This is an article about Luca the Dhole, a character created by Namusan on 12/22/2014.

Luca is a dhole with the ability to manipulate and control ink.

This character is for Frozen Scorpio's 2nd Character Contest only.


Luca has glossy, dark gray fur. She has a white muzzle with a small nose. Her hair is long, braided, and the same dark gray as her fur. Her eyes are pitch black. She often wears a large black suit with a white shirt undernearth, a pair of white detached sleeves, a green skirt, and geta.


Luca is a mysterious oddball of a dhole. She is hates hates being called a "genius". She tends to treat everyone she meets in a condescending matter until they've proved their worth to her. She is highly intelligent, and even has her own research lab. She is basically an insufferable genius.


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Luca has the ability to control ink. Really, it's not ink, but nanomachines, a kind of microbe. She controls meaningless games with these microbes. Their classification as nanomachines perplexes most people. Nobody, not even Luca herself, really knows, or cares to know how she even acquired the ability to use ink as a weapon.


Due to being an insufferable genius, Luca is often made fun of. Elementally, she is weak to the element of Light, due to ink technically being Dark-aligned.

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