Lucas the Bandicoot

Lucas the Bandicoot

Gunfreak *Lucas* Bandicoot is a cousin of Crash Bandicoot. He is a Gun Master, at the age of 18, and carries a loaded Assault Rifle, a semi-auto Shotgun on his back, two Desert Eagles on his hips, and a hidden revolver in both his boots. He likes to hang with his cousin when possible, but mostly spends time warding off opposing gangs.


Gunfreak was first just Lucas Bandicoot, a lone cousin of Crash Bandicoot. After he came to Mobius he, joined G.U.N for about 5 years and is right now single. He lived with his cousin and his family for a few years, but when he hit 15 he left N. Sanity Island when a portal appeared and sucked the house that he lived in into space, and teleported him to mobius in a ball of fire. His house was destroyed so he moved into Chaos City. He took a while to integrate with society, but he now works in his own gun shop. He hopes to find his true calling one day.

Gunfreak "Lucas" The Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot

Crunch Bandicoot
Gunfreak, Freak, Runt
Romantic Interests
No information
Tan fur with peach muzzle and belly, and blue eyes.
Grenade Belt over his left shoulder,black jeans, and blue boots.
M249 SAW, 2 desert eagles, dual revolvers (one in each boot) and a semi-auto Shotgun


Most of his antics are like his crazy cousin, except for speech. He has tan fur with a peach muzzle, blue eyes and wears Grenade Belt over his left shoulder (sometimes a blue sleeveless shirt), black jeans, blue shoes. He has a wild side but is mostly friendly and kind to others, Don't push him though, He ain't afraid to fight back. he wears his guns when on patrol of the city but when he is off duty, he roams the city and the rest of the world outside of it with out his assault rifle and shotgun. He only take them off when in the shop, his house, or anybodies home.


Crash Bandicoot

Crunch Bandicoot

Coco Bandicoot.

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