This is an article about Love the Cat, a character created by AlphaLeah on 05/25/2013.


Love wears a orange shirt and a necklace with a diamond "L" on it. Her hair is tied into a spiky ponytail,her hair has light blue and her fur is blue. Love's alternate outfit is a green summer dress and an orange under shirt and brown sandals with a charm bracelet. Her winter wear consists of a gold snow coat and black leggings with gold-red boots with fur lining


Love's personality is like her name except that she can get a little bossy sometimes she usually she is a lovey-dovey person always acting and reading romance novels or romantic comedies and her favourite type of shows are sitcoms or funny real life documentaries like "here comes honey boo boo".She also acts stuck up sometimes. She is friendly and caring.


Love was born in Mobodoon and moved to Mobius when she was 5 when she turned 11 she realized she was a witch cat/familiar. Her story is similar to that of Hermoine Granger's however she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She is in her sixth year,during her first year she met Michael when she accidentally wandered into the Gryffindor common room(which the door was left open by manic). They became friends and always hung out together in the library or a secret tunnel under the library. When they left school on holiday to go home they left and didn't see each other or recognize each other in the seventh year,in the last day of school the realized each other and they became friends again and then last year the admitted there feeling for each other and are working on their relationship.


Love is a muggle-born witch meaning that she became a witch from a special gene from her grandmother when she gave Love her "L" necklace.

her powers are:

  • spell casting
  • potion making
  • cat tongue(can speak cat)
  • metamorphism(shape shift)
  • speak to the dead

Special Abilities

  • cat tongue(have to be born cat or cat gene)
  • metamorphose(have to learn by speaking to animals)
  • speak to the dead(have to have dead relative)


  • fighting
  • scratching
  • tongue bathing


  • special cat scratch spot
  • manic
  • stealing
  • fire
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