Louis the Four-tailed Fox

Louis the Four-tailed Fox (all is four tails are behind him)

Louis the Four-tailed Fox

Louis is a sixteen year old fox, he has four tails making it very unusual for an average fox. Louis has ADHD, and has the power to weld moonlight. The creator of Louis the Four-tailed Fox is LouisTheFox, creator also has a Deviant Art account that is under the same name.

Personal Information

Name: Louis 

Full name: Louis Richard Morrell

Mobian Race: Fox

Birthdate: Dec. 13th, 1997

Sign: Capicorn

Residence: Mobius

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 4'5

Status: Alive

Birthplace: Mount Hollius, Neo Jersea, Mobius

Weight: N/A

Parents: Becky the Fox (mom)

Sexuality: Straight 

Alignment: Hero

Love Interest: Yuan the Cat


Louis has four tails, has grey fox ears, grey fur and white fur on his chest. His muzzle is white and he has blue eyes. He usually like to wear black t-shirts, black jackets, and wears blue jeans that are ripped. Sometimes Louis would wear headphones.


Louis was born on Dec. 13th 1997 in the small quiet town of Mount Hollius, Neo Jersea in Mobius. He was born to a unmarried and single mom who was Rebecca "Becky" the Fox. She raised Louis with love and care throughout his childhood. Louis was later found out to have ADHD by his doctor at the age of 8 years old, since then Louis takes medication to be able to control himself and not go hyperactive with his ADHD. Louis always loved to look at the night sky and moon when he was little. He adored looking at the moon, to him the moon was the beautiful thing he ever saw. 

When Louis was 10 years old he lost his mother to breast cancer. Louis was upset from the loss of his beloved mother. After the death of his mother, Louis had to live all by himself and take care of himself, since he had no idea who his father was, or where his father was. During the time after his loss of his mother, Louis would usually play or mess around with his powers of moonlight. 

By the time he was going through his early teenage years (13-15), he was starting to be harassed and blackmailed by unknown people who were said to be a racist nationalist Fox group. Louis was always getting letters and hateful mail saying "traitor" and "betrayer of the Fox race". Louis then one day had enough with this crap he been getting from this racist group, that he took his mother's revolver and loaded it and hunted every member of the racist national fox group down. 

After he killed all members of that group, nobody found out who killed them. Louis had got away with it and continued to live a regular life like he always had. By time he had become 15 years old, people began to question Louis about whether he believes in God. Louis never really believed in a God, he really never went to church in his life, nor did he read the Bible or even was into religion. Louis promoted himself as a atheist, but he really had nothing against religion. 

Recently when Louis became 16 years old, he met a cat named Yuan, who is 18 years old. Louis began to start to hang out with her, and got to know her well. Later after three months, he and her began to date each other and became boyfriend and girlfriend. 


Louis doesn't have any type of abilities. He mostly prefers to use his mother's revolver whenever he is being attacked. He also can turn into his Dark Form, if someone really gets him pissed off or if someone hurt his best friend or Yuan, then Louis will turn into his Dark Form. Once he is in Dark Form he is powerful and will hurt anyone who dares threatens to kill or hurt his friends or Yuan. 

Louis also has a Super Form, which can happen every time there is a full moon. During Super Form, Louis's fur will turn to the color of light yellow, and his eyes will turn to grey. 


Louis is pretty smart for a fox, he knows a lot when it comes to history or science. He stands up for anyone who is getting bullied, and he believes in equal rights for all Mobians. He also supports LGBT Mobian rights for all gay and lesbian mobians. Sometimes Louis can lose his anger and temper if he is pissed off. He can say something out of nowhere sometimes because of his ADHD. He tends to be more a smarty than more of a nerd. He is very caring, kind, and loving to people he knows well with.

Friend, Family and Love Relationships

Louis never had a close friend throughout most of his life. He does however have a girlfriend, which is Yuan the Cat. He loves Yuan, since she is so kind, caring, and sweet to him. He has given a necklace he bought for Yuan when he was 15 years old, ever since then she wears it. Yuan and Louis will always do anything for each other. Louis loves her more than anything else in the universe.

Yuan the Cat (Girlfriend)

Rebecca the Fox (deceased mother)


Where Louis was born, which is Mount Hollius, Neo Jersea. The fictional place itself is actually based on the county seat and large town of Mt. Holly, in state of New Jersey in the United States. 

LouisTheFox has ADHD just like is fan character does, but however he does take medication to be able to control himself.  

Louis the Four-tailed Fox's creator's real name is actually Louis in real life. 

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