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Louis the Fox

Louis the Fox is a 20 year old fox created by LouisTheFox. He may lack super powers, but he is an experienced shooter and a guy you surely don't want to mess with if you get on his opposite side. Despite having ADHD, he takes medication for it daily, which helps him focus and concentrate easier.

Quick Information

  • Name: Louis Richard Morrell
  • Species: Mobian/Fox
  • Age: 20
  • Birthdate: December 13th
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Residence: Los Angel, Calinora
  • Gender: Male ♂
    • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Status: Alive
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 76 lbs.
  • Birthplace: Mt. Riverside, Northeast Mobius
  • Voiced by: Louis Richard Morrell
  • Alignment: Neutal/Hero
  • Love Interest: Ruby the Wolf



Louis is a male fox that stands at 5'1" and weighs approximately 76 pounds. His fur color is dark grey. His muzzle, chest fur and inside of his ears are white in color. His eyes are a sky blue and he also has dark blonde hair.


He normally doesn't wear anything expect for a blue right shoe. If he does wear anything, he'll wear a black t-shirt or black sweater usually during cold weather.


Louis is pretty smart for a fox, he knows a lot when it comes to history or science. He stands up for anyone who is getting bullied, and he believes in equal rights for all people Mobians and humans regardless. Thus he has a liberal point of view. He believes that all people should be equal in society regardless of the difference they are. And he also is a believer in universal healthcare since he thinks it is a right for everyone.

Sometimes Louis can lose his anger and temper if he is pissed off. He can say something out of nowhere sometimes, because of his ADHD. He tends to be more of a smartass, than more of a nerd. But on the other hand is very caring, kind, and loving to people he knows well with.


Louis was born on Dec. 13th 1997 in the small quiet town of Mt. Riverside, Northeast Mobius. He was born to a human mother (he was once human), Rebecca Howery who had him at the age of 39. Louis was illegitimate since his mother and father never were married, not to mention the fact he never met his father either. Rebecca raised Louis with love and care throughout his childhood. Louis was later found out to have ADHD by his doctor at the age of 5 years old, since then Louis takes medication to be able to control himself and not go hyperactive with his ADHD. Louis always loved to look at the night sky and the Moon when he was little. He adored looking at the Moon, to him the Moon was the beautiful thing he ever saw.

When Louis was 12 years old he lost his mother to breast cancer. As a result he was deeply upset from the loss of his beloved mother. After his mother's death, Louis didn't need to worry about being homeless since his hometown of Mt. Riverside was a town where everyone took cared of each other, that said everyone in his town took great care of him. 

No Longer Human

However when Louis was 10 years old, he woke up one night to discover he turned into a Mobian fox. Panicking from it he came to realize that he would be the only Mobian living in his town since it town was inhabited by humans, thus Louis thought that if everyone in his town found out about it he might be in danger. 

Reason is because relations between humans and Mobians were never friendly through out the history of Mobius and even in many places it is considered disgraceful for a human or Mobian to have a romantic relationship. 

Coming back to Louis's story, he ran away as a result of this. He has no idea what happened and how it happened to him, but eventually he managed to get used to his Mobian form he was stuck permanently in.  

He would eventually relocate to the city of Los Angel in the state of Calinora. Where he would meet a Mobian wolf named Ruby. When he met her he was 11 years old and she was 13 years old. As a result of this they became close friends and cared for one another. 

The Lycan Royal Family

Eventually sometime later Louis discovers that Ruby his close friend is one of the last heirs to her royal family and former Kingdom of Lycania. Ruby and her older sister Brash were the survivors of their family who were able to escape in exile during a bloody revolution in which the Lycanian government had been overthrown by a far-right winged party called the Lycanian Federalist Party in which the members of the party raided the Lycan Palace and murdered the entire Lycan royal family including Ruby's father Zachary Lycan and her mother Beth Lycan.

She and her sister were able to escape during that bloody revolution and fled to Mobius in exile. Once Louis found out and was told about this from Ruby he was at a loss for words. Louis really never expected to know someone who is of royalty let alone having a friend who happens to be a heir to a throne of a country that was once a kingdom.

Eventually Louis and Ruby would find out on the news that Lycan First Party was being supported by Robotnik who was now being commonly referred to by the name Eggman. However sadly Louis and Ruby could do nothing about the current situation and as a result they continued to live normal lives.

High school and First Love

When Louis ran away from his hometown he didn't stop going to school he was very determined to continue his education himself especially when he relocated to Los Angel. With his determination he eventually entered 9th grade in high school and Ruby herself was by then in 11th grade. Throughout Louis's high school years he often enjoyed learning about politics, science, geography, and world history. He studied very hard when it came to tests and finals. In fact during the finals of the end of his sophomore year Louis managed to get the highest test score in his entire grade due to this. However when it came to after-school activities like clubs and sports he had no interest in it, he never was a fan of sports and never liked getting himself dirty, and when it came to clubs he just never joined any since he had no interest staying after-school unless for help from a teacher.

When it came to him and Ruby though they still saw each other as nothing but close friends until prom came around during sophomore year. During his sophomore year he asked Ruby out to prom in which she accepted his offer and they went to prom together.

However during prom there wasn't anything romantic between them and it was sort of awkward experience for both of them since they never really danced together. However after prom Louis began to realize he had feelings for Ruby.

Eventually this would lead Louis to confess his love to Ruby a few years later.

As for Ruby graduating two years before him, she had no interest in going to college. Instead she had interest in becoming a Zone Cop, so thus she applied at the local police academy in Los Angel, that way she can still see Louis on almost a daily basis.

Throughout the remainder of his high school years he continued to study hard and learn more. And as a result he graduated high school which was something he was proud of himself for.

However after high school Louis realize he had no idea what he wanted to do.

After High School and Louis's love for Ruby

He had no clue what to do with his life after high school, he did wanted to go to college of course but he knew that wouldn't happen for him since he wouldn't be able to afford tuition or student loans. Louis did work many jobs such as a cleaning cars at a local car wash, bar tending, and even played role in a horrible low-budget independent film that was about a zombie apocalypse that took place during colonial times.

Even though he was working hard and able to support himself economically. But he just felt depressed and felt that there was something more he wanted in life.

His love for Ruby was driving him mad at this point, so he eventually went to her apartment. Where there he told Ruby how much he loved her and how much she meant to him as well. Ruby then told him that she too felt the same way.

That night they made love for the first time together.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

When Louis began dating Ruby he was just 18 years old and Ruby was 20 years old. During the time dating her he basically lived with her since he wanted to be able to not be lonely so as result Louis moved in with her.

Eventually Louis realized he had to tell Ruby a big secret about himself she never knew, which was him telling her that he was once a human. But Louis struggled to try and get himself to tell her since he was so deeply scared and worried that Ruby would hate him and leave him.

Louis was finally able to eventually tell her his secret in which she didn't care at all. Ruby still loved him regardless that he was once human, and she would never give him up for anyone else. 

Powers & Abilities

Louis does not have any powers or abilities.


Although Louis lacks powers and abilities, he has great skills when it comes to firearms. Louis mostly prefers handguns such as pistols, Uzis or revolvers. Rarely he does use rifles like an AK-47 he legally bought when he was 18 years old, but most of the time he doesn't use rifles since they are heavy for him to carry. However commonly Louis can be seen using a Winchester Model 1885 shotgun rifle, which is in fact was formerly his great-great-great grandfather's.


Louis does have weaknesses, in fact he literally cannot be exposed to Chaos Emeralds, since it will make him go unconscious or put him into a coma, or worse he'll die. He also has a fear of being inside elevators worrying that the wires will snap. He can also be distracted very easily due to his ADHD, and can be an asshole at times when he not on his medication.


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 6
Attack 4
Spec. Atk. 8
Defense 9
Spec. Def. 12
Speed 4
Reflexes 9
Magic 0
Psyche 7
Intellect 10
Total 69/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Semi-average
Hearing Average
Olfactory Normal



  • Parents - Louis's parents are quite a interesting thing. His mother was five years older than his father. Rebecca the Fox was born in 1958. While Louis's dad, was born in 1962. His mother and father were never married and they weren't together that long after Louis was born. His dad was an heroin addict and alcoholic, which Rebecca left him and raised Louis on her own until she died of breast cancer when Louis was 12 years old. Louis was very close to his mother, he in fact considers her as the only family he ever had. His father on the other hand he could give a shit less about, in fact he literally hates his father for what he did. Currently Louis's father's whereabouts are unknown.


  • Ruby the Wolf - The love of his life. He and her go way back since childhood, eventually as stated in his bio he eventually dated her and eventually married her.


  • Eggman - Louis absolutely hates Eggman beyond hell. He encountered Eggman numerous times, and fights his robots and ends up winning anyway against Eggman. Louis hates him to the point, he vows that he'll assassinate him violently one day. Not to mention Louis also calls Eggman, a "fat fascist". Which Eggman absolutely hates when Louis calls him that.

Theme song

-Nu Disco- - WRLD - Chase It (feat

-Nu Disco- - WRLD - Chase It (feat. Savoi) -Monstercat EP Release-


  • Louis's real name in real life is the same. Louis Richard Morrell. Who currently resides in New Jersey, United States.
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