This Fan Story is about 5 couples as they go through the ups and downs of relationships. This story is 17 chapters long (3 per couple +1 chapter at the end and 1 at the start

Included Characters

Nexus the Hedgehog

Sophie the Fox

Dante the Fox

Alicia the Cat

Horco the Falcon

Poison the Cat

Leo the Cheetah

Alexia the Leopard

Jed the Rat

Jenna the Mouse

Chapter 1: The Diner Meetup

The bumbling noise coming from the Diner sends a freindly feel down Dantes back as he walks into the Diner with Alicia snuggling round him. "Hey dude, over here" yelled Falcox. They sat down at the table. "Great, everyones here now " said Nexus joyfully. "Hello, May I take your orders now" said The Waitress. "We'll take 10 Lemonades, 3 Cheeseburgers, 3 Chilli Dogs and 4 Chicken Subs please" Said Jed. "Thanks for your order" said The Waitress.

The orders came and the group of freinds started to eat. Jed and Jenna stood up and said bye to their freinds and left quietly.

Chapter 2: Nexus and Sophie pt1

Ba-Dung! "A text ? " Said Nexus. He picked up his phone and it said:

From Sophie: Hi Babe whats up?

And Nexus replied: Not much

--30 Mins Later--

Nexus and Sophie were walking through the City Shopping Mall, "Sqeeul, Its Sooooo CUTE" Shouted Sophie. She looked up and on the shop sign it said: Shoes 4 Days. "Great" Sighed Nexus. "Lets Go In" Said Sophie Joyfully.

--A Few Mins Later--

" OH MY GOD" Shouted Nexus, as he looked at the comic shop called |COMIXZ| " We need to go in" Said Nexus "Fine" Sighed Sophie "Look, Its the Rare Edition SuperHog Volume 32" Screamed Nexus. "Lets just go now" Sighed Sophie. "Ahhhh, OK" Sayed Nexus

--Later On--

"Lets go to my house Babe" Said Nexus "OK" Said Sophie.

Chapter 3: Dante and Alecia pt1

"Wow Really" said Alecia "Yup" replied Dante Dante and Alecia are walking down the street and spot a ChilliDog Stand and run to it. They payed for the ChilliDogs and laughed and ate at the same time. They stopped and looked into each others eyes and share a kiss, They smiled and held each others hands. "I don't know what to say" said Alecia, "I can't believe it either" replied Dante. They started to snuggle and walked down the street

--Later On--

Ba-Dung, a text appeared on Dante's Phone, it read:

Nexus: Hey dude what's up

Dante: Not Much

Nexus: Me neither

Dante: Hey Alecia's Birthday is coming up and I don't know what to get her, any help?

Nexus: She's turning 16 right?

Dante: Yup

Nexus: Well your 16 aswell so you should give her you 2's first kiss

Dante: About that

Nexus: What do you mean?

Dante: We did that today

Nexus: 😮

Dante: LOL 😎 gotta go bye

Nexus: See ya

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