Lucas Arthur or better known as, "Lol" (L-O-L) is a bee that is part of the Royal Court of the famous Pollenot Kingdom. He assumes the role of Director of The Royal Collection and Poet laureate. He was a member of The Trolls before he was able to transform back to his original self and defect.


Lucas was the second born of an esteemed member of The Royal Court of Pollenot and his commoner wife. Lucas' father was tasked with finding an ancient painting that was stolen from the kingdom and taken to the Station Square Museum. Although pregnant, his wife accompanied him to Station Square where she gave birth to Lucas. After retrieving the painting, the family fled the museum and ran towards the city limits. As it was a rainy night, the bees could not fly to safety and were forced to run. Eventually they were stopped by a troll and after a brief argument, Lucas' parents were killed. The troll, irrationally thinking the infant would somehow give him away, the troll kidnapped the babe and fled to the nearby Troll City. The higher-ups soon found out about the troll harboring the Mobian and abducted Lucas for experimenting. Using a then-recently invented device the trolls successfully transformed the infant Lucas Arthur into a troll. They ran a few more tests on him before deciding to abandon him in a trash can on the streets of Station Square. As predicted, Lucas eventually found his way back to Troll City. It was then when Lucas began going by the moniker, Lol-ASL the Bee. Believing he never went to Troll City before, Lol believed himself to be a normal Mobian and loved The Trolls due to him being mysteriously drawn towards them. Lol became infamous for his lustful and violent behavior which earned him the respect of the other Trolls. He eventually met his best friend, a lion troll named Axebox the Legend. The history that Lol conjured up for himself was that when he was a baby a troll found him in a Trash can in the streets of Station Square. The trolls thought they could turn him into a troll but he was so cute they couldn't bear it. They said they would do it later but never did the latter option was Dismal (who wouldn't appear for quite some time). LOL always loved the trolls. One day he was stolen by troll haters. Some trolls cried. He returned eight weeks later with all of the traitors dead. Rageik cried and called him his son. Ever since he respected and defended the trolls. For most of his life he lived with his only true friend, Axebox.

About a year ago Lol began having strange dreams about another life and he began doubting his existence. He began to grow sick and tired of his violent and thuggish lifestyle, wondering if there was even a point to it. He grew depressed as he realized he was growing apart from the people he would once risk his life for. His feelings only increased when he met a beautiful female bee in Station Square that asked him to be her guard. When Lol confronts his friend Axebox about his feelings he angrily snaps at him, insulting him for wanting to change. He quickly apologizes, saying that they can't change because the crooked life they lived was all they ever knew. This only hardened Lol's desire to change. As a result he embraced his love of poems and art that he abandoned in fear of it being "weak," He decided to go to the Station Square Museum and passed out. When he came to he saw the bee girl from before. Through a chain of events, he found out she was a princess named Yvella from a far off kingdom. He decided to visit and he finally began to feel at home again. He bumped into a kind bee named Ruben (who later turns out to be his brother) who was part of the royal air-force. He and Yvella inform him that the ancient blade, Golde Byrnsweord was stolen recently by a powerful man. Knowing that the trolls were the ones who stole the sword, Lol heads to Troll City once more.

While heading to Troll City Lol runs into Axebox and Axebox says that no matter what Lol decides that he will stick by him since the two have been friends since childhood. The two then begin their assault on the troll capital in attempt to find the blade. They eventually find an underground base that contains the blade an a Troll-Mobian converter with power for one last use. Lol and Axebox find out that the trolls will use the remains of Mobian-Troll converter pods along with the Eclipse Canon to transform the inhabitants of Mobius into Trolls. 

The Golde Byrnsweord only allows itslef to be wielded by those worthy. Lol and Axebox knew that as they were they would be instantly eradicated if they touched the sword without its sheath and as such, the two head to the heavily guarded corridor where the last Troll-Mobian Pod was located so they could have a slim chance of using the weapon to fight the Troll higher-ups without destroying themselves. Axebox sacrifices his life to distract the armed guards allow Lol to get into the room where the converter is located. Crying, Lol enters the pod and is transformed back into a Mobian, abandoning his Troll name and realizing his true name, Lucas. Lucas experiences an exhilarating surge of power that he never felt before and takes The Golde Byrnsweord, ready to take down The Troll threat. Though he is still more worthy than any troll, Lucas still is far from the rightful wielder of the blade and as such his arm quickly begins to burn, his flesh becoming bloody and mangled. Lucas admirably fights off the Troll highlord and thwarts his plans before sheathing the sword and escaping to Pollenot. Once at Pollenot, he makes it to the throne room to return the sword before collapsing.

When he comes to, his left arm is horribly malformed and wrapped in bandages secreted in the kingdom's strongest honey to ease the pain. Lucas was honored for retrieving the historical sword and was offered a seat in The Royal Court of Pollenout to fill the empty seats (one which was left by his father), which he accepted.

He now is the Director of the Royal Collection and Poet laureate of Pollenot and lives with his older brother, Ruben.

Physical Description

Lucas is rather tall and lanky. He has long hair that's blue, red, green and yellow with a blue bang that covers his right eye. He is usually seen with a paintbrush, a notepad, and a quill-tip pen. He tends to not wear gloves so he can he "one with nature" and wears black dress shoes with white, knee-high socks, a very long teal waistcoat with mnay pockets, a white shirt and a white jabot that resembles that of a judge. His left arm is perpetually wrapped in a heavy white bandage as a reminder than even as a Mobian he shall never be worthy enough to wield The Golde Byrnsweord. Like most bees, he is black and yellow striped.


Lucas is more powerful as a Mobian then he ever was a troll, Lucas theorizes that trolls tend to be weak because they simply come back to life after dying anyways and thus, no real need to be strong. Lucas hardly ever fights and as such he tends to not know his own strength. Lucas is an extremely fast flier anddue to his wings, he is great at aerial comabt, keeping an opponenet off the ground for long periods of time. In addition to his speed, he is very strong and posseses frighteningly poten electrical abilities.


Lol appeared in Roleplay:All-out Apocolypse trying to steal the chaos amuelets from Turbo. He barely has any speaking lines.

Lol appears in Roleplay:Island of Enigma first in the desert along with the rest of the trolls trying to find hidden treasure. He helps out Dismal and the others by leading them away from danger.Lol convinces to Toxic that once they find the treasure they'll rule the island opposed to Rageik ruling it and get alot of adoring women. They end up not ruling the island after all though.

Lol appears in Roleplay:Eternal Dawn first trying to steal Duan's guitar and trying to give it to the trolls.Then Lol captures Duan and brings him to the troll city. Once they get to Lol's hideout they fight for Duan's frredom. Then Lol claims he only kidnapped him because the trolls were always moody and crashing at his house then Duan agrees to play at the Troll City every saturday night.

Lol appears in Interactive story:The Secret investigating the death of a troll.

Lol appears in Roleplay:Green Hill hangout! He first appears trying to find flowers to pollinate and he tries to get a date with Cream's emo cousin,Dragonfly. For most of the roleplay he is seen hitting on Cream for some flowers and so on.

Lol appeared in Roleplay:Dawn of the Eclipse causing mayhem by fighting Mark since he never heard of the trolls and fought him and Saizo quite vigorously.

Lol is in Roleplay:Metal's Revenge being targeted by Stephani Bell and he was trying to bring Metal to the trolls so Metal can be their pet.

Lol appears in Roleplay:Mobius Basketball tournament in team Yunika.

His ancestor,Omg-Rofl the Bee appears in Roleplay:Sonic and the Black Knight (fanon).As the legendary criminal who impregnated half of the women in the kingdom. He then was brutally murdered for his crimes. 

Note:OMG-Rofl's(real name:Oliver Richmund) children formed a rebellion group called Sons of Oliver and defected from the kingdom, eventually forming Pollenot.


Lucas tends to not form relationships with people and as such is very introverted.


  • Axebox the Legend-Lol's only true friend. The two would always stick together and watch out for each other like brothers. Both of them grew to despise their lives and wanted to change. Once Axebox realized that Lol's humanity was stripped from him, Axebox gave his life to give birth to Lucas once more. Lucas frequently visits his best friend's grave to give him flowers and weep.
  • Majeek the Flying Squirrel - He absorbed her boyfriend Cloud promising that he would better to Majeek but in truth he only loves Majeek for her looks and the second another girl with better looks than her comes along he'll dump Majeek. He takes advantage that Majeek has low self-esteem to get her to do the things he wants her to do...and those aren't things she'd normally do. Because Lol was Majeek she was an anti hero. After Cloud broke free from the absorbtion she dumped Lol but she still hangs out with him, possibally proving that she indeed does have feelings for the thuggish bee. Lucas hasn't seen her since he transformed but he still thinks about her.
  • Ruben Arthur-Lucas' best friend and brother. Though the two only met a year ago, they are already close and confide in each other about everything. Ruben serves the role that Axebox had and gives advice when Lucas needs it. Rueben worries that his brother may take his own life inhopes that he can escape from his past life as Lol...
  • Yvella-The driving force that ultimately made Lol change into Lucas. Lucas is deeply infatuated with princess Yvella and the primary reason he joined The Royal Court in the first place was that he could be a candicate to be one of her suitors. Like his brother, Lucas trusts the princess but he can't bring himself to tell her about his life as Lol. Due to her royal status, Lucas cannot see her as much as he wants.


As Lol, Lucas was a rude and brash trashmouth who would gladly kill anyone who got on his nerves. He took what he wanted, not caring who would get hurt and was not above forcing himself upon women he found attractive. He was cocky and believed himself to be the best person who ever lives and would visciously beat anyone who said otherwise. He was also manipulative, being able to act like a geniously nice person if it got him with a girl or got him food in his mouth. Despite him not being that powerful, he still had a gigantic ego who felt he was the center of the universe due to his alignment with the . He was a murderous sadist who's only loyalties were to the trolls and Axebox. Like most trolls, Lol posessed little intelligence. Although he had no morals, he would sometimes be compelled to stop by a soft yet stern voice which was his original self trying to break free. Once he became an adult, he began to soften and grow tired of his rowdy ways, feeling that it was pointless which implies that perhaps the transformation into a troll was imperfect.

After transforming back into a normal being, Lucas' personality changed drastically. He's now distant, not the social butterfly the used to be. He's quiet and soft-spoken, rarely ever speaking unless spoken to and is shown to be shy. He doesn't like to be the center of attention and tends to fade into the sidelines. He is a devout pacifist and hates violence of any kind, believing he has no right to tarnish nature's beauty. Though he hates fighting, he wants to uphold justice and knows that some problems cannot be solved by talking which causes him to get frustrated with himself. He is a loner, not wanting to get close to people because he's afraid of himself and afraid he'd lose them like he lost Axebox. He hates himself because he clearly remembers all the people he killed and woman he raped as a troll and wonders how much of it was due to his brain forcibly being changed and how much was due to the darkness in his own heart, which he fears may still linger. He tends to have nightmares of the deeds of his past life and is constantly haunted by it.  He wants to escape from his past but he's afraid that he might never be able to forget his sins so he writes poems and paints to try and distract himself by looking at the beauty of the world. He is clever and stays neutral to outside problems because he doesn't want to risk making wrong decisions. Whenever he sees a troll,the remnants of Lucas' former brutal personality surfaces. Lucas will still often go by the nickname, "LOL" because he feels he doesn't deserve his "normal" name.



  • "I am not a troll and I'm not illiterate!! So screw you!"



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