his head at the end. He has tan fur, dark brown paws, dark brown-tipped floppy ears, and a dark brown muzzle, and a whitish belly. He has blue eyes and a pink nose.

As Lycanroc: Being a Midday form Lycanroc, Lucas resembles a non-anthropomorphic wolf with tan fur and white paws. He has a white face, muzzle, bushy tail, and mane, a brown nose and claws, brown-tipped pointed ears, blue eyes, and five long rocky spikes in his thick mane.


As Rockruff: As seen in Hunter's Trial, Lucas, as Rockruff, is friendly and kind-hearted, eager to make new friends while also determined to listen to his mentor(Blast) and do well in his training to become a Melemele Sun Pack warrior. He quickly becomes friends with Bakyamo(later Hunter) the Cubone, Puck the Sandslash, and Veila the Vulpix. He is also confident, not easily intimidated by the vicious leader of the Moon Pack he and his companions run into on their way to the Altar of the Sun

As Lycanroc: Lucas is a rather reserved fellow, often keeping to himself. This is likely because of his strained relationship with his son Lycus, who outright hates him for some unexplained reason. He does genuinely care for Boulder, who was temporarily his adopted son until Boulder's actual father Finnick joined the Alliance. He still cares for Boulder, and the Rockruff remembers him as the one who cared for him in his real father's absence.


Hunter's Trial: Lucas first appears with his mentor Blast when they meet Hunter(then known as Bakyamo) the Cubone, Puck the Sandshrew, and Veila the Vulpix on their snowy mountain home while on their way to where Lucas will evolve into Lycanroc. Later, on the Island where Lucas will evolve, it is mentioned that he-along with Blast-are confidently leading Bakyamo, Puck, and Veila to where Lucas will evolve. They are stopped by that Island's Moon Pack(a pack of Midnight Lycanroc), and the leader reveals that he wants to rule the World they live in(the story is set in Alola), adding that an Alolan Marowak, Sandslash, and Ninetales would help solidify his rule. He then orders his Packmates to attack, and the group flee to the Altar of the Sun. Lucas is next seen in the middle of the top of the Altar when Solgaleo appears. Lucas answers some questions in a strange language, and then begins to glow with the light of Evolution, becoming Lycanroc. Lucas' last appearance is when he turns to Blast and dips his head.

Austin's Return: Lucas is briefly mentioned when he lets out an answering howl to Austin when he howls as he returns to The Storming Base.

Search for the Lost Warriors: In the Prologue, Lucas is indirectly mentioned when Ice Fang has a vision of him coming to bring Austin and Storm home.After Lycus attacks the Base and injures Cody, Lucas decides to set out to find Austin and Storm. He encounters Lycus and Dallas and fights the former. Lycus taunts his father on his attack, mockingly stating he thought Midday Lycanroc were honorable. Lucas snarls that Lycus doesn't deserve honor before attacking him again. When Dr. Finitevus arrives, demanding to know what's going on, Lucas slips into the undergrowth, and Lycus states it was nothing special. Lucas soon arrives at his old home and finds Blast the Lycanroc, his former mentor. Lucas helps Blast over to a patch of grass, and asks him if he knows where Austin and Storm are. Blast answers no, but tells him that Ice Fang knows. Blast then thanks Lucas for coming, saying that at least he won't be alone when he joins the Spirits, and closes his eyes, passing away. Lucas buries his old mentor, sitting vigil all night before setting out to find Austin and Storm. He soon finds Ice Fang in the Ice Cave, and the old Albino Midday Lycanroc tells him to hurry and find Austin. Ice Fang says that "Your friends are on Akala Island, in the Lush Jungle. They are waiting for a chance to return to their World, and you are that chance. But you must hurry! The evil that hunts them is growing stronger! It will not wait any longer! You must hurry!"(referring to Finitevus) Lucas hurries over to where Austin and Storm are now living, finding Austin wrestling with one of his new friends, Scorch the Solynx. Austin spots Lucas, and asks him what he's doing there. Lucas tells him that he's come to take them home, but Austin-immediately gaining a haunted expression-tells him that he can't return, for fear of Finitevus harming his entire family. Lucas relays to Austin Ice Fang's warning of Finitevus growing impatient, and insists they come home. Austin and Storm exchange a look before Austin nods to Lucas. The old Lycanroc then leads the foursome of friends to the Storming Base, but they are blocked by Lycus' Gang in Lamarkie Forest, and Lucas takes note of Dallas' frightened look. Finitevus sneers that he knew it was only a matter of time before Austin finally came out of hiding. Lucas snaps at Storm and Ripple to use Water Pulse, and they do. Storm aims for Finitevus, while Ripple aims for Lycus. This allows them to escape. They head to the Base, and the Alliance greets the missing warriors. Lucas watches as Rosa happily reunites with her mate, and Fox accepts Austin back into the Storm Fighters. After Storm chooses to join the Storm Fighters as well, Lucas meets them just outside the main building, and gives them a heart-to-heart before heading for his sleeping quarters.

The Dusk Wolf: Lucas makes a brief cameo in the Prologue when Boulder evolves. His first physical appearance is in the chapter A Name for Evil when he is mentioned to be one of the warriors in Cori's computer room, sitting next to a standing Finnick the Lycanroc. He is later mentioned in Boulder's Bravery as Boulder imagines him using Stone Edge before using it himself. Later, during The Great Island Raid, Lucas is apart of Fox's patrol that arrives on Angel Island to chase off Lycus' Gang while Finitevus take advantage of the fight to sneak off to the Master Emerald.


He currently knows Stone Edge, Crunch, Accelerock, and Thunder Fang. Currently, Stone Edge, Crunch, and Accelerock are the only moves to have been confirmed in-story.


Lucas' Ability is Keen Eye, which prevents his Accuracy from being lowered.


Midday Lycanroc are naturally fast Pokemon, so Lucas has somewhat superhuman agility, and has speed possibly rivaling that of a greyhound, especially when using Accelerock, which grants him Priority.


Being a Rock-Type, Lucas is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon, Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, Poison, and has a Type-Advantage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-Type Pokemon.


As Rockruff


Due to the Rule of the Worlds, Lucas is immune to the Metal Virus, as he is Alola-born. Additionally, he is a Spirit, which are immune regardless of their World of origin when they lived

Lucas is one of three Midday Lycanroc to appear in the series, the others being his old mentor Blast, and the Albino loner Ice Fang.

Lucas' mate in Alola was a foresight Dusk named Sora, but he was later confirmed by the series author to be LGBT, finding love in Boulder's father Finnick

Lucas is one of a few Pokemon in the series to have a human name

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