Lu-Lu's Lovely's is Lu-Lu the Ocelot's team. They all ride on roller-blades like other racers in the city. Lu-Lu's Lovely's are very inexpierenced, and have just begun. Their best rider is most likely Lily. Their hang-out is the Olara Geisers.
Lulu's Lovely's Symbol


Team Info
Team Name
Lu-Lu's Lovely's
Level E
Lu-Lu the Ocelot
Cups Won

Lu-Lu the Ocelot

Status: Leader

Blade Gear: Oce-Lu-Lu

Formation: Speed

Lu-Lu is the leader of the group. However, in terms of quality she is the worst on the team. Her gear is quite fast, and is unrivaled on the team. She is still inexpierenced, and still learning.

Lily the Tiger

Status: Second-In-Command

Blade Gear: Blossomed Lily

Formation: Power

Lily is perhaps the best on the team. She demonstrates power, and is quite fast. She has been blading since a young age, and is therefore very skilled. She is Lu-Lu's best friend.

Candice the Mouse

Status: Mechanic

Blade Gear: Mouse-Tech

Formation: Drift

The younger sister of Ruddy and Richie, Candice is very smart. She is the group mechanic and designs the boards. Her gears, though rarely used, are designed to drift with perfection. She has excellent control, but with that comes a lack of speed.

Ruddy the Mouse

Status: Racer

Blade Gear: Red Worry

Formation: Tricks

The twin brother of Richie. Ruddy is a boy who is not very smart, and usually just enjoys the feel of the air scratching his ears.

Richie the Mouse

Status: Racer

Blade Gear: Pink Worry

Formation: Flight

Richie is the twin brother of Ruddy. The rather flamboyant racer, is quiet skilled using his sister's modifications to allow limited flight (gliding).

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